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Having been held hostage by monied interests demanding all things LGBT, BSA now suffers from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. In its most recent ruling, allowing delusional girls to gain membership by claiming to be boys, Boy Scouts of America has lurched into an institutional psychosis from which it will never recover.

In the prior rulings, BSA opened the door to gay scouts and then to gay leaders. There was a significant exodus by scouts and scouters who saw where this was headed and decided not to stick around for the show. At the time, equally principled people who stayed were willing to give it time and to work for keeping the focus on the program, and to ensure that the program content was not hijacked by discussions dealing with sex and sexual orientation. The most recent ruling is a game changer.

In any troop where a delusional girl is granted admittance, every boy will now be forced to welcome her, work with her, and play along with her delusional psychosis. Therein lies the great difference. If the homosexual issue could be papered over with assurances that the rest of the boys would not be affected, now healthy boys must accept and participate in the severest form of delusional ideation on pain of retribution, as certainly their “Scout Spirit,” a requirement for every level of rank advancement, will come into question. Their healthy responses to psychosis in their midst will be held against them as hatred, bigotry, and intolerance; all the things scouting stands against. These will be the lucky scouts.

The most tragic of all scouts will be those who are raised and inculturated to see no problem with boyhood and masculinity as not being rooted first in biology. It will not go well for a boy to be told that a female body must be accepted as male if that’s what the female says. So the very idea of maleness and masculinity is no longer transmitted in BSA by men to boys, but by psychotic girls to boys through the men who will surrender all for…


With yesterday’s ruling BSA sold out the very identity of its member boys and leaders. Pound for pound, a psychotic girl is every bit as male as a healthy boy. That’s the new message.

That’s the new brand.

But it won’t end there. Be prepared for the lawsuits from parents of healthy girls who want admittance to Boy Scouting because Girl Scouting isn’t what they want. Be prepared for these parents to complain that BSA discriminates against healthy biological females by only accepting deluded females. Then BSA will have to open to being fully coed, and a once-great program for boys to learn the ways of men will have been destroyed forever. That said, there is always hope.

Trail Life USA is a solid new program modeled heavily on the BSA program, and started in response to the homosexual decisions in BSA. It is Christian, and populated by many of the scouts and scouters who left BSA. Check them out.

As for BSA, it will go on in name, but this betrayal of boys has forever changed the very DNA of the organization. As we know from genetics, changes in genetic composition are mutations, and they rarely portend good things to come.

Photo Credit: Irina Kusnetsova on 500px.com

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