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Dead bodies corrupt because it’s in their nature to do so. When life, the animating principle ceases to be, corruption follows. This holds true for corporate bodies as well, the MSM being a great example.

Truth and dispassionate objectivity are the animating principles of journalism. Reporting the news honestly and objectively, leaving the reader/viewer to discern its meaning and import is the job of the journalist.

Enter the parasites.

Partisan hacks invaded the journalistic body decades ago, driven by a vision of the world and a desperation that admits no truth-telling, no objectivity, no trust in the discernment of the information consumer. What ensued was the steady bastardization of journalism’s virtues, replaced by the ugliness of manipulative lies; both of commission and omission. Then came talk radio, cable TV, and the internet. The new media.

The new media are unfiltered and exist outside of the monopolies of TV’s Big Three and the newspapers. Stories are not only reported truthfully, but often without the constraints of rigid formats or time/length requirements. The result is the presentation of primary source material in support of the story’s assertions.

As bodies with severe parasitic infections are wont to do, they succumb to steady weakening by the ever growing parasitic pathology within. Newspapers are dying. For a time they extended their lives in the lifeboat of online publishing. But, as free online access widened, circulation of papers declined even further. Now, papers such as the New York Times plan to begin charging for online access.

It’s all over.

People will not pay for the privilege of being lied to and manipulated online any more than they paid for the privilege of being lied to and manipulated in print. It says something that Fox News on cable has eclipsed even CNN as America’s most trusted news source at the same time that the electorate lurched left in the past year.

Thanks to Julie C. of Concerned For Life for the following video which demonstrates the extent of media corruption in dealing with the truth of this year’s March for Life. The lies, the manipulation are all there. The decay is moving into the intermediate stage. Judge for yourself.

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If You weren’t able to be at the March in DC this year, this outstanding video by a contingent from Baylor University shows the sweeping grandeur, the fidelity, the overwhelming number of youth that characterized the March for Life 2010. Be sure to watch the video beyond the brief credits. God Bless you all for making this video!!


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Gotta Love the American Life League for producing this video.

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All evil begins with a lie. To identify the lie is to unmask the evil.

One of the most efficient lies, a hand grenade meant to derail the debate, is that pro-lifers only care about the baby while it’s in the womb. Once it’s born, so the talking point goes, we have no use for mother and child. The punch line is that our love is cheap. So long as we don’t need to put out any money, we love babies.

It’s a lie straight from the pit of hell.

The truth is that liberal lies are easy to unmask. Simply turn the table. Think of the opposite of what they are saying. They constantly accuse us of that for which they are guilty. Take the current allegation into consideration.

Pro-lifers informally and institutionally provide cribs, clothes, toys, diapers, food, job training, tutoring, mentoring for single mothers. Add to that child care, baby-sitting, and life-skills training. For those not able to keep their child, we provide adoption services. Catholic hospitals provide free pre-natal and pediatric care to get mothers launched in the right direction. We dig deep into our pockets to help these women and children.

Pro-choicers, on the other hand, prefer to use taxpayer dollars to kill babies rather than put themselves out there for women and children. In a nation equally divided over abortion, that means pro-lifers pick up half the tab of every abortion receiving government subsidy through medicaid or Planned Parenthood. Pro-choicers then assume the other half of the $450 bill through taxes.

So who puts their time and money where their mouths are? Pro-lifers.

Who are the ones who would rather see a child die than dig deep in order to help the mother who all too often is having the abortion because she doesn’t feel that there are viable options?


In the years that I have attended the March and stood at the Supreme Court Steps, I’ve heard literally hundreds of post-abortive women give their testimony.

NOT ONE ever said that an abortion clinic employee ever asked if she was doing this because she felt there were no other options.

NOT ONE reported a clinic employee offering assistance.

NOT ONE reported the presence of a case worker or social worker trying to ensure that the woman knew all of the many services of government and private charity.

NOT ONE reported a clinic worker trying to ascertain if this was truly a CHOICE or the woman being threatened or coerced into an abortion.


What I did hear repeatedly was threats from family and boyfriends, of parents dragging the girl to the abortuary, of loneliness, fear, isolation, shame, guilt, and ignorance of the reality of a baby well along in its development.

No word on pro-choicers actually educating women about their choices, empowering women to choose life by offering access to the means necessary to sustain that life nutritionally, medically and socially.

It’s simply cheaper to kill a baby than to commit to mother and child post-partum-the very non-commitment of which they accuse us. That’s because the “choice” agenda is evil, and because such evil is non-love and anti-love at once.

Love gives life, nourishes hope, and is fed by faith. It is the fire that burns within.

Juxtapose that with the same word every woman at the Supreme Court has used to describe the abortuaries: COLD.

Cold is the absence of love. It is dead. It is also how some of the Christian mystics have described visions of hell. No fire. Just icy black cold. The total absence of love: God’s or anyone else’s.

So there is the truth behind the lie, the coldness of evil, the absence of charity on the part of pro-choicers.

We need to pray for them in earnest, for their conversion. Only the Fire of Love, that gift of the Holy Spirit, can melt an icy black heart. We pro-lifers will witness that to the extent we look upon our brothers and sisters in the pro-choice movement with love and not with malice or contempt. It’s hard at times, but it’s our imperative.

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It was as predictable as the whole case was tragic. Scott Roeder walked up to late-term abortionist George Tiller in church and executed him. All Roeder could do was try to get convicted of a lesser charge. All it took the jury was 37 minutes to conclude the obvious: Roeder acted in a premeditated and cold-blooded fashion.

True, Tiller was a murderer. He made a comfortable living murdering babies during late term abortions. But did that give Roeder moral authority to act unilaterally to save the lives of babies from Tiller’s abortuary? Are there parallels between Nazi state-sponsored killing and state-approved abortions? Is Roeder a modern day John Brown?

Probably yes to both.

But murder is not the answer. Nazism and slavery were ended when nations had enough and resorted to the morally lawful use of military force. Vigilantism is not the way. Executing Roeder before an entire congregation inflicted untold trauma on all who were there.

Then there is the question of God’s salvific plan for Tiller. Where was Tiller on the spiritual road? In the quiet of the night did his conscience prick him? Had he begun to weary of the tide of innocent blood rising around him? Might he have converted and become an ardent defender of life? Might such a conversion have accelerated Roe’s demise? Did Roeder short-circuit a grander plan, ultimately condemning far more babies to death in the final analysis?

We’ll never know this side of eternity.

But God loved George Tiller too. Jesus died for his sins as much as for Roeder’s and mine. God desired Tiller’s salvation as ardently as any other. That’s why we must always bear in mind that the end never justifies the means. We must employ just means toward just ends.

Roeder made the same mistake that Tiller made. He deconstructed the human identity and status of another in order to take his life.

Today nobody won in Kansas. Tiller’s family is without a husband and father. Babies continue to die. A misguided man will never see another day of freedom with his family. A congregation that witnessed a murder will never shake the experience. And an abortionist who might otherwise have converted, as so many have, was cut down before we’ll ever know.

It’s all so very, very sad.

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This story from Fox News.

Seems that a planned postage stamp honoring 1979 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mother Teresa has some atheists in a hissy fit. An excerpt from the Fox News article:

An atheist organization is blasting the U.S. Postal Service for its plan to honor Mother Teresa with a commemorative stamp, saying it violates postal regulations against honoring “individuals whose principal achievements are associated with religious undertakings.”

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is urging its supporters to boycott the stamp — and also to engage in a letter-writing campaign to spread the word about what it calls the “darker side” of Mother Teresa.

The stamp — set to be released on Aug. 26, which would have been Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday — will recognize the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner for her humanitarian work, the Postal Service announced last month.

“Noted for her compassion toward the poor and suffering, Mother Teresa, a diminutive Roman Catholic nun and honorary U.S. citizen, served the sick and destitute of India and the world for nearly 50 years,” the Postal Service said in a press release. “Her humility and compassion, as well as her respect for the innate worth and dignity of humankind, inspired people of all ages and backgrounds to work on behalf of the world’s poorest populations.”

But Freedom from Religion Foundation spokeswoman Annie Laurie Gaylor says issuing the stamp runs against Postal Service regulations.

“Mother Teresa is principally known as a religious figure who ran a religious institution. You can’t really separate her being a nun and being a Roman Catholic from everything she did,” Gaylor told FoxNews.com.

Postal Service spokesman Roy Betts expressed surprise at the protest, given the long list of previous honorees with strong religious backgrounds, including Malcolm X, the former chief spokesman for the Nation of Islam, and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister and co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

“In fact we honored Father Flanagan in 1986 for his humanitarian work. This has nothing to do with religion or faith,” Betts told FoxNews.com.

Gaylor said the atheist group opposed Father Flanagan’s stamp but not those for King and Malcolm X, because she said they were known for their civil rights activities, not for their religion.

Martin Luther King “just happened to be a minister,” and “Malcolm X was not principally known for being a religious figure,” she said.

“And he’s not called Father Malcolm X like Mother Teresa. I mean, even her name is a Roman Catholic honorific.”

Gaylor said Mother Teresa infused Catholicism into her secular honors — including an “anti-abortion rant” during her Nobel Prize acceptance speech — and that even her humanitarian work was controversial.

And there’s the real issue. Mother Teresa was pro-life, not just an Albanian social worker slumming in Calcutta. Her solid ethic of life infused her work at every level.

As for Mother Teresa’s title ‘Mother’ being uniquely Catholic, what of African-American Mother Hale of Harlem who opened an orphanage for babies?

Especially noteworthy in the article was the note that Martin Luther King Jr. was only incidentally a minister.


Consider the following excerpts from King’s famous letter from the Birmingham jail:

“Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]”

16 April 1963
My Dear Fellow Clergymen:
While confined here in the Birmingham city jail, I came across your recent statement calling my present activities “unwise and untimely.” Seldom do I pause to answer criticism of my work and ideas. If I sought to answer all the criticisms that cross my desk, my secretaries would have little time for anything other than such correspondence in the course of the day, and I would have no time for constructive work. But since I feel that you are men of genuine good will and that your criticisms are sincerely set forth, I want to try to answer your statement in what I hope will be patient and reasonable terms.

I think I should indicate why I am here in Birmingham, since you have been influenced by the view which argues against “outsiders coming in.” I have the honor of serving as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization operating in every southern state, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. We have some eighty five affiliated organizations across the South, and one of them is the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. Frequently we share staff, educational and financial resources with our affiliates. Several months ago the affiliate here in Birmingham asked us to be on call to engage in a nonviolent direct action program if such were deemed necessary. We readily consented, and when the hour came we lived up to our promise. So I, along with several members of my staff, am here because I was invited here. I am here because I have organizational ties here.

But more basically, I am in Birmingham because injustice is here. Just as the prophets of the eighth century B.C. left their villages and carried their “thus saith the Lord” far beyond the boundaries of their home towns, and just as the Apostle Paul left his village of Tarsus and carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of the Greco Roman world, so am I compelled to carry the gospel of freedom beyond my own home town. Like Paul, I must constantly respond to the Macedonian call for aid…

…I have heard numerous southern religious leaders admonish their worshipers to comply with a desegregation decision because it is the law, but I have longed to hear white ministers declare: “Follow this decree because integration is morally right and because the Negro is your brother.” In the midst of blatant injustices inflicted upon the Negro, I have watched white churchmen stand on the sideline and mouth pious irrelevancies and sanctimonious trivialities. In the midst of a mighty struggle to rid our nation of racial and economic injustice, I have heard many ministers say: “Those are social issues, with which the gospel has no real concern.” And I have watched many churches commit themselves to a completely other worldly religion which makes a strange, un-Biblical distinction between body and soul, between the sacred and the secular….

…There was a time when the church was very powerful–in the time when the early Christians rejoiced at being deemed worthy to suffer for what they believed. In those days the church was not merely a thermometer that recorded the ideas and principles of popular opinion; it was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society. Whenever the early Christians entered a town, the people in power became disturbed and immediately sought to convict the Christians for being “disturbers of the peace” and “outside agitators.”‘ But the Christians pressed on, in the conviction that they were “a colony of heaven,” called to obey God rather than man. Small in number, they were big in commitment. They were too God-intoxicated to be “astronomically intimidated.” By their effort and example they brought an end to such ancient evils as infanticide and gladiatorial contests. Things are different now. So often the contemporary church is a weak, ineffectual voice with an uncertain sound. So often it is an archdefender of the status quo. Far from being disturbed by the presence of the church, the power structure of the average community is consoled by the church’s silent–and often even vocal–sanction of things as they are.

But the judgment of God is upon the church as never before. If today’s church does not recapture the sacrificial spirit of the early church, it will lose its authenticity, forfeit the loyalty of millions, and be dismissed as an irrelevant social club with no meaning for the twentieth century. Every day I meet young people whose disappointment with the church has turned into outright disgust.

Perhaps I have once again been too optimistic. Is organized religion too inextricably bound to the status quo to save our nation and the world? Perhaps I must turn my faith to the inner spiritual church, the church within the church, as the true ekklesia and the hope of the world. But again I am thankful to God that some noble souls from the ranks of organized religion have broken loose from the paralyzing chains of conformity and joined us as active partners in the struggle for freedom. They have left their secure congregations and walked the streets of Albany, Georgia, with us. They have gone down the highways of the South on tortuous rides for freedom. Yes, they have gone to jail with us. Some have been dismissed from their churches, have lost the support of their bishops and fellow ministers. But they have acted in the faith that right defeated is stronger than evil triumphant. Their witness has been the spiritual salt that has preserved the true meaning of the gospel in these troubled times. They have carved a tunnel of hope through the dark mountain of disappointment. I hope the church as a whole will meet the challenge of this decisive hour. But even if the church does not come to the aid of justice, I have no despair about the future. I have no fear about the outcome of our struggle in Birmingham, even if our motives are at present misunderstood. We will reach the goal of freedom in Birmingham and all over the nation, because the goal of America is freedom. Abused and scorned though we may be, our destiny is tied up with America’s destiny. Before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth, we were here. Before the pen of Jefferson etched the majestic words of the Declaration of Independence across the pages of history, we were here. For more than two centuries our forebears labored in this country without wages; they made cotton king; they built the homes of their masters while suffering gross injustice and shameful humiliation -and yet out of a bottomless vitality they continued to thrive and develop. If the inexpressible cruelties of slavery could not stop us, the opposition we now face will surely fail. We will win our freedom because the sacred heritage of our nation and the eternal will of God are embodied in our echoing demands. Before closing I feel impelled to mention one other point in your statement that has troubled me profoundly. You warmly commended the Birmingham police force for keeping “order” and “preventing violence.” I doubt that you would have so warmly commended the police force if you had seen its dogs sinking their teeth into unarmed, nonviolent Negroes. I doubt that you would so quickly commend the policemen if you were to observe their ugly and inhumane treatment of Negroes here in the city jail; if you were to watch them push and curse old Negro women and young Negro girls; if you were to see them slap and kick old Negro men and young boys; if you were to observe them, as they did on two occasions, refuse to give us food because we wanted to sing our grace together. I cannot join you in your praise of the Birmingham police department…

It’s pretty evident that the real issue here is abortion.

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Today is the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas. He was the greatest and most prolific theologian of the Church. He stands at the head of the Doctors of the Church. For all of his learned writing, for his Summae, which were standard texts for centuries, Thomas had a vision one day while saying Mass that changed him. His vision, he said, made all that he wrote seem as so much straw. He never wrote again.

What glories, what love did Thomas see? As Said Paul tells us, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, the glories…” that await us in Heaven. The revelation given to Thomas came through his focus on Jesus’ sufferings on the cross and his saintly imitation of them.

From today’s Liturgy of the Hours, Office of Readings.

From a conference by Saint Thomas Aquinas, priest

The Cross exemplifies every virtue

Why did the Son of God have to suffer for us? There was a great need, and it can be considered in a twofold way: in the first place, as a remedy for sin, and secondly, as an example of how to act.

It is a remedy, for, in the face of all the evils which we incur on account of our sins, we have found relief through the passion of Christ. Yet, it is no less an example, for the passion of Christ completely suffices to fashion our lives. Whoever wishes to live perfectly should do nothing but disdain what Christ disdained on the cross and desire what he desired, for the cross exemplifies every virtue.

If you seek the example of love: Greater love than this no man has, than to lay down his life for his friends. Such a man was Christ on the cross. And if he gave his life for us, then it should not be difficult to bear whatever hardships arise for his sake.

If you seek patience, you will find no better example than the cross. Great patience occurs in two ways: either when one patiently suffers much, or when one suffers things which one is able to avoid and yet does not avoid. Christ endured much on the cross, and did so patiently, because when he suffered he did not threaten; he was led like a sheep to the slaughter and he did not open his mouth. Therefore Christ’s patience on the cross was great. In patience let us run for the prize set before us, looking upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith who, for the joy set before him, bore his cross and despised the shame.

If you seek an example of humility, look upon the crucified one, for God wished to be judged by Pontius Pilate and to die.

If you seek an example of obedience, follow him who became obedient to the Father even unto death. For just as by the disobedience of one man, namely, Adam, many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one man, many were made righteous.

If you seek an example of despising earthly things, follow him who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Upon the cross he was stripped, mocked, spat upon, struck, crowned with thorns, and given only vinegar and gall to drink.

Do not be attached, therefore, to clothing and riches, because they divided my garments among themselves. Nor to honours, for he experienced harsh words and scourgings. Nor to greatness of rank, for weaving a crown of thorns they placed it on my head. Nor to anything delightful, for in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.

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Pro-Life Academy Every Tuesday and Thursday.

Double-dip today on the lessons. Check out lesson V on Cells immediately below this post. After that lesson on meiosis and genetic variability, we move into fertilization and the formation of the early embryo, called embryogenesis.

Here’s a great overview of where we are headed over the next few weeks. Enjoy.

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Pro-Life Academy Every Tuesday and Thursday.

Okay gentle scholars, a double-dip today in two separate posts. First, a final word about diversity in gametes.

If it seems that I’m going back and adding details on in layers, go to the head of the class!!

One of the great difficulties students encounter in studying meiosis is that there are a blizzard of details and new vocabulary that cause one to give up hope half-way through. It’s best to spread this material out in bite-sized pieces.

Building on all that we have seen, let’s go back to the beginning of meiosis where the homologous pair of chromosomes undergoes DNA synthesis. And let’s recall that what makes a pair of chromosomes homologous is that they have the same genes at the same location from top to bottom along the chromosome. Here comes the diversity.

A gene, recall, is a stretch of DNA whose nucleotide sequence is a code for building a certain protein. Now, let’s say that the first gene on a chromosome is the gene coding for hair color. We’ll call that gene the hair color gene. However, there are blondes, brunettes, raven black hair, and red heads. So clearly, not all hair color genes are the same. There are alternative forms of the hair color gene, as there are alternative forms of a great many genes. We call these alternative forms of genes alleles.
Some alleles are mainifest or what we call expressed in a dominant manner. That means if a dominant allele and a recessive allele are inherited for hair color, the dominant allele gets expressed.

Let’s consider hair color. My mother was a strawberry blonde. Dad had brown hair. That means mom gave me a recessive allele and dad gave me a dominant allele. Therefore, what’s left of your professor’s (rapidly) graying hair is brown. When the homologous pair of chromosomes contains a mixed pairing of alleles, the dominant allele gets expressed. Brown and Black are Dominant. Blonde and Red are recessive. (If the gentle scholars want a class on those pesky Punnett Squares for predicting offspring traits, let me know in the com boxes.)

Dominant alleles are designated with an upper case letter.
Recessive alleles are designated with a lower case latter.

So, as things stand we get one chromosome in a pair from mom and the other from dad. That mens that half our gametes will contain one, and half will contain the other after meiosis. But nature has a way of shuffling the genetic deck even further. It turns out that during the first phase of meiosis the chromosomes from mom and dad in a homologous pair overlap or what we call cross over and exchange pieces of DNA. Such chromosomes where recombination of alleles has occurred are called recombinant DNA.

Here are two videos showing this process. The first video is shorter and more generalized. The second is a little longer with more specifics.

Still with me here?

Now for the payoff.

First, imagine meiosis without crossing over and consider the possibility for different gametes.

Half of the gametes could contain all 23 chromosomes from my mother, the other half all 23 from my father.

Some could contain 22 chromosomes from my mother, 1 from my father.
Some could contain 21 chromosomes from my mother 2 from my father.
These can occur in any of a mind-numbing series of combinations.

NOW add to that the crossing over and exchange of alleles in each of the chromosomes.

Add to that the fact that crossing over and exchange of alleles on any given chromosome pair occurs at many different loci means almost infinite possibilities for genetically unique gametes in any given parent. Then, the offspring are the result of two gametes from such wildly different genetic backgrounds.

The result is a genetic uniqueness never duplicated in nature, save for identical twins. Even among identical twins, there are differences in appearance, personality and longevity.

So human individuality is not the result of one’s collected neurological experiences, but is written in our genome. It is this unique genetic identity that controls neurological development and function. To the extent that behaviors have a genetic etiology, these instructions are present from the moment of conception.

Therefore individuality is ultimately, at the biological level, a function of genetic inheritance.

That begins at conception. It is never repeated again.
Photo via johnlarroquetteproject.com

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It is not the purpose of this blog to side blindly with political parties. Whenever a party espouses legislation that promotes life, then that party ought to be supported. However, when candidates for office betray certain genocidal proclivities, especially in the run-up to the primaries, then it is incumbent upon people of good will to do all that they can to find a more humane candidate.

This today from Yahoo News:

COLUMBIA, S.C. – When things looked their darkest for Gov. Mark Sanford — when he was in danger of being impeached for running off to Argentina to see his mistress — his best insurance policy may well have been South Carolina’s lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer.
Lawmakers knew if they removed Sanford, they would end up with Bauer, a fiercely ambitious Republican with a reputation for reckless and immature behavior.
Now Bauer has folks shaking their heads again, after he likened government assistance to the poor to feeding stray animals.
At a town hall meeting Thursday, Bauer, who is running for governor in his own right now that Sanford is term-limited, said: “My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed! You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that.”

This guy needs to be repudiated by the RNC the way David Duke was.

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Having looked at some of the terminology involved in meiosis (gamete formation) we now take a dynamic view of the process. Here is a really good animation:

Short class today. Thursday, we’ll look at Fertilization.

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Today is the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle.

Paul’s story is familiar to most. One of the great Rabbi Gamaliel’s prize students, Saul was filled with righteous loathing for this new Jewish sect which proclaimed an executed carpenter to be Messiah and God. Paul stood by approvingly and watched the cloaks of the men who stoned to death the first of this sect’s martyrs, Stephen. It was while he was on his way to Damascus to crush the nascent Christian community that he had his first encounter with the risen Christ. The words of Jesus were poignant:

“Saul, why do you persecute ME ?

Beginning with that encounter Saul, who later used his Roman name Paul, would develop for us the Theology of the Body. Jesus’ words to Saul on the road that day reflect perfectly his words in Matthew 25 on the Last Judgment, “Whatever you do to the least of these my brothers, you do unto me.”

This is the foundation for a proper Christian understanding of the right use of sex. The Fathers and Doctors of the Church, as well as later Popes, would explain that conjugal love is the prefigurement for the interior life of the Blessed Trinity: The radical self-donation between Father and Son generating the Holy Spirit of God. It is within radical self-donation that life becomes possible. Such life is not merely offspring, but family itself; bound up in and suffused with sacrificial love. Such love in human families is meant to prepare us for the love we are expected to demonstrate in Heaven, where we too will give all of ourselves to God.

Sex in this context is holy. It is at once reflective of the self-donation in all other quarters of the marriage, and the reinforcer and catalyst for future self-donation. It naturally gives biological life, but more importantly it teaches parents how to imbue their children with spiritual life, teaching the very essence of sacrificial love.

Paul knew this.

That’s why he equated fornication with idolatry. He knew that the use of sex merely for personal gratification was simply using the other person as an object, which is extremely corrosive of the understanding of death to self in love. Such self-centeredness is not only a rejection of the very means God gives us of glimpsing the interior life of the Trinity, it takes that ecstasy and turns it in on itself. Pleasure by the individual, for the individual.

Out of such an idolatrous paradigm grows the pernicious weed of narcissism, which admits no personal responsibility for another if one’s own good (Meaning one’s own gratification) is threatened by the needs of another.

Enter abortion.

Saul was spiritually blind. He missed the deeper realities of Being, caught up as he was in the myopic focus on the letter of the law. In his first encounter with the risen Christ, he was gifted with physical blindness, to teach him how blind his spiritual blindness had made him. In His great wisdom and goodness, God allowed Saul’s sight to be restored by one of those whom he set out to destroy.

We have many such Sauls among us today; those who direct abortion clinics, whose sight has been restored by the ones they held in contempt.

Like Paul, they have become the most ardent and effective witnesses to the truth. Like Paul, they have sacrificed all for the sake of the truth. They have lost money, family and friends as the price of their conversion.

Today is their feast day. We rejoice with them. We welcome them. We pray for them.

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Karen Malec and ABC have a solid ally in me and this blog. I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading the scientific literature and am convinced that the data point consistently and conclusively to a link between abortion and breast cancer. Meeting Karen Malec last week in DC, I told her that Coming Home was at the service of ABC. Our wives, daughters, friends and relatives deserve far better than the Culture of Death has to offer. Karen Malec and ABC deserve all the support they can get in getting the message out. They are a 501(c)(3) for any who may wish to share in their mission, and may be contacted HERE.

I am proud to be one of the signatories to the letter mentioned in the following press release.

Press Release
Contact: Karen Malec, 847-421-4000
Date: January 25, 2010

Groups Request Congressional Investigation of National Cancer Institute’s Misinformation on Breast Cancer Risks of Abortion, Oral Contraceptives

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer announced today it is sending a letter, signed by doctors and pro-family organizations, to President Obama and the leaders of Congress calling for an investigation of the U.S. National Cancer Institute. It puts political leaders on notice of a discrepancy between what the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) says about the breast cancer risks of abortion and oral contraceptives (OCs) – “the pill” – and what Louise Brinton, the NCI’s Chief of the Hormonal and Reproductive Epidemiology Branch, has reported in her research. The letter asks Congress to investigate the NCI’s failure to issue timely warnings about breast cancer risks and asks political leaders to remove public funding for abortion from all legislation being considered by this Congress.

“As a scientist representing the official policy of the NCI, Brinton says there is no abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link,” explained Professor Joel Brind of Baruch College, City University of New York, “While as a scientist publishing her findings in a peer-reviewed medical journal, she says there is a significant ABC link. Both of these points of view rely on data that is up to 20 years old, yet both points of view have been recently–within the last few months—confirmed publicly (on the NCI website and in the Dolle study, respectively. Will the real Louise Brinton please stand up? Since this direct contradiction came to light in the public eye, she appears to have been hiding under her desk.”

The letter tells how the NCI conned women with its 2003 workshop, “Early Reproductive Events and Breast Cancer.” Brinton was the chief organizer of that workshop.

“The NCI puts politics ahead of women’s lives,” said Karen Malec, president of the Coalition. “That’s why we’re putting both parties on notice of the NCI’s misconduct. If they decide to watch women die, instead of cleaning house when we have prima facie evidence of a cover-up, then both parties will have to answer to angry women.”

Brinton was a co-author in a 2009 study conducted by Janet Daling’s team at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and led by Jessica Dolle. The Coalition previously reported the study’s findings in a press release dated January 6, 2010. The Coalition features a YouTube video discussing researchers’ findings. The Coalition published a January 19, 2010 newsletter explaining why co-author Kathleen Malone’s claim about the study, “There are no new findings related to induced abortion…” is a lie. [2]

Researchers unequivocally stated their findings “were consistent with the effects observed in previous studies on younger women. Specifically … induced abortion and oral contraceptive use were associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.”

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer is an international women’s organization founded to protect the health and save the lives of women by educating and providing information on abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer.


1. Dolle J, Daling J, White E, Brinton L, Doody D, et al. Risk factors for triple-negative breast cancer in women under the age of 45 years. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2009;18(4)1157-1166.

2. RHReality.org, the marketing arm for the tobacco industry – I mean the abortion industry reported Malone’s lie in the article, “The Truth About Breast Cancer and Abortion,” By Amie Newman, January 14, 2010.

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Jill Stanek graciously and unselfishly introduced me to most of the Pro-Life Leadership in Washington DC this past week. One of those leaders is Dr. Johnny Hunter, D.D., National Director of LEARN (Life Education And Resource Network). Dr. Hunter’s organization has put together a breathtaking 2 hour documentary on the Eugenics movement entitled Maafa 21, Black Genocide in 21st Century America. This documentary is riveting in its highly historically accurate and well-documented telling of the ongoing genocide against Black Americans. It is relentless and unsparing .

Far from a radical racial polemic, this movie celebrates allies across the spectrum, and damns the conspirators, including large swaths of the African-American Leadership. The intellectual honesty here is exemplary. I’ve watched this three times already. Having purchased eight copies, I’m down to my last.

What follows is a trailer for the movie, and then a short video of Dr. Hunter.

This movie is a must-see by all pro-lifers and people of good will. It especially needs to make its way into the hands of Black Pastors everywhere. It may be purchased here.

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“I thought that by hanging on to my guilt and shame I was proving how much I really loved you.”

So said the mother in a letter written to her aborted baby.

It was a rare and privileged moment of grace, to be permitted into the sanctuary of a mother’s heart at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court; the very site thirty-seven years ago where the wheels for the greatest holocaust ever known in human history were set in motion.

We were gathered there yesterday with seventy mothers and fathers who were cheered on by over three hundred thousand marchers passing by shouting their love and affirmation. Hundreds stopped and pressed in at any given moment to hear from those victims of the great lie telling us their stories and vowing to be Silent no More. Click here to see video clips of these heroes before the Supreme Court.

Of all the moving testimony, that one quote from the mother’s letter to her baby stood out. It seemed to pierce the heart of the matter, the very essence of true forgiveness, genuine liberation. It was a lesson for us all.

How often in our relationships, when we hurt the ones we love, do we hold on to guilt and shame? As though such eternal guilt and shame is evidence of the depths of our love. Is this what our loved ones want for us? Eternal shackles? Do we demand as much from those who’ve hurt us?

No. As Saint Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 13, love does not keep a record of wrongs, but rejoices in the truth.

The truth here is that these women and men were forgiven long before they knew it. They march not out of shame and guilt, but out of love. They march not for themselves, but for us. One by one they ascend the podium before the Supreme Court and with tearful remembrance flowing from hearts filled with love, they offer us their agony as a warning, and as the objective evidence that abortion’s victims are not only those left behind at the clinic.

Most of all, they offer us their stories as evidence that with God, all things are possible, that no sin is too great to be forgiven. That forgiveness is not merely the commutation of our sentence, but being restored to our full dignity as the royal sons and daughters of the great High King.

This mother taught us yesterday the lightness of being that comes with our Father’s merciful love.

She taught us how to be free.

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