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Before the sun set on America’s first day of Roe v. Wade having been consigned to the same place as Plessy v. Ferguson, talking heads began to blame Ruth Bader Ginsburg for not having had the decency and foresight to quit the court in a timely manner and guarantee an acceptable ideological successor. In all fairness to Ruth, NOBODY on the left EVER imagined that Donald Trump had a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Hillary. The future of abortion seemed bright and sunny on the morning of Election Day, 2016. There was no immediacy for Ginsburg. Once the unthinkable happened later that night, she had no choice but to hang on and try to outlast Trump.

She almost succeeded, missing by mere weeks.

So with all respect to my adversaries on the other side: you are wrong to tar and feather her corpse.

The miscalculation wasn’t hers. It was yours. 63 million dead babies weren’t enough for you, and in your craven lust for more and more, you failed to see that science had overtaken all of your arguments from uncertainty. You failed to see the winds of change blowing.

Most of all, you failed to believe in women, in their ability to have an unplanned child and still go on to college, law school, business school, medical school, the trades, etc… and succeed. You held to an unflattering and false dichotomy of either a baby, or success, but not both for women. In so doing you broke with the feminism of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s that shouted out how women could have it all. But don’t feel too badly.

Ruth failed in this regard as well.

Her replacement on the Court is a woman who embodies the feminist proclamation of old, that a woman CAN have it all: A large brood of adopted and biological children, a supportive husband, a home, a stellar legal career. And Ginsburg’s replacement BELIEVES the feminist philosophy that you and Ruth only paid lip service to as you viewed babies as insurmountable obstacles to success. If this sounds harsh, there’s more.

Ginsburg’s replacement isn’t an outlier. Ginsburg’s replacement is merely one of millions and millions of women who have found that earning a decent living and raising a family at the same time is very feasible. They succeed where you and Ginsburg failed because they embrace the struggle that comes with holding it all together. For abortion’s cheerleaders the elimination of the child is the escape hatch from struggle, and you have tragically sold that lie to scores of millions of frightened, uncertain women.

So, go easy on Ruth. Save the tar and feathers for yourselves. She was no different than any of you. The lust for abortion blinded all of you to the advances of science and medicine. It blinded all of you to the powerful winds of change blowing across the land, winds that blew an unlikely former billionaire playboy right into the Oval Office. Neither she nor you ever took that possibility seriously. Neither did most Republicans.

Abandon your unbelief in women and embrace true liberalism.

Women really CAN have it all.

Just ask Amy.


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