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Via Deacon Greg Kandra, an interesting video of a Gorilla that has begun walking upright like humans. I must say that his posture is better than mine.

But can we get him to balance a book on his head when he walks….

…and no cracks about in-laws!!!

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From my friend, Tina Mahar, who daily teaches me the power of humility through her blog and FB page:

“In the fictional novel, The Clowns of God, by Morris West, Jesus comes back to earth, and some people think it’s Him while some don’t. At one point, Jesus is at a school for children with Down syndrome, and He is holding a little girl. Jesus says:

‘I know what you are thinking. You need a sign. What better one could I give but to make this little one whole and new? I could do it, but I will not. I am the Lord and not a conjurer. I gave this mite a gift I denied to all of you — eternal innocence. To you she looks imperfect — but to me she is flawless, like the bud that dies unopened or the fledgling that falls from the nest to be devoured by ants. She will never offend me, as all of you have done. She will never pervert or destroy the work of my Father’s hands. She is necessary to you. She will evoke the kindness that will keep you human. Her infirmity will prompt you to gratitude for your own good fortune … More! She will remind you every day that I am who I am, that my ways are not yours, and that the smallest dust mite whirled in the darkest spaces does not fall out of my hand … I have chosen you.

You have not chosen me.

This little one is my sign to you.

Treasure her!’ “

— Kurt Kondrich (father of a beautiful daughter who has Down syndrome)

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Jill Stanek reports a stunner on her blog today:

Revelations about the dangerous and dastardly practices of late-term abortionists, particularly on the East Coast (Brigham, Carhart, Gosnell), continue.

Today Operation Rescue exposed yet another new way they are circumventing the system – this time only by killing babies by lethal injection and nothing more. This will force many pro-life obstetricians and hospitals into complicity by completing the abortion.

Notorious late-term abortionist James Pendergraft, a convicted felon whose FL license is currently running concurrent 3rd and 4th suspensions, has set up practice in an undisclosed DC-area office where he will solely kill preborn babies by lethal injection and then send mothers off to complete the abortions wherever/however they can. According to Pendergraft’s website, LateTermAbortions.net:

“We perform the intracardiac injection of medication into the fetal heart in our private facility in the Washington, D.C. area. Once the fetal heart beat has stopped, the patient can elect to return back to her private physician to complete the induction of labor with delivery of the fetus, or they may elect to go to another facility to have the termination process completed.”

While some mothers will skip across town to Carhart to complete the abortion, others will force their own good doctors to finish them, perhaps unwittingly.

Under this scenario a mother would make an emergency appointment with her obstetrician, or go to the ER, stating she can no longer feel her baby move. When ultrasound confirms the baby is dead, labor and delivery will be induced. My guess is the cause of death will often never be admitted or determined. And the mother will need help – or die. According to Pendergraft’s FAQs:

Read the Rest Here.

A few thoughts occur to me. The insurance industry needs to look into this as a potential manifestation of insurance fraud on the part of the patient and the abortion doctor. If an insurance company will not pay for a late term abortion, then a woman procuring a lethal injection who shows at her doctor’s office or hospital is essentially committing fraud.

If this is to be the case, then the insurance industry would be right to push for legislation that would require post-mortem analysis of the babies who die in utero to determine cause of death. It is hard to imagine anything more difficult than a loving couple being made to suffer the autopsy of their baby because of this sort of slime coming from the abortion industry, but the insurers and physicians have rights as well. It is the one case where I would support prosecution of the mother as well as the abortionist on charges of insurance fraud.

Decent doctors should not be forced to incur the cost and burden associated with the most challenging dimensions of late-term abortions.

Policy holders of insurance companies should not shoulder the burden of incurring higher cost of healthcare because their company is being duped into providing high-risk procedures that they normally wouldn’t cover.

Also, what would prevent a woman from having her baby executed in this manner, dupe her own physician into believing that the child inexplicably died, then sue her OB for malpractice?

This is criminal fraud and should be outlawed and prosecuted as such.

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On the road, more than 50,000 wholesome-looking pro-lifers. Along the sidewalk, a small, scruffy band of counter-protestors who look like extras from a 1970’s B-movie in hippie horror.

The contrast in numbers, dignity, and comportment pretty much speaks to the heart of each movement.

H/T Jill Stanek

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Take a long, hard look at these videos. These children are going to crush you under their heels, grind your movement to dust.

You’re finished.

It’s all over.

For forty years you have visited on this nation a bloodbath that makes the word “holocaust” seem too inadequate, too impotent to address the dimensions of your vicious and destructive evil. You perverted my generation with your lies, with your denial of what was well-established scientific fact. You made it easy for us to abort and contraceive the children that we would need to sustain us in our old age, and now the wildfire is catching up to us. STD’s have risen steadily since your ascendency. No doubt about it, we wanted to be lied to in order to have life our way, on our terms.

You willingly obliged, and made billions of dollars for your efforts.

But the rising tide of blood and misery has caught the nation’s attention, and now the slumbering giant of the inner-city has been awakened to your genocidal presence in communities of color. Your guardians in the halls of power, the Democrats and liberal Republicans will now answer to an increasingly aware and disgusted black and Hispanic electorate, without whom they cannot survive.

It’s too late for you now. You are going to increasingly be regarded as the lepers that you are. Your Democrat patrons will need to distance themselves from you, or face the music at the ballot box.

These children all have sonograms of themselves in their mother’s wombs and have ample access to 4D sonogram videos and embryoscopies as well. It’s getting harder to market that little lie about a blob of tissue. The truth of science exposes your lies on every front, and these children have access to all of that information.

Unable to compete with the truth of science, the truth revealed by ultrasonography, the data from CDC, the documentary evidence of Sanger and her fellow Eugenists, you’ve turned in your desperation to attacking pregnancy resource centers, trying to cripple them and shut them down. May I offer you some strategic advice?

It’s a losing hand, and it betrays your desperation. I would back away from it, as it leaves you vulnerable on the issue of “choice”. Also, operating 78% of Planned Parenthood “clinics” in inner-city neighborhoods (while blacks are only 12.3% of the population) where the options are more limited for women and pregnancy centers not only offer the greatest hope to many, but also the only other viable option that makes real choice a reality…

Well you get the point don’t you? You really do look genocidal.

Back to the youth. Thanks to your efforts, they will be forced to either pay most of their salaries as adults in order to support Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, or accept health care rationing (the new euphemism for your forte: murder).

28,000 young people enthusiastically welcomed their bishops, priests and deacons. Take note, they’re on to your buddies in the media trying to portray our clergy as all being potential predators. They’ve rejected that one too, yielding as they do to the truth.

Now, I’m not saying that you don’t have a good deal of fight left in you, and I’m sure you’ll rack up a few more Pyrrhic victories before you implode. But the reality is that these children and their peers will come to see that large families are the only security they will have for their futures, having learned a bitter lesson with the cost of caring for the Boomers.

They see you for who you truly are. They know your lies. They know their science. They hunger for authentic love and intact families for themselves when they marry, and are far more willing than my generation to live with self-control.

They also see the news blackout of well over 200,000 youth, and over 100,000 adults marching on the nation’s capital. That’s why the mainstream media are losing increasing market share to alternative media. They’re posting on YouTube.

You are no longer the radical youth. You are the establishment, and the children are coming for you.

You’ve had quite a run, but these young ones know more than we ever did, and are filled with disgust at the mention of your name.

Get used to being lepers, and know that God stands ready to forgive and heal you.

If you decide to join us, we’d be happy to have you. If you remain recalcitrant, you’re looking at the generation who are going to put you out of business.

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I’ve met people who have discovered that their mothers have had abortions, and it fills them with horror, doubt, confusion, fear, dread, regret, guilt, and a host of other emotions. Theresa Bonopartis of Lumina has developed a powerful weekend of healing for these siblings. Today I received the following from her. Please distribute this with your friends and coworkers in the pro-life movement:

This past January 15, we were blessed to have EWTN air a prayer service, live from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, “A Morning of Prayerful Remembrance“, which I created with The Sisters of Life,

The Morning or Remembrance is a chance for our entire nation to join in prayer and reparation about abortion while showing, through the use of true testimonies, the impact of abortion on mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, professionals and siblings, all in the light of God’s mercy and love. The response from everywhere across the country has been phenomenal. One set of grandparents wrote me: “I have to say, both my husband and I cried throughout most of the service (so, in a way I was glad to be home). The grandparents could easily have been us and after almost 25 years, we still find it very difficult to talk about. God bless you and the Sisters for the good work you are doing to bring about an awareness of the need for healing and forgiveness.”

In keeping with the manifestation of Gods mercy, we will be offering our 2nd Retreat Day for Siblings of Aborted Babies on Saturday, March 5th, in the Bronx. Last year, people from across the country came to participate in this grace filled day.

I have attached a flier for the day in the hope that you will spread the word so those suffering would know about this extraordinary retreat, that brought hope and healing to those who came last year.

here is a blurb you can use:

An “Entering Canaan” retreat day for those who are suffering as a result of losing a sibling to abortion will take place Saturday, March 5, 2011, at Our Lady of New York in the Bronx. The day will be hosted by Lumina and The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. For further information and confidential reservations please call: Theresa Bonopartis at Lumina/Hope & Healing after abortion: 1-877-586-4621, or email at Lumina@postabortionhelp.org

Thank you for all you do.

In His Mercy,

Theresa Bonopartis

Director, Lumina/Hope & Healing after Abortion

Co-developer, Entering Canaan Post Abortion Ministry




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I stand with them every year at the Supreme Court Steps and pray them on through their gut-wrenching testimonies. It’s overwhelming at times, the raw agony, the broken lives, the unrealized potential, the shattered dreams.

The guilt and shame.

The Redemption.

I listen to these post-abortive women’s stories and find myself retreating into a cocoon of scientific analysis as a means of coping with the hours-long deluge of heartbreak poured out on the steps of the building where seven twisted men consigned scores of millions to their deaths.

What percentage of these women felt they had no choice (most)? What percentage were lied to by the doctors about a “blob of tissue” (most)?

I’ve spoken with some of the leaders in SNM and healing ministries, and will be working this year on gathering quantifiable data. However, here is something that can’t be quantified:

The courage, the love, the howling reproach of these mothers and fathers who rail at the lies, the distortions, the parasitism of the abortion industry that exists as a for-profit mercinary institution that had no interest in walking them through all of their options and holding out alternatives before that final, irrevocable, fear-based decision.

To say that I love and admire these people doesn’t do justice to the regard that I have for them. They speak out so that others may avoid the tragedy that inevitably follows the decision that they made. Here are two videos, with more to follow this year.

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