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Killer Cure

Today’s article in Headline Bistro

This month, in the 14 April online edition of the prestigious British journal Nature, researchers from Newcastle University published a letter entitled, “Pronuclear Transfer in Human Embryos to Prevent Transmission of Mitochondrial DNA Disease”.

In this letter, Douglas M. Turnbull, et al. report on a human cloning technique that destroys two lives to create a human organism that is a three-parent hybrid, all in the name of attempting to eradicate mitochondrial disease. The technique is quite easy for the non-scientist to understand. Its ramifications are poisonous and corrosive of human dignity, promising to create more human suffering than the technique will ever of itself cure.

First, mitochondrial diseases are serious and without cure. Mitochondria are a subset of the cellular structures called organelles, and are small, compartmentalized structures within every human cell whose function is to convert the energy contained in sugar into a usable form of energy called ATP.

Defects in mitochondrial function, according to Cleveland Clinic can produce the following, depending on which cell types have affected mitochondria:

Poor growth
Loss of muscle coordination, muscle weakness
Visual and/or hearing problems
Developmental delays, learning disabilities
Mental retardation
Heart, liver, or kidney disease
Gastrointestinal disorders, severe constipation
Respiratory disorders
Increased risk of infection
Neurological problems, seizures
Thyroid dysfunction
Dementia (mental disorder characterized by confusion, disorientation, and memory loss)

About one in 4,000 children in the United States will develop mitochondrial disease by the age of 10 years. One thousand to 4,000 children per year in the United Sates are born with a type of mitochondrial disease.

Second, it is necessary to understand that all organelles, including the mitochondria are inherited from the mother through the egg cell. Many, like the mitochondria, have their own DNA to direct their self-replication. The problem arises when a mother has genetically defective mitochondria and passes these on to her offspring through her eggs. That’s the mode of disease transmission.

Quite simply, what the researchers did was to employ in vitro fertilization of the mother’s egg with father’s sperm in the lab. This produces a new human being in the single-celled stage of development called a zygote. In this experiment, the zygotes created from couple number one had defects in the mitochondrial DNA. The same process was applied to a couple with no mitochondrial defect. Now they had two sets of zygotes, one healthy, one not.

The researchers then took the nucleus out of the healthy zygote and discarded it (recall that the nucleus is where the chromosomal DNA responsible for the unique identity and functions of the organism resides). They then took the nucleus from the diseased zygotes and injected it into the healthy zygote whose nucleus had just been removed. The result was a seemingly healthy cell with the genetic identity of couple number one, and the organelles of mother number two.

That’s a human being whose every subsequent cell bears a combined genetic and cytological lineage of three parents.

This process was performed a total of eighty times. The zygotes were permitted to grow for up to eight days before being destroyed in the embryonic blastocyst stage. Not all, however, made it that far. A mere 18 of 80 made it past the single-celled stage and divided. Compared to a control group of diseased embryos, these clones did half as well (8%).

What have we done to ourselves? In the headlong pursuit to avoid suffering and disease, we are sacrificing our very identity as humans, our dignity. No longer begotten, children are manufactured in IVF clinics, and with the latest wrinkle, the composite of two mothers and one father. The latest creations have come about through the destruction of two humans in the zygotic stage to create a Frankenstein’s baby that is a composite of its two destroyed progenitors. Or were they siblings? Or were they parental organisms?

We need a new vocabulary for a new race of humans.

In attempting to come to terms with the monstrous revelation last week, given the imprimatur of the most prestigious journal in science, consider this prescient statement from the George W. Bush’s President’s Council on Bioethics, in Human Cloning and Human Dignity, The Report of the President’s Council on Bioethics:

“We should not be self-deceived about our ability to set limits on the exploitation of nascent life. What disturbs us today we quickly or eventually get used to; yesterday’s repugnance gives way to tomorrow’s endorsement. A society that already tolerates the destruction of fetuses in the second and third trimesters will hardly be horrified by embryo and fetus farming (including in animal wombs), if this should turn out to be helpful in the cure of dreaded diseases.

“We realize, of course, that many proponents of cloning-for-biomedical-research will recommend regulations designed to prevent just such abuses (that is, the expansion of research to later-stage cloned embryos and fetuses). Refusing to erect a red light to stop research cloning, they will propose various yellow lights intended to assure ourselves that we are proceeding with caution, limits, or tears. Paradoxically, however, the effect might actually be to encourage us to continue proceeding with new (or more hazardous) avenues of research; for, believing that we are being cautious, we have a good conscience about what we do, and we are unable to imagine ourselves as people who could take a morally disastrous next step. We are neither wise enough nor good enough to live without clear limits.”


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Several months ago I began this blog, and with it I promised God that for the rest of my life I would dedicate myself wholly and unselfishly to the Gospel of Life. I pledged that I would use my scientific and theological training to advance the body of mainstream, credible science that shows undeniably the utter destruction being wrought by abortion and the acolytes of the Culture of Death. I asked for nothing in return, but only that God would show me where He wanted me to go.

He wasted no time.

Immediately doors began to open. Jill Stanek has generously taken the time to introduce me to several folks in the pro-life movement and gave this blog its launch on her site this past Christmas Eve. I was asked to be science editor, contributor and columnist for the new bioethics journal of the Center for Morality in Public Life. Headline Bistro asked me to join them as a columnist. A rather notable publisher has asked me to do a weekly column for his outfit. An announcement will be forthcoming shortly.

I also have plans for a society of pro-life scientists that many have expressed an interest in. So there is no shortage of work to be done, and God has sent me plenty in response to the decision that Regina and I have made together. The work itself is a blessing, as is Regina who has been my biggest support in all that I have done in our 17 years of marriage and three years of courtship before. Her faith is inspirational.

Were that not enough to rejoice in, I never expected that the fruits of my labors would come back to me as a healing gift from God as they have these past two weeks.

I started a Facebook page (which I swore I would never do) as a part of pro-life networking. Because of that page’s existence, a long-lost friend (25 years worth) found me and sent a friend request. Barbara and I were dear friends during those very formative years in college, having met in youth ministry and campus ministry. It was a wonderful friendship forged in the crucible of young adulthood that found itself suddenly interrupted as we each got swallowed up by life after college. A drift ensued that before we knew it became a 25 year chasm. I was never really okay with that. Some friendships are meant to endure.

Today we closed that chasm over dinner with grace and ease, as though hardly any time had passed between us. Excited sharing of family photos, of family stories, of children’s antics, of our growth through the years, of our work in and on behalf of the Church. No rancor for misunderstanding and lost time. Just joyful reunion, plans for our families to meet, and God’s healing love which makes all things new.

For the privilege of doing His work, for Regina and our children, for friends old and new, I am filled with gratitude to our God who has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.

Thanks for indulging this rare personal moment. I do more than my fair share of supplication (and complaining) with God, but praise should always come first.

Back to work!

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Suppose we woke to the following headline with our morning coffee: Obama Administration to Fund 13 New Experimental HIV Drugs., followed by this secondary header- Activist Groups Outraged at Funding ‘Useless’ Class of Drugs over Proven Entity.

Indeed, suppose the story went on to describe how the President and the Democrats remained wedded to funding a class of drugs whose side-effects were so horrendous in animal research models that use in humans would be unthinkable.

Further suppose that the classes of drugs that have shown dramatic efficacy went underfunded, and were even ridiculed by the President and his fellow travelers. Imagine that states such as California floated $3 Billion bonds to float such useless research into drugs that couldn’t make it out of animal trials over drugs working in human HIV/AIDS patients. Imagine the outrage coming from the scientific and medical communities, from AIDS activists, AIDS patients and their loved ones.

There would be calls for Congressional hearings. There would be protests that would make the HIV protests of the 1980’s look tame by comparison.

Certainly people would wonder why. Why would the federal and state governments obstinately sink tens of billions of dollars into such fruitless research and allow other nations to capitalize on the existing research bearing good fruit?

Absent a mass delusion as an explanation, people would be looking for a smoking gun.

Thus it is with Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC”s) vs. Adult Stem Cells (ASC’s). Thus it has been this week with President Obama. Read it here.

When ESC proponents want to advance funding of these cell lines, they NEVER specify ESC v. ASC. Rather, they throw around the generic term ‘Stem Cells’ when speaking of their promise and current use in therapeutics. Recall that ESC’s are derived from tearing apart a human in its embryonic stage of development. ASC’s are derived from adults.

ESC’s have consistently shown themselves to be uncontrollable, growing wild and forming tumors in animals. They have yet to clear that hurdle before moving into human clinical trials. In India, one physician using ESC’s is purported to have her patients recovering slight function after spinal cord injuries. She will not divulge her methodology, and so remains highly suspect.

ASC’s, in contrast, have over a hundred therapeutic applications, none involving tumor formation. Some of these lack FDA approval and must be obtained overseas. They have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

So why the obstinate refusal to put the bulk of the money into ASC’s?


Obama and Co. cannot afford for people to begin developing sensitivity to the plight of embryonic humans, lest that awakening to the dignity of humans in the embryonic stage spill over into increased consciousness over abortion. That would mean the Democrats losing their central organizing principle, their raison d’etre. Pressing ahead with ESC’s is a buttress to support abortion.

It’s high-tech cannibalism.

It’s also already obsolete. Recently, we’ve been able to take skin cells from a patient and induce them into an ESC-like state. These are called Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC’s). These have the advantage of being from the patients themselves, with no risk of tissue rejection. They are abundant, easy to obtain, easy to induce to pluripotency. Why not fund these instead?


Abortion has poisoned the body politic. It has claimed 52 million lives in the US since 1973. It has ruined countless millions of women’s lives, and now it is corrupting science.

Where are the denunciations of this wastefulness from the scientific and medical communities? Would this be allowed to stand if it were our HIV analogy instead? Not likely.

Abortion destroys everything it touches. That’s a good thing, as it will force us to eventually seek less recourse to it because of the wastefulness it unleashes on any society evil enough to seek its embrace.

Image via servitokss.com

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From Lifenews.com:

Atlanta, GA (LifeNews.com) — The Georgia chapter of the NAACP has withdrawn its support for a bill advancing in the state legislature that would ban abortions done specifically because the child is African-American. Although the civil rights organization opposes racial discrimination, that apparently doesn’t extend to abortions.

The Georgia NAACP had originally endorsed SB 529, which also targets abortions done because the unborn child is a girl.

The Georgia House Judiciary Committee voted 10-8 on Wednesday to support the bill and send it to the Rules Committee, but it now won’t have the support of the black group.

Edward DuBose, chapter president, issued a statement withdrawing the support, saying, “Earlier this month, the Georgia NAACP submitted a letter to support Senate Bill 529. We now fully understand the intention of this legislation and wish to retract our support for it.”

“At the time, we were of the understanding that this bill would work to benefit the women in our community. However, after many conversations with membership and constituents, we now realize that this is nothing more than using women’s health as a political tool,” he said, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper. “Women of color in Georgia need more than divisive messages and deserve better access to health care.”

The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which also helps stop abortions in cases when women are forced or coerced into having one, has already received backing from Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Read the rest here.

I’ve never sold out the truth to political correctness, and I’m not about to start here. There has never been a shortage of traitors from within the Black community. It would seem there’s a bumper crop now. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has rendered themselves a vicious, yet buffoonish joke, having given their imprimatur to the continued slaughter of their own babies. While constituting 11% of the American population, Blacks have 37% of all abortions, some 19 million since 1973.

Some advancement.

No doubt the women who had those abortions are all living at least lower middle-class lifestyles, having taken full advantage of the educational and economic opportunities that come to those unencumbered by children. Hardly. The inner city is more bleak and blighted than ever before.

Truth be told, I have some difficulties with the language of the bill not including ALL indiivduals being targeted because of some identifying characteristic. The practical value of this bill is that it could have been used to leverage Planned Parenthood out of the inner city, where they operate 80% of their ‘clinics’. Taken together with the revelations that PP was accepting donations to be earmarked for aborting Black babies, this bill could have damaged these racists terribly.

However, the biggest sell-out Black of all time happens to occupy the Oval Office, and he is the most virulent pro-abortion politician and President in American history. The NAACP isn’t about to leave B.O. twisting in the wind. There are 2 1/2 years left to this Presidency and plenty of careers yet to be enhanced. So the sell-outs will see Black babies pay with their lives.

It’s all over for leftist Black activism after this President exits the stage into what I pray will be a long life of hearing how he managed to end up at the bottom of the barrel of American Presidents. The NAACP couldn’t screw up the courage to decry the presence of Margaret Sanger’s disciples doing her racist and eugenic bidding in their neighborhoods. They (NAACP) are as elitist and parasitic as any plantation owners ever were. If the slave owners couldn’t be forgiven for not recognizing the humanity of Blacks, what shall we say of the NAACP?

Fratricide is a far greater crime than genocide.

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As the relative quiescence of the blog in recent weeks will attest, there has been a great deal going on that has kept me from posting, and I am truly sorry for the interruption of our ongoing discussion of EMBRYO. To Chapter 3, Dualism.

We need a little primer with some of the language that undergirds this chapter, specifically a discussion of essence and accidents. Before proceeding, I must confess that while I studied philosophy as a second major in college, that’s sand lot baseball and this is the major leagues. I invite Dr. Tollefsen to correct me if I fail in any way to present the philosophy accurately. This is his baby (no pun intended) from here.

Accidents- This is not the colloquial understanding of a mishap, but rather a description of an objects discernable characteristics: height, weight, shape, color, texture, material composition etc.

Essence- Perhaps a spice combination used by celebrity chef Emeril, but in philosophy a statement encompassing the very idea of what an object is, the very concept of the thing.

For example, we all know a chair when we see one, yet there are untold numbers of different types/models/styles of chair; everything from a simple wooden kitchen set chair, to a formal dining room chair, to an upholstered recliner. All are very different in material composition, texture, color, style, etc. Yet, they all share one essence: chairness.

This is an important exercise in metaphysics as we turn our attention from chairs to humans and human development: The essential “Gerard” relative to the accidental “Gerard” (who has added a few ‘accidental’ pounds since he got married 171/2 years ago).

Now, the authors take us into some rather challenging thought regarding the essential ‘me’ vs. the accidental ‘me’, which leads to a discussion of the philosophical error that is dualism. As regarding human beings, a common perception is that the essential ‘me’ is the mind/soul while the accidental ‘me’ is the body in which the soul resides and from which it is liberated at death. The authors quite correctly refute this understanding, not only in light of the resurrection of the body, but in asserting that “we are also essentially bodily, organic beings, part of the physical world, with biological lives essential, not accidental, to our existence.
The error of dualism plays itself in the area of embryo ethics. The organism need not exhibit all of its potentialities all the time to be the essential organism, the kind of thing that it is. To suggest that the kind of thing something is depends on some function yet to be performed, some accidental feature yet to be developed, is a grave error.

The authors go on to describe several types of dualism: mind-body, soul-body, Lockean, brain-body, and Constitutionalism. Under constitutionalism, the organic body/animal precedes the person’s existence, and in many cases, outlives the person. So here the human person is constituted by, but not identical to the human animal. Moral dualism will be further explored in chapter 5. In brief, it suggests that humans may come into existence at fertilization, but do not become worthy of moral respect (become persons) until some later stage of development.

The authors then go on to present some compelling argumentation against dualism, which we will pick up this Thursday in a second post on this chapter. I’m uncertain as to how people have understood the material in chapter 3, so I’ll draw the line here and see where the discussion takes us.

It’s good to be back.

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Cardinal Ratzinger (Future Benedict XVI) Blesses Body of Pope John Paul The Great


I have earned the right to say what I am about to say. I spent seven years of my life in my twenties working with homeless teens at Covenant House in New York City’s Times Square. Five of those years were spent working with unwed mothers, and the last two working on what was at the time the only residential treatment facility in the US for adolescents with HIV/AIDS. Many of the children with whom I worked had worked on the streets as prostitutes, male and female.

In the quiet moments at night, when my family are all asleep and I am alone with my thoughts, my mind periodically drifts back to those seven long years in a job where most people lasted no more than 2-3 years. As a husband and a father of three small children, one boy and two girls, I cannot but help to reevaluate those experiences through the prism of my fatherhood.

Memories of abused children become unbearable now. I simply cannot fathom such evil. It’s all around us. The hyper-sexualization of society is a demonic force from the pit of hell itself. The sexual revolution has been a war aimed at us, humanity. It has torn apart our dignity, reducing us to an animal level.

I recall one day at Covenant House when I was filling in for someone on a unit for males 17-20 years old, a young man came up to another resident outside of my office and spoke of a young girl whom he met in the dining room and went with to an unused platform at the Port Authority Bus Terminal to have sex. His exact words have never left me:

“Yo B. I doged that bitch brother! I doged that bitch!!”

{Emphasis his. He invented a new verb: To Dog}

Not a shred of human reference or dignity in either that statement, or the location where he paid his canine courtesies.

What have we become?

Against this nuclear meltdown of Western Civilization has come the revelation that a minority of Catholic Clergy, mostly homosexuals, have committed unspeakable atrocity against prepubescent children. According to the John Jay study, 4% of Catholic clergy have been accused over the past 50 years. You can read the report here.

Here is the victim tally from the study, from an accounting of every diocese’s Priest personnel file for the past 50 years:

Gender Count % of Total
Male 8,499 80.9%
Female 2,004 19.1%
Transsexual 2 .0%
Total 10,505 100.0%

Each and every one of these cases represents a life destroyed, a family destroyed. Not one should ever be minimized. Not one.

I’ve seen firsthand the terrible destruction wrought by predators. Now as a father, it’s simply more than I can stand to have to recall as I contemplate my children’s innocence. The thought of perverting that innocence stirs outrage, and we have been right to register that outrage during these many years since the first revelations emerged in the mid-’80’s.

Cleaning Up

To her credit, the Church has cleared out the backlog of cases and begun a painful and often bankrupting process of accountability toward the victims and their families. Catholics of good will pray that this helps to facilitate healing and wholeness. The Church has also instituted appropriate oversight and reporting practices for moving into the future.

When Pope John Paul II’s health all but incapacitated him in the final years of his life it was Cardinal Ratzinger, the future Benedict XVI, who began to streamline the process of adjudicating cases of Priests who stood accused and laicizing the guilty. Pope Benedict XVI has apologized repeatedly to victims in private audiences and cried with them. He continues the program of accountability. The first thing Benedict did when he became Pope was to do a visitation of the American Seminaries and restructure the screening process for seminarians.

Perversely, that’s problematic for some.

Piling On

For some, this is not enough. Some want the resignation of this Pope, of Bishops. Many speak of “power sharing” with the laity, a Congregationalist model of ecclesiology. It says something when liberal Jews such as Alan Dershowitz and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch come out swinging in defense of the Pope, accusing the chorus of being unfair and having ulterior and base motive.

Many of those piling on the Pope and accusing him of baseless allegations speak of holding the Church to her own high moral standard.

Really?! Who would have guessed that the New York Times cared so much for Rome maintaining its moral integrity?

For the Times, this might have been about children’s safety at some point, but that point is long since past. The same for the many dissident Catholic groups and individuals who spout the left’s party line. This now has nothing to do with children’s safety. This now is all about tearing apart the Bishops, the Popes, the Curia. This is about demolishing the credibility of the Church to advance the Culture of Death without the major opponent: Rome.

What this is certainly not about is the safety of children. If it were, then these same people who are pounding on Benedict would harness their outrage at Rome to the problems faced by children throughout society.

By The Numbers

Consider the following assessment of child sexual abuse in the U.S. vs. U.K. from a well-footnoted article at Nation Master:

United States and Europe
Child sexual abuse occurs frequently in Western society.[88] Prevalence estimates range between 10% in the UK[89] and up to 62% for females and 16% for males in the United States.[90][91] The US Department of Health and Human Services reported 83,600 substantiated reports of sexually abused children in 2005.[92][93] The total number of incidents that were not reported is even larger.[94]

Get the rest of the article and references here.

Another site posts these numbers from the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect:

Incidence: In 2003, there were 78,188 victims of sexual abuse in the U.S. (USDHHS, 2005). This is a rate of 1.2 per 1,000 American children (Douglas & Finklehor, 2005).

In 2003 10% of all confirmed child abuse cases in the U.S. were sexual abuse cases. (USDHHS, 2005).

Between 1992 and 2000 the annual number of substantiated sexual abuse cases dropped from 149,800 to 89,355, a 40% decline. Researchers believe a real decline, as opposed to changes in reporting trends or data collection, is responsible for this drop (Finklehor & Jones, 2004).

Victims: Girls are sexually abused three times more often than boys (Sedlak & Broadhurst, 1996).

Perpetrators: More than 90% are men (Douglas & Finklehor, 2005). But, sexual abuse by women may be underreported. About 50% of abusers are acquaintances or friends. About 25% – 33% of child sex abusers are family members and from 7% to 25% are strangers (Douglas & Finklehor, 2005).

The Protestant Churches, as detailed here and here have a problem at least as bad as Rome’s.

If these same people who are pounding on Benedict truly cared for children, they would be outraged at a US Department of Education study by Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, which shows that 9.6% of public school children will be victims of inappropriate sexual conduct sometime during their 12 years of schooling. {*Shakeshaft, C, “Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of the Literature”, U.S. Department of Education, 2004}

Of the ~50 million children in school today, that means 4,500,000 of these children will be victimized from behavior ranging from sexually abusive language to rape. That’s 375,000 children per year! Even if Dr. Shakeshaft’s detailed analysis of the literature led to a 10x overestimation of the problem, that would still leave 37,500 victims per year, or 450,000 over a twelve year period compared to the John Jay study that showed 11,000 credible allegations against Catholic clergy over half a century.

Worse still, the study tells of the common practice of silently moving pedophile teachers around in the same manner the Bishops moved pedophile Priests.

Moreover, the number of cases involving Catholic clergy have slowed dramatically since the 1980’s. Thus has the problem within the clergy been resolving, thanks entirely to the publicity it has received, since the first wave of revelations became public twenty-five years ago.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

The publicity has been a genuine good. But too much of a good thing can be counter-productive, depending on one’s motive.

The argument here is not for less vigilance within the Church. Nor is the argument here an attempted deflection of blame by saying, “What about the other guys who are doing it?”. Those are absurd allegations being made by those who wish to cow common-sense folks into silence in order to keep an exclusive focus on Rome for reasons that have nothing to do with the safety of children.

The argument here is why the outrage is so very selective, so very targeted over a quarter of a century, if ALL children’s safety is truly our concern. By all the objective data it is evident that the Catholic clergy’s contribution to the sexual abuse of minors is far below 1% of the victim count.

Thus, as a body, Catholic Priests are shown by the data to be the LEAST problematic group of any in consideration. Remarkable!

The numbers simply do not add up. Where is the outrage on behalf of the remaining 99% of the victims?! Don’t they matter?

I suspect, after 25 years, that the welfare of all children is NOT at issue with Rome’s most vociferous detractors {the victim’s groups being a strong exception}. Given the numbers presented here, if the scandal in the Church has of itself provoked such outrage, one cannot comprehend what a proportional outrage would look like were the magnitude of the problem in other quarters ever addressed.

Evil always overplays its hand, as it has done here. Most of those who have published wild allegations against the Pope and his predecessor in recent weeks have seen their stories evaporate under scrutiny. But truth has long since taken flight. Tell a lie often enough and people begin to believe it.

As I said at the outset, I’ve earned the right to demand answers to the questions posed here. I mopped up the mess left behind by thousands of adults who sexually savaged the children I cared for at Covenant House. Not one of those children ever named a Priest as a molester, which squares with all of the data mentioned here.

The truth is that the John Jay study shows Catholic clergy, at the worst, to have had no more than 4% of its members involved in this atrocity. That means that 96% of our clergy have NOT been involved.

Can we married people boast the same numbers for our vocation? With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, 40% of child sexual abuse occurring in the home, 9% of school children abused by teachers and staff, we should blush at the thought that we are somehow occupying the moral high ground with respect to the Catholic clergy.

The pedophiles have been exposed and cleared out. The Priests who remain are the men who live their vows with heroic fidelity and are entitled to our gratitude and respect for living lives of selfless service to the rest of us. They certainly have mine.

If we are serious at hunting down pedophiles and keeping children safe, then the data suggest that one not look to the pulpit, but the pews.

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Fathers for Good runs a column “Newsworthy Dads” I was interviewed on the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link for this week’s column. My thanks to editor Brian Caulfield for his gracious offer and willingness to help get the word out about the ABC link via this interview.

The ABCs of Cancer

Gerard M. Nadal, who holds a Ph.D. in molecular microbiology, is taking a strong stand on the link between induced abortion and breast cancer (ABC). Many studies have shown the link, and basic biology provides the physiological reason for it, yet an abortion mindset in some halls of science and the media have worked together to keep these facts hidden from the public, he says.

Dr. Nadal is 49 years old, married, and the father of three children. He is currently pursuing an M.A. in theology through Franciscan University of Steubenville.

In this Fathers for Good interview, he outlines in layman’s terms some of the research that shows the ABC link.

Fathers for Good: Briefly explain what you see as the abortion-breast cancer link.

Dr. Nadal: I first learned of the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link about three years ago when I came across a book entitled, Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill, written Chris Kahlenborn, a medical doctor. It’s a great read for those who are not medical professionals.

In brief, when women become pregnant for the first time, they make vastly increased amounts of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which stimulate the milk-producing tissue of the breast to undergo massive proliferation during the first trimester. These cells form the immature and cancer-prone Type-1 and Type-2 lobules. In the last trimester, hormonal changes will mature 85% of these lobules into cancer-resistant Type-3 and Type-4 lobules. Terminating the pregnancy through induced abortion robs these lobules of the last trimester’s maturation and leaves behind a great deal of newly made, cancer-prone cells.

Most women who have had miscarriages have miscarried precisely because they are not producing enough of the hormones estrogen and progesterone and have not undergone the proliferation of breast lobules. Therefore, they don’t share the same risk as women who have had induced abortions.

FFG: How is the birth-control pill implicated?

Dr. Nadal: The pill contains very high doses of synthetic estrogen and progesterone, which mimic a pregnancy followed by abortion on a monthly basis. Studies have shown frightening rates of breast cancer for women taking the pill or estrogen replacement therapy in menopause. They all share the same mechanism for cancer production as induced abortion. One recent study leads some of us to believe that the synthetic form of estrogen in the pill may be responsible for a particularly aggressive and deadly form of breast cancer called Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Karen Malec is the President and Co-Founder of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, and has a very informative website: http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/start/

FFG: Do you think there is a cover-up to protect abortion on demand?

Dr. Nadal: Unfortunately, it’s not so much an opinion as a matter of fact. On February 22, I wrote an article in Headline Bistro detailing this. Some researchers who favor abortion say one thing in epidemiology journals which few people read, then dismiss reality to craft public policy that protects and promotes abortion on demand, and hormonal contraception on demand. Yet they better than anybody know the harm being done to women – 1 in 9 of whom will contract breast cancer.

FFG: Some would say you are debating an interpretation of data and that there’s no objective truth, even in science.

Dr. Nadal: If anyone has ever had the misfortune of falling from a ladder or dropping Mom’s good china, then they can ably testify to the scientific truth of the law of gravity. Similarly, we know the factors that will increase the probability of contracting diseases, because we have scientific certitude about the normal physiology of the body and the pathophysiology that results when chemicals or microbes perturb that normal function. The same holds true for the abortion-oral contraceptive-breast cancer link.

When attempts are made to twist reality in order to accommodate an agenda the truth becomes the first casualty, and real people pay the price in their bodies, minds, and souls for denying objective reality.

When I ran college retreats, I used to describe God’s law as functioning as the guard rails on a mountain road. He knows the danger zones. In that light, his law becomes liberating and not at all constricting. It frees us to live lives unencumbered by needless suffering. The more empirical evidence we discover in science, the more one comes to an appreciation of those guard rails, and the more we are able to prevent some of that needless suffering.

For more information, visit Dr. Nadal’s blog.

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