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It is said that when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain made his pact with Hitler, Winston Churchill arose in Parliament and said that Camberlain had a choice between dishonor and war, and that having chosen the former he would inherit the latter as a consequence. Thus it was today when the Boy Scouts of America’s national leadership voted by over 60% to embrace openly gay scouts, a vote that ignored the over 60% of 200,000+ leaders who responded negatively to a survey we all received.

In other words, the fix was in.

The great compromise today was that gay scouts would be permitted, but gay leaders would not. It was as gutless and cowardly a compromise as was the vote being announced the evening before the long Memorial Day weekend. These ‘leaders’, lacking the courage to take on themselves the full responsibility to radically transform the Boy Scouts of America, simply kicked the can down the road, leaving the rest of the job for the courts in the spate of inevitable lawsuits that will follow.

Much will change now. This isn’t a simple, “live and let live” policy. The chartering organizations with strong religious prohibitions will be forced to accept gay scouts and not speak against their chosen orientation or risk the sensitivity training that follows homosexualism wherever it finds a home. They will not be permitted to exclude gay scouts.

There will now be pressure to rewrite the program, such as the Family Life merit badge book to include gay and lesbian marriages, and here is where the new agenda will be shoved down the throats of every boy in scouting, especially as Family Life is a required merit badge for the rank of Eagle Scout.

Let’s be clear about what it is that all boys will be expected to embrace. In lesbian unions and marriages a father is regarded as entirely unnecessary in the life of a child. Two women are just as good, and even better. Similarly, in homosexual marriages and unions a mother is entirely unnecessary. Two men are just as good, and even better. Those new social situations will be held out as the moral equivalent of heterosexual marriage. If attempts are made to fight this moral equivalence, such attempts will be regarded as hostile rejection of the scout or his family situation, a hostile rejection that is now incompatible with the new membership reality.

To do other would be to treat gay scouts and gay/lesbian marriage as second-class citizenry.

Thus we see the complete incompatibility between the homosexualist agenda and traditional morality. Both cannot coexist in a given institution. Each sees the other as immoral and incompatible with civility and liberty.

Today, traditional Christianity, Judaism, and Islam lost big.

Many respond to the argument put forth above that many children in homes afflicted by divorce also live without either a mother or a father, and that gay/lesbian unions are no different in this regard, and even better, as there are two loving parents in the gay marriage to the one embittered divorcee in the straight home. But morally, this is fallacy. It is generally understood that divorce represents the failure of a moral good, namely heterosexual marriage, and that children raised in a single-parent home without the other gendered parent is a tragic consequence of that failure.

In the gay/lesbian marriages the opposite gender is regarded as unnecessary in the life of a child and this is not only NOT the failure of a moral good, but is in fact a celebrated principle of the lifestyle.

Indeed, much will now change. This blog post will be denounced as hate speech by many, and that shows how fidelity to Catholic moral teaching will now be regarded by the Boy Scouts of America. And where that is concerned, the National Catholic Committee of the Boy Scouts must be singled out for their weak and measured position throughout the run-up to this vote. Would that they had the firmness of our Baptist Brethren.

In our Scout Oath we say:

On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the Scout Law. To help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Duty to God requires not embracing that which is taught by His Church as mortal sin. In order to make the gay scouts feel at home, straight scouts will simply have to accept moral equivalence. When those gay scouts become Eagle Scouts and become young adults, will we suddenly turn on them and keep them away?

Finally, if two-thirds of the leaders nationally opposed this move, why did two-thirds of the National Council ignore our concerns?

Today we witnessed the death of honor in scouting. Having chosen dishonor, the National Council will inherit war as a consequence.


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Gosnell Guilty; Now What?

Illustration: Lisa Nolan

Illustration: Lisa Nolan

There is much rejoicing tonight in pro-life circles over the conviction of Dr. Kermit Gosnell on first degree murder charges for his having cruelly severed the spines of babies born alive in his abortion house of horrors. I don’t begrudge folks their joy at justice for the little ones. I’m just not there.

Much as I am opposed to the death penalty, this 72 year-old serial killer should spend the rest of his life on death row fighting off the efforts of those in power over him to take his life. That might bring about some much needed insight into who and what he has become and what it is that he did. Apart from the babies killed in utero, his decades of infanticide, if evidence could show it, would make Gosnell the biggest serial killer in American history. There is less joy and more a sense of relief when a serial killer is neutralized by incarceration.

But this day only serves to highlight the psychosis of American jurisprudence. Were the same spinal cord severings carried out in utero, Gosnell would be regarded as a model abortionist, a man practicing legal medicine.

Location, location, location…

If that sounds glum, it is equally an opportunity moving forward. Having been convicted of first degree murder, Gosnell has perversely catapulted the argument away from justifying abortion on the grounds that we are not sure when life begins, and into its rightful home: personal predilection. If the murder of these babies is indeed regarded as first degree murder because of their location, then their abortions would have been no less an act of murder five minutes earlier when inside their mothers.

If Gosnell is put to death by the state it will not be for taking these babies’ lives at the developmental stages when they were killed. No, Gosnell will be put to death for not following medical protocol as dictated by law, namely failing to call 911 and to keep the baby alive because it couldn’t be murdered in a place prescribed by law.

That’s the true insanity and malignant evil in this case. Are we too far gone to recognize that it is our jurisprudence that is riddled with cancer? Giving abortionists the death penalty is not the answer, and I pray that Gosnell lives thirty years longer with all of his mental faculties intact, that he might repent and atone for his monstrous evil.

Curing the American character after 55 million murders is going to take a bit longer, if indeed we are not already too far gone.

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