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The 2010 Census data have been released on State growth between 2000-2010. The data report Population Change, Population Density, and Apportionment of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Census reports that New York State grew by an extremely modest 2.1% over the past ten years, from 18,976,457 to 19,378,102, a gain of only 401,645 citizens.

A review of New York State’s Vital Statistics from 2000-2009 shows that we have aborted 1,206,652** babies statewide. That number is three times greater than the number of citizens by which the state population grew.

{** The 2009 data are not yet available, so the lowest annual number of abortions, that of 2005, was used to give the most conservative number.}

See the NY State data here in data tables showing totals by race/ethnicity

2009**Not Yet available. 2005 data used as lowest, most conservative number in this 10-year period.

These numbers do not indicate that the abortion rate is three times the birth rate. What they do indicate is that our net gain of citizens after all is said and done (birth, death, migration) is 1/4 of what it would have been had we not slaughtered 1,206,652 of our citizens in their mother’s wombs. It should be noted that 909,938 of these slaughtered innocents lost their lives in New York City.

During the past ten years in New York City, over 725,000 (79%) of these tiny victims were black and Hispanic.

To get a sense of perspective, since 9/11 New York City has killed through abortion approximately 330 times the 2,752 citizens who died in the Towers that day.

So what does this do to New York State regarding apportionment?

We have lost two seats in the House of Representatives for the next ten years. We are tied with Ohio in the most losses of seats in the House. We’ve lost much needed workers who will not be there to support the Baby Boom generation on their social security and medicare/medicaid.

The numbers don’t lie. Our net gain of citizens is 1/4 of what it would have been without this barbarity that grips my city and state by the throat, choking its life and love, its humanity and compassion.

It is an orgy of death, some 330 babies killed every day in the Empire State.

It is our great shame.

It must end.

We’re dying.


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