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In November, 2010 Coming Home began an award, the Golden Coconut, an award for the coconut pro-abortion apologists who spout the most anti-scientific nonsense in the headlong pursuit of butchering babies.

This award, the first of 2011 goes to a rabid proabort on Jill Stanek’s blog who goes by the moniker “CC”. She used to go by the moniker, “Artemis”, pagan goddess of childbirth, until realizing the absurdity of her moniker in light of her having self-aborted using a turkey baster some forty years ago.

CC continues to rebuff all invitations to contact Jill’s moderator, Carla, who works in post-abortion healing ministry. CC spends thousands of hours arguing for the wholesale slaughter of innocents, and on a thread tonight had this exchange with me:

Dr. Nadal:

“The only rights people ever fight for with such tenacity are always the rights that involve disenfranchising, enslaving, or killing other human beings”

And CC’s award-winning reply:

The right that we fight for is bodily autonomy. Our bodies, our rights. We are not brood sows much as you would like us to be. We reproduce if and when we want and that is such a threat to your patriarchal religious system. So doom us to hell as you do but until Roe is reversed abortion is still the law of the land. We will not be enslaved by your theology. We are not your submissive handmaidens. And BTW, your hell is your belief – not ours.

My reply:


Brood sow is exactly the identity YOU have adopted for yourself by electing to kill your child, and then glory in it.. It’s called mutilation, which is okay, ethically speaking, for barnyard animals. It isn’t okay for humans.

Brood sow. Think of that every time you look in a mirror. That’s what you have treated yourself as. That’s the source of fetal pigs for labs. You said it better than I ever could have.

You’ve traded your great human maternal dignity for that of a brood sow. And you have wallowed as such ever since. That you defend the right to treat yourself as a brood sow is the most tragic of all self-delusions.

It’s a form of self-hatred.

Human life is a gift for the mother, and an inalienable right for the child. That’s the great difference between human pregnancies and those of brood sows.

Conversely, I think that all of this cogitating on your behavior is starting to conjure the appropriate imagery for you.

Call Carla.

As stated, CC remains recalcitrant, basking in the 40-year afterglow of her self-abortion. She seeks to derail threads with absurdities and nonsequiturs. She has labored long and hard. Through her labors, she has actually brought us to the perfect description of how the abortion industry actually views women, and she has done so in the twisted manner by which evil operates:

By accusing us of that for which they are guilty.

The Golden Coconut comes with a great deal of prayer and fasting for the recipient’s conversion.


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Golden Coconut Award

In November, Coming Home began a monthly award, the Golden Coconut, an award for the coconut pro-abortion apologists who spout the most anti-scientific nonsense in the headlong pursuit of butchering babies.

There has been one individual within the Catholic Church who is deserving of the December AND the Year-End Award, and that is Sister Carol Keehan, a member of the Daughters of Charity.

Sr. Keehan has had herself a banner year. She gave political cover to politicians on voting for Obamacare, rode to the defense of another sterling woman religious, Sister McBride, who has been presiding over a hospital that aborts babies in the case of rape, incest and the “mental health” of the mother (which means anything that might be on the stress scale at all). Keehan also defends McBride’s governance which includes sterilizations of men and women, and the prescribing of all manner of contraceptives, many of which are abortifacients.

In statements defending Catholic Healthcare West, of which St. Joseph’s in Phoenix is a member, Keehan stated:

“They carefully evaluated the patient’s situation and correctly applied the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services to it, saving the only life that was possible to save,” and that CHW and St. Joseph’s were “well-known” for a “long and stellar history in the protection of life at all stages.”

This in direct opposition to Ob/Gyn’s on the ethics board in Phoenix, and a Bishop with a doctorate in Canon Law.

The National Catholic Reporter has named Sr. Carol Keehan as their very first “Person of the Year”. A serious award from a publication that has long been the broadsheet for the shadow magisterium in America.

First Ever Award!

FB friend, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf writes:

National Catholic Reporter has named Sr. Carol Keehan as their very first “Person of the Year”.

Even though she was head of the Catholic Health Association, a political lobby group, before 2009 Sr. Keehan was relatively unimportant.

Then Sr. Keehan, as an exponent of the Magisterium of Nuns facing off against the Catholic Bishops, gave cover to “catholic” pro-abortion politicians to vote in favor of legislation that would ultimately provide taxpayer money for abortions.

But this honor NCR is giving to Sr. Keehan isn’t really about her opposing bishops or bishops’ conferences.

This isn’t really about nuns being persecuted by a Vatican investigation.

This isn’t really about the conflict between women and bishops or women’s roles.
This certainly isn’t about compassion for the poor, or health care.

Sr. Keehan’s award is about abortion, and bringing the abortion business into “catholic” hospitals.

NCR is offering Sr. Carol Keehan as the acceptable Catholic face, the poster person, for compassionate access to abortion for poor women.

NCR honors Sr. Keehan because this year she did more than anyone else to change the perception that Catholics must oppose abortion.

Quite a legacy.

Quite a legacy indeed. For her efforts, Coming Home joins the National Catholic Distorter in recognizing Sr. Keehan’s life’s work. For her untiring defense of those who strike at the child of the womb, for her consistency in striking at the Bishops and undercutting their authority, for misrepresenting public policy and Canon Law, for leading souls astray via her shadow magisterium, it is the responsibility of Coming Home to award her the highest distinction it can bestow on a leader in the Culture of Death,

The Golden Coconut Award.

The great solace for the Church and the Culture of Life is that orders such as Keehan’s will cease to exist in another fifteen years, as most of their members will have died off, and the remaining will be very old and in retirement and nursing homes. Young, vibrant and faithful communities are springing up in their place and renewing the Church landscape.

Rebellion and death are hardly the stuff of vocations posters. Young women with a love of the Lord don’t want to sign on to community life with a bunch of angry old women. Keehan and her ilk are living anachronisms. Their rebellion, their pro-abortion advocacy is part of a feminist rage at perceived inequity because of a male-only priesthood. It is a quid pro quo with the lives of babies, and the spiritual and psychological welfare of the mothers whom they lead astray.

They are angry women, whose sin of anger leads them into a scorched earth campaign.

Along with her Golden Coconut comes sincere prayers for her conversion of heart and reconciliation with the Bishops whom she has repeatedly struck with wicked claw.

My thanks to pro-life friend and activist Tina Mahar for bringing the NCR award to my attention.

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Golden Coconut Award

I’ve decided to have a little fun and create an award for the coconut pro-abortion apologists who spout the most anti-scientific nonsense in the headlong pursuit of butchering babies. Welcome the Golden Coconut to Coming Home. This is a serious monthly award. Please email your candidates for the end-of -the-month award to be given on the last day of each month. It’s a neat little way of doing pro-life apologetics.

While on the net today I came across this little diatribe from a commenter named Anne over at ProWomanProLife:

Making abortion illegal causes astronomical increase in crime, so says silly things like data and facts. Glad you want more crime. Glad you want more kids living the shitty lives unwanted kids live. Glad you care more about your “scruples” than how much pain your scruples cause your society. That’s awesome…or pathological narcissism.

A quick search on Google revealed (not surprisingly), that Anne has it backward. Using Anne’s hypothesis, one would expect a higher crime rate for property and violent crimes in the years leading to Roe v. Wade, and then a gradual descent over time.

The data from the Bureau of Justice speak differently.

US Violent Crime Rate

US Property Crime Rate

In 1960, the crime rate was at its lowest. As the sexual revolution took off (narcissism), and demand for abortion increased (murderous narcissism), so did the crime rate. So it increased for 13 years prior to Roe and went higher as the abortion rates soared. An examination of these graphs indicates that as abortion rates dropped, beginning in the early 90’s, so did the crime rates.

Oops! Sorry Anne, but your argument fails the test of both causality and correlation. The data show a definite correlation in the opposite direction. You get an F on this piece of rhetoric and composition. But it does merit you a Golden Coconut!

2 R.K. Jones et al., "Abortion in the United States: Incidence and Access to Services, 2005," Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 40 (2008):6-16 (http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/journals/4000608.pdf; visited March 19, 2009).

So, for her exemplary work in demonstrating the pro-abort tactic of inverting the data in advancing their murderous agenda, Anne is the inaugural recipient of the Coming Home Golden Coconut Award!!

Congratulations Anne, and get well soon.

Don’t forget to send in your nominees!!!

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