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Black Bart writes in the Washington Post his rationale.

Let’s focus on Black Bart’s statement here:

“Throughout history, executive orders have carried the full force and effect of law and have served as an important means of implementing public policy. Perhaps the most famous executive order was the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. More recently, in 2007, President George W. Bush signed Executive Order 13435, restricting embryonic stem-cell research. This executive order protected the sanctity of life and was “applauded” and “welcomed” by pro-life advocates. That these same people would now claim that President Obama’s executive order maintaining the sanctity of life is not worth the paper it is written on is disingenuous at best.”

This is representative of the theme running through his article. Black Bart isn’t trying to deceive us so much as he is trying to deceive himself. The two executive orders quoted differ from the one he sought, and gained, in that they did not attempt to nullify existing law-a process Constitutionally reserved to the legislature and the courts.

In the case of the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln recognized that an executive order could NOT override the Constitution by freeing slaves in states of the Union, such as Maryland and Kentucky, as these were Constitutionally guaranteed rights. However, in his Constitutional capacity of Commander-in-Chief he reasoned that the Confederate States, having seceded, had no claim upon the U.S. Constitution, and therefore no rights. The EP only freed slaves of the Confederacy as a means of depriving the CSA of their labor base.

Therefore, Stupak gets it badly wrong on the EP as an executive order.

In the stem cell ban, President Bush was blazing new territory, and was ahead of the Congress on this issue. There was no Congressional law being abrogated, no Constitutional right being abrogated. Bush wasn’t addressing the legality of ESC research, but only what the Federal Government was willing to pay for.

Again, Stupak gets it badly wrong.

Black Bart voted in favor of Hillary Clinton’s initiative to broaden American-sponsored abortion in third world nations. He voted twice to block bills that would defund Planned Parenthood.

He came to this issue with blood all over his hands. He announced last November that he would vote for Obama’s bill with or without anti-abortion language. In so doing, he signaled Obama that there was no real principled opposition to the final vote. In our hearts, we were desperate for someone, ANYONE, to block this legislation, in part because of its sponsorship of abortion. We hoped and prayed that even one with blood on his hands would possibly come to his senses.

We were wrong.

We were wrong to vest so much faith in such a man (though not wrong to hope).

What did we learn? We learned that there is no such thing as a pro-life block in the Democrat Party worth courting or cultivating. They simply used our time and dissipated our energies. Raw power is all they know, or respect. They need to experience the raw power of the electorate come November.

The Republicans are only marginally better. However, they will in all likelihood be given another chance at power. If they blow it this time, they’ll be in the wilderness for a very long time.

Black Bart has betrayed us all, especially his Catholic roots. Worst of all, he betrayed himself.

I pray that this man lives a VERY long life, well into his nineties, to see and loathe the evil that he has helped to unleash, and which was his to stop. When he finally meets Jesus, I pray for him the mercy that he has denied for countless babies who will be slaughtered because of this man’s votes.

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The parallels between Bart Stupak’s conduct in this drama and that of Pontius Pilate are strikingly similar. The protestations of no fault in he intended victim. The faux reluctance to be manipulated into pronouncing a capital sentence on the innocent. The implicit threats of riotous discord and resultant loss of office.

The washing of the hands.

Giving in and assuaging one’s conscience by rationalizations of proportional goods in exchange for ‘lesser’ injustices. The belief that it’s really all for the best.

The coward’s collapse.

One didn’t become a Roman Governor by virtue of his humanitarian proclivities. They were brutal men who ruled through intimidation and fear. Similarly, one doesn’t rise through the ranks of the modern Democrat Party at the national level by voting in favor of the defenseless among us. These are brutal people with the blood of over fifty million citizens on their hands.

Just as with Pilate’s grotesque mockery of justice, Stupak gave us quite a show, didn’t he? An aberration? Not exactly. Stupak has a spotted voting record on the life issues. About 80% favorable. However, when he has voted pro-death, they have been monumental votes.

Twice Stupak voted against bills that would deny funding to Planned Parenthood, the single-largest chain of abortion providers in the nation.

Thus, he showed that he approved of federal dollars that support abortion.

He voted in favor of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act (Office for Global Women’s Issues), which established a global infrastructure for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to push forward a robust abortion agenda, tying U.S. foreign aid to the requirement that countries pass laws establishing ‘abortion rights’.

More Federal funding for abortion.

Then came tonight’s vote, justified by the tissue-thin lie that President Obama would craft an Executive Order prohibiting Federal funding of abortion, an executive order that all know to be completely without merit legally.

It was a good show. A Lenten Passion Play with the lives of our children.

These are indeed brutal people.

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