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From the Los Angeles Times:

In a move that some called historic, the county’s oldest African American civil rights group voted Saturday to endorse same-sex marriage.

The National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People passed a resolution supporting gay marriage at a meeting of its board of directors in Miami, saying it opposed any policy or legislative initiative that “seeks to codify discrimination or hatred into the law or to remove the constitutional rights of LGBT citizens.”

Directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force erupted in applause at their board meeting Saturday as their phones buzzed with the news.

“Today is a historic day,” Rea Carey, executive director of the task force, said a phone interview from Seattle. “This is what leadership looks like in this country.”

The vote marks a national turning point on the issue of gay marriage. President Obama announced this month that he supports gay marriage. A Gallup Poll last year found, for the first time in the poll’s history, that a majority of Americans supported the legalization of gay marriage, 53% to 45%. This year, the poll showed 50% supported it, while 48% opposed it.

“Civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law,” Benjamin Todd Jealous, president and CEO of the 103-year-old NAACP said in a statement.

“The NAACP’s support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution and equal protection of all people.”

Read the rest here.

While tragic, it is not at all surprising that the NAACP has taken a course of action that is at odds with the 62% of the black community mentioned in the article, who oppose such unions on religious grounds.

In New York City, 60% of black pregnancies end in abortion and authentic African American leaders such as Dr. Alveda King and the Reverends Catherine Davis, Walter Hoye, Stephen Broden, Clenard Childress, Michael Faulkner, Arnold Culbreth, Dr. LaVerne Tolbert, and Ryan Bomberger (to name a few), cannot get a hearing by the people Rea Carey calls “real leadership.”

With 6/10 of New York Blacks never seeing the light of day, and similar statistics elsewhere, African Americans are locked into what can only be assessed as demographic suicide. The NAACP leadership has thrown in with the same Democrat party that funds Planned Parenthood nationally with a third of a billion dollars annually; and it is this same Planned Parenthood that has been operating some 78% of their centers in minority neighborhoods, commensurate with Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project.

Now this.

It is tempting to assess the NAACP’s recent vote as an indiscriminate siding with anyone who is oppressed. However, if that were so, the NAACP would be joining the Catholic Church and other religious faiths in opposing the HHS contraceptive mandate, which is actually a war on religion.

The truth is that the American people stood by passively and consented to gays and lesbians being granted all of the goods and privileges society once reserved for married couples, everything from adoption rights to shared employment benefits, domestic partnerships protecting housing rights, etc.

The truth is that gays and lesbians were handed everything but a marriage license. We now see the emerging agenda with the emerging punitive measures against military chaplains opposed to performing such weddings.

The truth is that heterosexuals have been far more tolerant and permissive than the gay community is now behaving, and that the NAACP has missed the opportunity to address the new discrimination in America: Gay intolerance of authentic Judeo-Christian morality. It is an intolerance that, to use the NAACP’s words, “seeks to codify discrimination or hatred into the law or to remove the constitutional rights of,” traditional Christians.

The truth is that it isn’t leadership being demonstrated by the NAACP. It’s something far worse. I’ve heard the assessments range from sheer cluelessness to something sinister. With almost 2/3 of the people it purports to “lead” opposing same-sex marriage on religious grounds, the NAACP has joined in President Obama’s war on religion. Dragging one’s members by the hair is not the same as leading. Neither is neglecting the demographic suicide that has gripped their community.

This weekend the association purporting the “Advancement of Colored Persons,” ceased to exist. Not willing to address their membership’s demographic suicide, they have thrown in with a president bent on reshaping the Christian faith that sustained them during slavery and the Jim Crow era, as well as the authentic and noble struggle for civil rights. In so doing, the NAACP has abdicated the sacred trust that once made them the noblest and most honorable institution in the United States of America.

The African American community in America, as many other quarters in America, has real needs, real problems that call for real, fresh, and imaginative leadership. Becoming embroiled in a war on the Christian roots of its membership and much of the nation has only cemented in the minds of many the image of an organization that has become thoroughly radicalized.

The rest of the nation should take heart that there are many, many other black leaders committed to authentic equality that respects the constitutional rights of all citizens. We turn now to those leaders and seek the way forward together, a way that is characterized by mutual support and respect.

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For those women who go to Planned Parenthood, this is a sight that you have not seen to date. It’s a mammogram machine. It’s what Planned Parenthood led people to believe they had and used.

They lied.

Foundations don’t like it when they give an organization millions of dollars for services that are not rendered. They’re just funny about stuff like that, and Susan G. Komen is to be applauded for finally putting their foot down and pulling Planned Parenthood’s funding.

SGK Chairwoman Nancy Brinker is Susan Komen’s sister and has been making good on a deathbed promise to Susan to find a cure for this disease. Brinker could simply put all of her eggs in the research basket and go full throttle on research.

She doesn’t. She has taken a humane and balanced approach by also funding breast cancer screenings for middle-aged women, and preventive education for younger women.

The problem is that she gave millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, who said they performed mammograms, but only performed manual breast exams (feeling for lumps). That’s a problem. In the spectrum of clinical services, a manual exam is orders of magnitude less effective at detection than a mammogram.

The narrative against Komen is that needy women will now suffer because Komen is going to…

…wait for it…

…Fund organizations that will do actual mammograms for needy women.

So vexed is the Planned Parenthood crowd that New York’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg has offered Planned Parenthood a $250,000 matching grant for fundraising. This means that PP will have $500,000 within a week to continue their manual breast exams on women.

Too bad New York’s billionaire mayor didn’t seize on the opportunity to purchase an actual mammogram machine for New York’s hundreds of thousands of low-income women. Instead, he continues to fund the building of PP’s Potemkin villages.

Though it seems longer, it was only last year that Lila Rose released undercover videos of PP nurses advising a “pimp” and his bottom girl to take their teenage prostitutes to the county health department for free services if they lacked health insurance or cash.

Is that not the reason why city, state, federal, and foundation money (such as Komen’s) was given to PP in the first place?

Hear the lie directly from Cecile Richards’ own mouth, and the truth from PP employees regarding the mammograms:

The response of PP is to claim that they provide referrals for mammograms, which is pretty weak, at best. PP may also have reimbursed some centers for mammograms, but why the middle-man?

Not detecting a lump by manual exam does not mean that there are no lumps. If palpation were as good as a mammogram, we wouldn’t perform the mammograms at all. That’s pretty basic stuff. So why does PP need Komen’s money? Because PP needs money. Period.

For the best chance at catching cancer in its earliest stages, women will need a mammogram referral anyway, regardless of lump detection. So why can’t PP just give the referral over the phone when women call, or hand it to them when they walk in off the street?

Because mediocrity never concerns itself with excellence in patient care. Mediocrity is all about the money. Komen has made a wise and ethical business decision by cutting out the middle-man and funding actual mammograms. Mediocrity’s reply?

Women are going to suffer and die because Komen prefers to fund actual mammograms over squeezing breasts.

What PP has not said is that they are so committed to women’s health that their staff are all donating five hours per week to perform their manual breast screenings and give referrals for mammograms.

They haven’t said it because that’s not part of the business model.

This is PP’s most dire hour. If Komen is allowed to pull up stakes without being savaged, plenty of big corporations will pull up stakes as well. Plan to see corporations abandoning Komen, not out of anger at Komen, but for fear of Planned Parenthood. There is a simple strategy to blunt PP’s attack.

Komen, TODAY, needs to announce a new inner-city initiative where they will purchase mammogram machines for the neediest urban centers, where local governments will provide low-cost, and medicaid-subsidized mammograms as the answer to PP’s cheap squeeze. They should then issue a call to all major corporations to join in this effort.

And what better month to do it in than Black History Month where we turn our attention to racism’s residue, which has left us with enduring inequities? Given the frightful incidence of breast cancer in the Black community, it’s an initiative whose time has come.

Komen can seize this opportunity and lead the way with excellence as the antidote to Planned Parenthood’s mediocrity.

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Word today from LifeNews.com that the NAACP is opposed to the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011, which criminalizes abortion on the grounds of race or sex.


With Planned Parenthood operating 78% of their “clinics” in inner-city neighborhoods, and African Americans constituting 12% of the nation but having 37% of the abortions, this is not only racial suicide, but fratricide as well. When the NAACP objects to a bill that would not only outlaw sex-selective abortions, but race-based abortions as well, that’s fratricide. One may only speculate as to why.

Perhaps the NAACP believes that culling the excess of unplanned pregnancies among their daughters is the answer to poverty. That’s genuinely understandable (so long as one sets aside the ten commandments, human instinct, and human decency), and as with most evil and mental confusion, it does have its own internal logic. Vacuuming African American wombs frees girls to pursue their education and vocational advancement.

The problem with the argument is that by any measure, 19 million dead African Americans later, African American neighborhoods are more violent, more economically blighted, more beset by illiteracy, unemployment, incarcerations, drug and alcohol addictions, violent crimes and murder than at any time before. It says something when Juan Williams, a liberal black journalist at NPR, authors a book entitled:

Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America–and What We Can Do About It.

The book is a must-read. The problem for Williams, Bill Cosby, and any other black man or woman who dares to cross the NAACP is that they are accused of being sell-outs to whites. It seems that black folk are the only demographic not entitled to a plurality of opinions, political philosophy, and political affiliations. That’s self-imposed by the NAACP membership. It’s a philosophy and leadership that the subtitle to Williams’ book accurately describes.

The Bill in question will make it illegal to target babies for abortion based on gender or race, and admittedly raises a problem for Planned Parenthood. Under the Bill, abortionists can be imprisoned for not determining if the race or gender of the baby was a determinative factor in aborting.

In practical terms, it’s doubtful that at the individual level this would affect many African American abortions, as the mothers aren’t aborting because of their child’s race. It does, however, have implications at the macro-level when an organization such as Planned Parenthood operates 78% of their centers in inner-city neighborhoods.

That said, why would any civil rights organization (and there are 45 others opposed to this Bill, including the National Council of Jewish Women) object to the Bill’s language or intent? Supposedly, the opposition is to the names of the two great leaders on the Bill, and therein resides a hornets nest of gender and racial politics, of political correctness. So, let’s lance the boil.

The towering abolitionists of history do not belong exclusively to those groups whose oppression they fought, and whose rights they championed. They belong to all human beings of good will, of decency and honor. They belong to all of us precisely because they spoke to the universal human nature and human dignity, both of which were denied in the oppression of women and blacks. We have every right to lay claim to their names and legacies, regardless of our race or gender. To suggest otherwise is to suggest that women and blacks are a class apart from the rest of humanity. It is to suggest that Douglas and Anthony fought for something other than equality.

The truth of the matter is that Douglas and Anthony belong to all of us, including those of us who fight in the modern abolitionist movement. How women and blacks could oppose this Bill is galling. They better than anyone know the sting of a stigmatized history, and the acrid taste of its toxic residue. Females are being targeted for death, and the resultant gender imbalances in countries like China and India are fueling a booming sex slavery industry to satisfy the tens of millions of men with no prospects for marriage. But that doesn’t seem to move the elitist radicals who are also committed to population reduction, seemingly at any cost.

That the NAACP could be moved to outrage by the 3,446 black lynchings since the 1800’s, recorded by the Tuskegee Institute, and be so obtuse to the butchering of almost 20 million blacks since 1973 simply beggars the imagination.

During the Civil War, General McClellan wouldn’t take the Grand Army of the Potomac out to fight. An exasperated President Lincoln, relieving McClellan of command wrote to him:

“My dear McClellan: If you don’t want to use the Army I should like to borrow it for a while.”

The failure to lead, as McClellan learned, is ultimately a self-abdication of the leadership position.

NAACP’s opposition to a common-decency Bill such as this indicates that they have broken ranks with the core principles of the giants for whom it is named. Since they have broken faith with the honor those names have come to personify, we shall carry on the names of Douglas and Anthony, and their legacies of championing equal human rights for all persons.

That starts with the right to live one’s entire life unmolested by predatory members of the species.

One would think that women and blacks would retain some collective memory where that is concerned. If not, the abortion stats for blacks are pointing toward endgame.

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Today is a big day in the pro-life community, and I invite all here at Coming Home to make it a day marked by prayers of rejoicing, intercession, and atonement. That’s a tall order for one day.

My day is beginning at Kermit Gosnell’s clinic in Philadelphia at the National Day of Mourning, hosted by the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. It is one of dozens of such gatherings happening all across America today, the last day of Black History Month. I’ve been asked to speak for a few moments in remembrance of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, whose Funeral Mass is being offered at 10 AM at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. It is an interesting confluence of events on a very important day.

I’m humbled and honored to be able to stand in solidarity with the National Leadership today, and to speak words of prayerful tribute to a man whose conversion was as earth-shattering as that of Saint Paul the Apostle’s.

Later tonight, I shall address a large gathering on Long Island, New York, where I’ll address the issue of Abortion, Genocide, and Future Directions in the Pro-Life Movement. So, I’m off to a busy day, and will blog later or tomorrow.

For now, I invite all here to join in prayers of thanksgiving and intercession for Dr. Nathanson, who died sealed with the Sacraments and the assurance of God’s forgiveness. He spent the last half of his adulthood atoning for the great sin he helped unleash. When he was baptized, he remarked that he carries an enormous burden with him into the next life. Let’s pray that God has assuaged him of that burden, and that today, Dr. Nathanson intercedes for us before the Throne of God.

We also remember two men caught in the grip of the Evil One, Dr. Kermit Gosnell and Theodore Shulman. They are not beyond God’s loving care, and we pray in earnest for their conversion of heart and liberation from the oppressive torment that has wracked their lives.

So, here is a hymn–a prayer that epitomizes Dr. Nathanson’s newness in Jesus, my prayer for all of us in the pro-life movement, and one that I pray will fall from the lips of Gosnell and Shulman some day.

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Is black genocide real or propaganda? I get asked that question a great deal.

I don’t answer that question anymore until the questioner has watched Maafa 21. This stunner of a documentary tells a horrifying story in eye-popping detail and clarity. It’s one of the most academically rigorous documentaries that I’ve ever seen. The movie is available for purchase, and also available in several parts on YouTube.

As Black History Month winds down, we’ll talk more here at Coming Home about this national tragedy. For now, here’s the trailer:

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It’s been quite a week here in NYC. We had a great pro-life billboard, calling attention to the fact that 60% of African American pregnancies end in abortion, come down 24 hours after it went up. Thanks to some great thuggery by our proabort lobby, waitresses were reportedly abused in the building hosting the three-story banner simply because…

…they were waitresses working in the same building hosting the banner.

But the fun has only started for the merchants of death in fair Gotham. This coming Wednesday, the City Council is poised to pass a law that will hobble our pregnancy resource centers. So for our modern-day Margaret Sangers (Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Councilwoman Jessica Lappin) it’s a heady week. Evidently 60% of black pregnancies ending in abortion is an acceptable number for them.

Less intellectually and morally bankrupt individuals might look at those numbers and look for ways to lower them by doing things like the PRC’s do. But not our little darlings on the Women’s Issues Committee. They simply cannot permit themselves to join forces with those in the pro-life community and work toward commonsense solutions for a community beset by destructive forces that beggar the imagination.

The word is on the street now about the numbers. It will only continue to make the rounds and continue to permeate the consciences of all New Yorkers. Eventually, the rising tide of blood will drown the pathetic arguments of Quinn and company. It will become harder and harder for Quinn to explain her actions, actions made with the full knowledge of the numbers.

In politics, comedy has a way of becoming tragedy for the careers of those given to such base behavior. New Yorkers have great good sense and have a long history of sending scoundrels packing when they enter the ballot booth. That’s the beauty of our tradition of peaceful transition of power. We vote the bums out.

Better days are coming for our most disenfranchised citizens. As soon as New Yorkers have had the time to marinate in the truth, they’ll elect servants with the wisdom and decency to do what is right and just, and not what is most expedient.

Truth and Goodness will have the last laugh.

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The Billboard erected on Wednesday by Life Always, telling the message that the most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb, was taken down the very next day.

Gone in a New York Minute.

Al Sharpton crawled out of his sewer to provide the appropriate faux outrage. The company that erected the billboard claimed as their rationale for removing the sign that restaurant employees in the building hosting the sign were being harassed, and that they were concerned that violence might ensue.

That’s right. The people who proclaim CHOICE will harass waitresses just trying to scrape out a living, and threaten violence unless theirs is the only voice heard. These are the same people who are going to pass a bill on Wednesday of next week which will effectively shut down crisis pregnancy centers in New York City.

Abortion MUST be the ONLY act in town.

Obviously, the proabort crowd in NYC does not think that 60% of all African American pregnancies ending in abortion is too many. Their revulsion and disgust were saved for those who tried to bring this atrocity to light, So it begs the questions:

If 60% of all African Americans who come into existence never make it out of their mother’s wombs, what was so untruthful or offensive about that billboard?

If 60% doesn’t make the bile rise in the back of their throats, then 60% is an acceptable number to them, no?

Since 60% is not an objectionable number, what is?

70% ?
80% ?
90% ?
95% ?

So, at least we now have Council Speaker Christine Quinn on record as not objecting to such appalling numbers. The same for Public Advocate Bill De Blasio, and Al Sharpton.

These are not liberals. Liberalism has always looked at poverty and tried to ameliorate it. It has tried to do all that it could to keep families intact, to lift them up when poverty threatened them with death and dissolution. As a young man, I was proudly liberal, because liberalism was taken up with the corporal works of mercy. Many liberals back then detested abortion, and regarded it as extremist and monstrous.

Times have changed.

Today, liberalism sees death as the sole solution to life’s vexing problems. If killing 60% of African Americans in the womb were the necessary pre-condition for young women to advance economically, unencumbered by a child, then Harlem and East New York ought to resemble Scarsdale and Beverly Hills. Black neighborhoods ought to be awash with college degrees and economic prosperity.

In truth, they are more desperate and dismal than at any time before legalized abortion.

In Brooklyn, NY, we call that a clue.

Bitches and Ho’s are how young black women have been celebrated in rap music for decades.

That, too, is a clue.

When we remove responsibility for the consequences of sexual behavior, the body becomes nothing more than a plaything. When Planned Parenthood operates 78% of their operation in inner-city neighborhoods and facilitates this understanding of the body, the predictable disaster of a 60% abortion rate necessarily follows.

This is big business, and the abortion industry has its hands firmly on the levers of power here in New York. Tragically, most of our leaders have so completely sold out that 60% of black pregnancies ending in abortion is to them, like water rolling off a duck’s back.

It was a great effort, Life Always. The targeting of your billboard by the abortion industry mirrors the targeting of the very black babies on whose blood they feed, and whom you are trying to save.

The babies, the billboard, all gone in a New York Minute.

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A new billboard, three stories high, has gone up in New York and has the proaborts sputtering. The billboard tells the simple truth:

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the Womb.”

Evidently Planned Parenthood, which operates 78% of their abortion centers in inner-city neighborhoods is having a reaction akin to a vampire caught in the open at dawn. They are accusing Billboard sponsor, Life Always, of playing the race card:

“These billboards are offensive and disturbing. The creators are using divisive messaging around race to restrict access to medical care.”

New York Public Advocate Bill De Blasio is in danger of having a cerebral vascular accident, demanding that the billboard be taken down:

“This billboard simply doesn’t belong in our city. The ad violates the values of New Yorkers and is grossly offensive to women and communities of color.”

Actually, Mr. De Blasio, with 60% of Black pregnancies having ended in abortion in our fair city during 2009, the consciences of decent New Yorkers have been shocked, and people want to know why 1,500 black babies are aborted for every 1,000 born alive. How then, can this billboard be representative of anything but the genocidal truth? This ad does not violate the values of New Yorkers. We like our free speech, and we like it when racism and genocide are uncovered in our midst, and then eradicated.

“Grossly Offensive” describes a Public Advocate who doesn’t think that a 60% abortion rate in blacks deserves some advocacy in order to get a reduction.

Get the rest here.

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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by volcanos and volcanic eruptions. The science of Volcanology tells us a great deal about predicting an eruption, and the different types of eruptions.

Some are like Mount St. Helen where the buildup of pressure is so severe that it blows the side off of the mountain in one cataclysmic bang. Other volcanos simply ooze molten lava from their fissures and caldera in rivers that travel far and wide, spreading out and creating an entirely new landscape by burning away all in its path and becoming the foundational rock for an entirely new ecosystem.

The eruptions are preceded by increasing tremors, small earthquakes that herald the arrival of the searing newness from within the earth. Those tremors are a warning to all in the vicinity that impending newness cannot be stopped, and will clear away the most recalcitrant inhabitants who do not respect the power below their feet that is rising up to meet them.

So it has been in New York City these past months with the Pastors from a broad spectrum of Christian churches, most especially those in communities of color. The government’s data on abortion have gone out and shocked the consciences of even ardent proaborts. 89% of all abortions in New York City are had by minority community members. Only 11% are had by whites. And now the slumbering giant of the inner city has been awakened.

It began in early January with a rally in northern Manhattan, near Harlem. At that rally, I gave the numbers to a heartsick packed church. 4.3 million abortions in NYC since 1970, with close to 3.3 million being black and hispanics. In 2008, there were 512 abortions per 1000 live births for whites, while there were 1,260 abortions per 1000 live births for blacks.

One year later, the numbers for whites remain essentially the same, but the percentage of black pregnancies ending in abortion rose to 60%, or 1,500 abortions per 1,000 live births. And so the tremors began.

Since then, pastors have been meeting and discussing the impending NYC Council Bill 371, which will silence pregnancy centers. They have been discussing it in terms of the numbers in NYC. The tremors have gotten a liitle bit stronger.

Then Lila Rose released her explosive videos last week of their latest sting, and the pastors began to question why this organization, Planned Parenthood, operates 78% of their business in their neighborhoods. They have begun to question that 78% in light of the fact that 79% of all abortions in NYC are black hispanic. And they were disgusted at the aiding and abetting of child sex trafficking. And so the rumbles grew louder.

Then, the other sponsor of Bill 371, NARAL NY president Kelli Conlin has been targeted for a probe into massive financial misdeeds. God is moving in a mighty way, and now the earth trembles further.

The House voted decisively to cut Planned Parenthood’s funding in the wake of the latest in a long train of scandals, and fissures opened in the landscape.

Today, an ecumenical gathering of five priests, approximately 30 pastors, chaplains, and two protestant bishops took place. Again, I provided the numbers and discussed the science. The age-old divisions between Evangelical, Baptist, Pentecostal and Catholic have crumbled as we are uniting in our common humanity, as sons and daughters of God. Thanks to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the proabort politicians, we see the ancient divisions as luxuries we can no longer afford. Praise God. Next week, there will be dozens more pastors gathering to unite in a new pro-life coalition of clergy from across the spectrum of Christianity, as well as Judaism.

Today the lava started flowing, and the magma chamber of righteous indignation at the decimation of communities of color, at the wholesale slaughter of the unborn cannot be stopped. It has begun to flow, not with a cataclysmic bang, but with a steady, consuming, incremental creep across the landscape. It will consume this abortion industry as the purifying and sanctifying fire of the Holy Spirit of God continues to renew the face of our land. And this righteous indignation at the slaughter of innocents will harden, as all lava hardens. When it does, it will become the new bedrock, as all lava flows do, upon which an entirely new ecosystem will form. A just and righteous people forming a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love.

Those politicians and parties who refuse to change will simply be voted into political oblivion, such is the power that has risen up to meet them.

When Evangelical, Pentecostal, Baptist, and Catholic clergy all unite in love and fellowship, in solidarity and mutual admiration, it’s a sign as sure as the plume of smoke rising above the mountain:

It’s all over for the proabort left. Change or make alternative career plans. The Father has united His children in opposition to you, and the mountainous divisions that have been overcome should be a sign to you of the magnitude of both opposition and unity you now face.

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They aren’t very literate.
They don’t grasp science.
They’re impulsive and self-centered.
They’re un-churched, un-Christian.
They’re intellectually lazy.
They’re trouble-makers.
Life to them is cheap.
They’re sex-driven.
They’re slow to learn.
They’re greedy.
They don’t fit in with polite society.
They can’t function in Christian Civilization.
They’re Savages.

No, I’m not speaking in the voice of an Antebellum Plantation Owner regarding his slaves, though I could understand how one could be led to believe it, so entrenched is this list of stereotypes. I’m actually describing the proabort left who are waging a genocidal war against African Americans, and the time has come to end this selective targeting of blacks by Planned Parenthood, who operate 78% of their “clinics” in the inner city, where blacks comprise 12% of the U.S. population.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Isn’t it perverse that the shopworn stereotypes of blacks are actually quite descriptive of those who hate them to the point of enslaving and killing them? In psychology it’s called ‘projection’.

Of course today one doesn’t hear the leaders on the left speak these words about blacks, at least not publicly.

VP Joe Biden

Unless of course it’s our Democrat Vice President Joe Biden speaking of Barak Obama when they were both U.S. Senators:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

The FIRST??? Really Joe???

It says quite a bit about the man making the statement.

These are evil people, with an evil agenda, and the time has come for them to be exposed for just who and what they are. They are unfit to govern, and until they address all of their shortcomings as human beings, as outlined in their stereotypical bill of indictment above, will remain unfit for public service.

NYC Council Speaker Quinn

Blacks need to wake up to the genocide happening right under their noses, and to the reality of the modern Democrat Party and the fact that abortion is the central organizing principle of their party. Whites need to come to grips with the new manifestation of racism, one so much deadlier than any other, that it makes the days of the Klan seem quaint by comparison.

In New York City in 2009, 60% of black pregnancies ended in abortion.


Numbers that staggering are everyone’s problem.

More to come here at Coming Home during Black History Month.

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