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Something I’ve kept hidden on the blog this past year.

News yesterday from Troy Newman of Operation Rescue and Jill Stanek that Theodore Shulman,49, who has sent many of us death threats over the past few years, has been arrested by the FBI and is being held without bond at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility. Listen to the link at Troy Newman to hear a telephone death threat. Jill has much of the backstory at her blog.

Shulman has made repeated threats against such individuals as Bryan Kemper, Jill Stanek, Troy Newman, Fr. Frank Pavone, Lila Rose, Ken Scott, Cheryl Sullenger, Robert George, myself and many others. I’ll dwell on this for a moment here before moving on. As Jill details at her blog:

Shulman’s history is telling. His mother is Alix Kates Shulman, a pro-abort feminist who achieved some level of fame in the 1960s and 70s, during Shulman’s formative years, since he was born in 1961. Here’s Alix’s website. She is most well known for writing the feminist novel, Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen.

Alix has spoken of aborting 4 of Shulman’s siblings, “and not one was the result of carelessness.” Theodore has commented on these abortions, saying 2 came before him and 2 after. Shulman has one living sister, Polly, born in 1963.

This isn’t quite over, but at least Shulman is incarcerated.

True, it isn’t quite over. I first encountered Shulman’s wrath on January 25, 2010, when Coming Home was only a month old. Shulman, who claims to be a scientist (molecular biologist, like myself) has a website Operation Counterstrike. Shulman seems to have been deeply affected by the murder of Dr. George Tiller, with that event fueling his rampage. Here is the banner from his website

My writing on the abortion/breast cancer link seems to have angered Shulman who sent me the following two messages a few hours apart as comments on the blog:

2010/01/25 at 6:02 PM
God is sending a revenge-angel to kill Gerard Nadal. Soon. Count on it!


2010/01/25 at 8:36 PM

on May 30, this sinister message appeared:

2010/05/30 at 9:21 PM
Will there be PAYBACK for Dr. Tiller?
Will there be COUNTERTERROR against right-to-lifers?
WHO should the TARGETS be?
WHERE do they LIVE?

Coming from a guy who lives here in NYC, he was more than a little too close to home. I spoke with Regina about it all, about our family’s safety and various courses of action. She pointedly admonished that I not back down and trust in God’s protection and providence, for myself and for the family.

If his intent was terror, Shulman succeeded. I’d like to say that I didn’t let it bother me. It did. It angered me in ways I’ve never experienced anger before; but that subsided with time and prayers for this deranged man. I also received the least of Shulman’s wrath. He has written of Jill Stanek being shot in the face, and similar writings about Father Frank Pavone. Others have had telephone death threats. Click here to listen to an audio death threat at Troy Newman’s blog.

Jill, Robbie George, Troy, and others were very supportive, as was the Joint Terrorism Task Force (FBI & NYPD), as well as Jill’s staff. All have my gratitude and respect.

I ask that all pray for Theodore Shulman, as I have over the past year. Jesus didn’t suggest that. He commands it! Doing so keeps us from hating in return. I’ll be organizing a Divine Mercy Novena for Shulman soon. I thought that I would be happy when this day came, but truth be told, I feel no jubilation. I feel relief, for all who’ve been the targets of this profoundly disturbed man, and I feel an overwhelming sadness for him as he sits in federal jail. I cannot imagine what his life must have been like growing up with his mother (read the links for the horror story).

I hope and pray that in jail Ted Shulman gets the help he so desperately needs, and that the Holy Spirit raids his heart, as He did Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Pray for this man, please. And pray for the law enforcement personnel who risk their lives daily in chasing down terrorists, foreign and domestic, so that we all might live our lives in peace.


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