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Yesterday I participated in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. It was a day of solemnity and joy, of sorrowful remembrance and youthful optimism. The number of young people present was staggering, and the pro-choice world shudders at what they are seeing. They have good reason to stay up nights, with visages such as yesterday’s.

These young people are militating for an end to abortion, which is quite remarkable considering their age and where they are in their developmental trajectory. Many in my generation saw abortion as the escape hatch from an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. In tandem with the birth control pill, it caused the sexual revolution to become the wildfire that has raged out of control. And here these young people, at least 100,000, were militating for the government to seal their escape hatch shut with them on the inside.

That is what is so remarkable.

The pro-abort slur is that the pro-life movement is predominantly old people, which is code for “people who are beyond the protective benefit of abortion.” This is simply not the case. The beauty here in D.C. is that there is a new generation that has grown up in a world that my Baby Boomer peers and I never knew, and want to reset the social and moral clock to where it was in our childhood.

I grew up in a world where most Catholic families were large, with lots of children; and Catholic schools filled to overflowing with three classes per grade. Most kids waited much longer before having sex; nationally 69% of the class of 1979 were self-reported virgins. HIV/AIDS was unknown, and herpes hadn’t made its national debut. We roamed the streets freely in our neighborhoods without fears of abduction by perverts fueled by a multi-billion dollar per year porn industry that was only in its infancy.

This generation of young people are the post-Roe generation, children who know that they are the result of a deliberate choice by their mothers, who know that one out of every three pregnancies ends in abortion. They know they are the lucky survivors of the holocaust that has claimed 53 million of their peers. What an unbelievable psychological and spiritual reality to carry through one’s life.

These are the children who are growing up in a sex-fueled culture that makes the 1960s and 1970s seem Disney-esque by comparison. They attend schools that are half-filled at best and are witnessing the rampant closures of Catholic schools built around the family sizes of their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

Their presence here, in so many ways, is a rebuke of my generation and the rupture that we have made with our past. More than any other generation, the Boomers have benefited from the hard work of their forebears and then struck out on a new moral road. That road has brought unimaginable suffering into the world and changed the landscape our children have been born into.

Now the young are speaking out, a counter counterculture. Unlike the lie of “free love” that so many in their parents’ generation bought into, they are speaking up for authentic love. Unlike the narcissistic roots of “free love,” this authentic love of which Pope John Paul the Great spoke is sacrificial in nature. They may be callow, but they know what they are saying, what they are asking the government to do.

They want an end to abortion, and for marriage to be between one man and one woman.

They want an end to the manufacturing of peers in laboratories rather than being conceived in a conjugal embrace.

They want to be relieved of my generation shoving condoms and pills across the table at them, and they hunger for someone to tell them that they are capable of the self-control that comes with their human dignity.

The girls want to be free to be girls instead of scaled down sex-symbols with the expectation to be “hot.”

I believe that they will get much for which they came and marched. The pro-abort leadership in my generation are the actual anachronisms. When over 100,000 young people march on behalf of authentic love and an authentic bioethic, that’s powerful. If they wish to have their escape hatch sealed shut, perhaps we should give them what they want. It didn’t all work out the way my generation thought it would. “Free love” enslaved us, gave us AIDS, rampant STDs, 53 million abortions, shattered lives and shattered families.

These young ones are wise beyond their years.

Being here and witnessing their joyful spirit and vision of the world as they would have it, I have a refreshing sense of optimism and hope for the future. It will all take time and effort to bring into fruition, but these young people are on the right track and are renewing the face of the nation.

God bless them all.

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Joyful Warriors

” How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
who bring good tidings,
who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
‘Your God reigns!’ “

~Isaiah 52:7

They’re all here in Washington DC. Hundreds of thousands of happy feet attached to hundreds of thousands of joyful warriors, bringing the joyful news that every human life has great purpose, great dignity, having been made in the image and likeness of God.

They’ve come from every corner of the country, and they’re so very, very young.

The other side is aging, and bitter. And angry. And hobbled by fear.

The good news of salvation being proclaimed here in the nation’s capital, that God loves us in spite of ourselves, and because of ourselves.

Every human being ever murdered was killed because they were perceived in some way to be a threat to someone else.


Every baby killed in the womb has been killed because they were perceived by their mother or father to be a threat to life as the parent knew it.


And so, once again, hundreds of thousands of citizens have come to the nation’s capital to call for an end to the slaughter. They come joyfully and in peace in the hopes that perhaps this year a few more hearts will be touched, a few more lives saved, and to announce that for so long as this slaughter grinds on, grinds our nation’s decency to dust, we will be here in greater and greater numbers speaking for the ever-increasing voices who’ll never be heard–until this national tragedy ends.

And it will end one day, not with a bang, but with an exhausted whimper.

But for now, these joyful feet are taking me over to the Mall for the March.

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Today I wish to speak of two very different men, both of whom are African-Americans, both of whom are warriors, one of whom has gone to jail, and the other who may very well spend his remaining years rotting behind bars.

One is a hero to me, and a mentor.

The other is so twisted with evil that his actions rocket me past revulsion and leave me almost numb with bewilderment.

Kermit Gosnell

First up is Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the newly infamous butcher of Philadelphia whose four decades of infanticide performed on countless hundreds, perhaps even thousands of babies born alive during botched, illegal third trimester abortions has seared the consciousness of the nation. Much more on the story here.

His filthy, squalid office went by the deceptively bloated title of Women’s Medical Society, which conjures visions of participation in something larger than the lives of the desperately poor African-American and immigrant women who turned to Gosnell. It sounds so establishmentarian, so thoroughly professional. As with all evil, it was a lie.

Gosnell gorged himself on the desperation and misery of women from his own community. At 69, this is a man who knew the pre-civil rights era, and all that was fought for, and all that has been lost thanks to men such as himself. He gorged on misery and made millions in the process. Not even the KKK killed as many African-Americans as Gosnell, and seldom as gruesomely. Certainly none ever cut off their victims feet and kept them as trophies.

Gosnell has done the Klan proud.

The other man is Reverend Walter Hoye, who was arrested for the crime of approaching women entering an abortion clinic and in his humble soft-spokenness offered them the opportunity to explore their options before making an irrevocable decision. Pastor Hoye spent time in jail for his efforts.

Last week Pastor Hoye came to New York to help rally the communities of color to resist the butchers like Gosnell. Listen to his three-minute witness, especially the last 45 seconds.

I was moved to tears as Pastor Hoye described how he began to behold his son, behold the tiny details of the 1.5 pound body when he thought he was holding him for the last time, how he grasped the enormity of the humanity contained within that tiny, frail, and failing body.

Can there be any greater difference between these two men, between the choice faced by the community most ravaged by Gosnell and his peers? Gosnell is not only a depraved butcher, he lived through the worst period of racism in America and received a medical degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical School. And this is what he did with that great opportunity and sacred trust.

Pastor Hoye is a living saint among us. He would suffer jail rather than stand by silently and see his community wiped out through Planned Parenthood’s genocidal agenda, shared by many others in the abortion community. Gosnell would risk prison rather than abandon his complicity in his people’s genocide, performed in the most heartless, cruel and illegal manner.

Today, on the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I pray especially for the African-American community, and their 60% abortion rate here in New York. I pray for courageous and holy pastors such as Walter Hoye whose love transcends their own fears of imprisonment and death. Such pastors are desperately trying to protect their flocks from being torn apart by wolves such as Gosnell.

In the coming year, may we turn an extra measure of attention and support toward the black and Hispanic pastors as they rally their fellow pastors to stanch the genocide that is raging out of control?

God bless them all.

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Well, I understand that NARAL was swamped by pro-lifers who crashed their demonic little party.

Well done, thou good and faithful servants.

While I would have loved to spend my whole day tweeting with the pro-abort girls’ club who were decrying the pro-life movement as a bastion of male domination (still on that thread-bare whine after four decades?), familial obligations kept me away for much of the day.

Some belated questions for the NARAL groupies:

What of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s right to radicalized autonomy? Doesn’t any abortion doctor have the right, the obligation to follow the will of the mother and perform late term abortions in the eighth and ninth months?

If a baby emerges all the way and is viable, why shouldn’t the mother’s original will be carried out and the baby have its spinal column crushed before the cord is cut and its throat slit?

Does it really matter how the baby is killed? Why or why not?

I’m not being a cynic or provocateur. I genuinely wish to know where you draw the line with your depravity, or if a line exists at all.

Would you place any restrictions on a woman’s right to have her baby slaughtered? If yes, what are they and why?

Also, do you think that African Americans bear a disproportionate share of the abortions, considering that they are 12% of the population and have 37% of the abortions? Why or why not?

Since NARAL is predominantly a white girls genocidal sorority, exactly what percentage of black and hispanic pregnancies ending in abortion become distasteful?

Will NARAL call upon Planed Parenthood to cease operating 78% of its “clinics” in inner-city neighborhoods? Why or why not?

What is NARAL’s response to founder Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s admission that the numbers of deaths from illegal abortions were a total fabrication in order to get abortion legalized?

Does NARAL have a fund to compensate the families of women killed by those “safe and legal” abortions? Why not? Do you not bear moral responsibility for participating in the deception that there are no Dr. Gosnells?

Don’t bother responding. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows the answers.

We pray in all sincerity for your conversion and salvation, and if any pro-lifer does not, their own salvation is imperiled.

Get well soon.

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For those who may not have heard of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the notorious late term abortionist in Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love) was arrested and charged with eight counts of first degree murder. One was a mother and the others were very late term babies, beyond the 24-week limit under law, who were born alive, and who were dispatched by digging scissors into their cervical spines and having their spinal cords cut.

This same man cut off their feet and saved them in jars, rows and rows of jars containing his macabre trophies. Gosnell’s staff were arrested for administering anesthetics without medical training or licensure, most often while the doctor was not in the office. One of his employees admits to having dispatched over 100 born-alive infants by “snipping” their spinal cords. The office was filthy, not surprisingly.

Read the grand jury report here.

It is understandable that Gosnell and his wretched staff have sickened all who have read of their atrocities. It is also alarming.

Why are we so shocked and horrified?

On one level, even the most ardent pro-abort takes pause. Infants as long as 19 inches and in their eighth month writhe in agony as their calcified spinal columns are crushed before the cord is severed. Even then, death is not immediate. Having decapitated dozens of rats in spinal cord research, I can testify to the fact that the brain remains perfused with oxygen for a time, and is therefore sensate. As Gosnell severed the spinal cord, and as the heart is supplied by autonomic nerves outside of the spinal column, it is doubtless that the heart continued to beat for a time, keeping the brain perfused with oxygen and able to sense hearing, sight, and touch from the neck up for an indeterminate period of time. The severing of the cord would have paralyzed the muscles involved in breathing, but the residual oxygen in the lung, combined with a beating heart could only combine for an agonizing death. That’s why prisoners executed by lethal injection are first rendered unconscious.

Similarly, we reel from the thought of untrained personnel administering anesthesia, delivering the babies, and an office that was as filthy as a sewer.

The outrage is understandable.

But for the pro-lifer, the outrage begs the question: Why are we outraged at this? Have we come to expect some minimal standard of decency and medical professionalism in an abortion clinic?

Which is the more frightening reality, a mentally and spiritually diseased pig like Gosnell, or a cool, crisp professional who is neat and clean in their dismemberment of the child in the womb?

Have we come to expect some minimum standard of decorum and antisepsis in our children’s executioners?

Does ridding the industry of Gosnells not at once make society feel as though it has done something positive about abortion, while at the same time selecting for those who are more deadly efficient in plying their barbaric trade? What makes Gosnell a worse mass murderer than the doctor who does abortions up to the legal developmental limit?

Is it not the mass murder that is the true pathology? Is not collecting feet just a kinky twist on that foundational pathology?

What Gosnell did sickens me. That his case will be the clarion call for greater oversight leading to more clinical efficiency in the ongoing mass murder of babies frightens me.

We have lost our moorings. God have mercy on us that so many will take from this story that there is such a thing as a “good” abortionist and seek such a standard in the future.

That may well be Gosnell’s deadliest legacy.

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Today, NARAL is hosting a “Blogging for Choice Day”. So, my friend Jill Stanek is countering with a “Ask Them What They Mean By ‘Choice’” Blog Day Read the link at Jill’s if you want to get in on disrupting their day on twitter and FB by asking them what exactly it means to “choose”.

When Jill put out the call to pro-life bloggers, I answered immediately. 99 pro-life bloggers have rallied around Jill’s call. She is the Founding Mother of the pro-life blogosphere, and days such as today with the graphic she designed and shown here illustrate why she continues to command the respect and admiration of pro-life bloggers.

First, we should all begin this day with a serious and solemn prayer for NARAL’s members. It is one thing to be a frightened young girl in an unexpected pregnancy and to seek abortion as the escape from the fog of fear and uncertainty. It’s quite another to make it one’s life’s work to see to it that the floodgates are wedged open as wide as possible for the wholesale slaughter of infants in the womb.

53 Million and counting.

So we pray for the Holy Spirit of God to open their eyes to the humanity of the unborn, to accept the imperfections of their own lives in order that they may accept the imperfections of other’s lives. We pray that they are led to abandon the hopelessness and despair that drives their behavior, their nihilistic vision, and to be filled with a spirit of hopefulness, of optimism, of charitable forbearance. We pray that their hearts of stone are healed and turned to hearts of flesh, that they commit their energy, time, and resources to helping frightened women bring to fruition their budding motherhood, rather than pandering to the doubts and fears that grip even the best of parents.

We pray that these women of NARAL see that the child of the womb is not the enemy, that handicapped babies are a blessing that call their parents, siblings, and extended family to depths of love hitherto unimagined by spouses; and that they see the true enemy of domestic peace and prosperity is the combined effects of fear and faithlessness.

It was through Adam and Eve’s faithlessness that death entered into the world. It was through Jesus submission to the Father’s will that we were restored to life. And so we pray today for the restoration of NARAL’s members. Amen.

Now, to business.

Some observations and questions for NARAL. Large scale atrocities, such as the NAZI Holocaust, which killed 14 million Jews, Catholics, and other undesirables, are NOT, I repeat, NOT solely the results of the will of a tyranical dictator such as Hitler. One deranged art school flunkie can’t murder that many people on his own. He needs help.

Atrocities grow in proportion to the number of individuals who CHOOSE to participate in them. When the body count climbs into the millions, an entire nation has been complicit. Germany was a great example, the gold standard, actually.

Judges, physicians, nurses, police, the military, teachers, all played a part through their respective roles. Each CHOSE to do so. Many chose not to, and became a part of the body count. And so, a few questions for NARAL. So how many such choices are the difference between bad policy and human atrocity?

How are the eugenic physicians of the Third Reich different from the eugenic obstetricians today who screen genetic differences, label them as “imperfections”, and then categorize such perceived imperfection as so severe as to make the human individual unworthy of continued life?

How is the concept of the “Master Race” in Germany seventy years ago at all different from our eugenic screening of babies in the womb, sex-selective abortions, and desire for genetic engineering and human cloning?

The choice to terminate a life ought to carry with it some set of grave criteria. What constitutes sufficient criteria to literally pull a baby apart, limb by limb?

In what system of jurisprudence, anywhere in the world, are babies put to death because of their father’s status as a rapist, or because their mother fears an uncertain future?

That’s enough for now.

More questions later.

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Glorify God!!

H/T to Deacon Greg Kandra at The Deacon’s Bench. The new translation of the Mass comes to us this year. Here is the Gloria set to chant. I have lots to write about in the next few days, very heavy material. I spoke at a Queens Church tonight with my friend, Chaplain Viviana Hernandez, bringing to light the genocidal abortion stats for NYC.

I came home to find this work of beauty on Deacon Kandra’s blog, so for now it’s simply Gloria time. I praise God for this great work to which we are called and for the thousands of eyes being opened. Abba is in charge!

Click the image and listen to the beauty!

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