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LifeNews reports:

“With time running out, Anchorage Archbishop Roger Schwietz has called all Catholics to actively rally behind a ballot initiative that would require abortion practitioners to obtain permission from — or at least inform — parents before performing abortions on minor girls in Alaska.” The rest of the article here.

More detailed information may be had at Alaskans for Parental Rights. Yet again, it is the mendacity of the courts that has done this. The urgency lies in the fact that there is a January 15 deadline to get the requisite number of petitions for a ballot initiative. All pro-lifers need to disseminate this information quickly. If anyone knows someone living in Alaska, today is the day to pick up the phone and ask them, pointedly if necessary, to go to one of the sites listed at Alaskans for Parental Rights to sign this petition.

Our daughters and sons deserve better than this predation by the abortion lobby. In their fear, confusion, and shame, teens will run from their parents into secrecy at precisely the moment they need our guidance most. While it is certain that many parents will advocate abortion, many will not. Even for those bringing their daughters in for abortion, at least the child will have the benefit of parental monitoring post-op, and medical follow-up care.

Again, abortion perverts everything it touches. Not before or since legalized abortion would the medical community allow itself to perform a surgical procedure on a pediatric patient without parental or legal guardian consent. It’s simply unthinkable. Yet it happens daily with abortion.

No doubt the old rationalization of protecting victims of incest will be trotted out to defend this barbarity. While there is merit in that argument, there is disgrace in seeing it through. Victims of incest need to be removed from harm’s way. Performing a surgical procedure and sending the child back to the abusive home, without notifying Child Protective Services, is to become an active participant in the incest through protecting the perpetrator with silence, and by ameliorating the evidence of his crime. It’s called conspiracy.

So much for the abortion lobby’s concern for the welfare of the child.

This isn’t just Alaska’s fight. These are everyone’s daughters. Let’s do what we can to reverse the court’s decision, including our prayers.

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