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Is black genocide real or propaganda? I get asked that question a great deal.

I don’t answer that question anymore until the questioner has watched Maafa 21. This stunner of a documentary tells a horrifying story in eye-popping detail and clarity. It’s one of the most academically rigorous documentaries that I’ve ever seen. The movie is available for purchase, and also available in several parts on YouTube.

As Black History Month winds down, we’ll talk more here at Coming Home about this national tragedy. For now, here’s the trailer:


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The Billboard erected on Wednesday by Life Always, telling the message that the most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb, was taken down the very next day.

Gone in a New York Minute.

Al Sharpton crawled out of his sewer to provide the appropriate faux outrage. The company that erected the billboard claimed as their rationale for removing the sign that restaurant employees in the building hosting the sign were being harassed, and that they were concerned that violence might ensue.

That’s right. The people who proclaim CHOICE will harass waitresses just trying to scrape out a living, and threaten violence unless theirs is the only voice heard. These are the same people who are going to pass a bill on Wednesday of next week which will effectively shut down crisis pregnancy centers in New York City.

Abortion MUST be the ONLY act in town.

Obviously, the proabort crowd in NYC does not think that 60% of all African American pregnancies ending in abortion is too many. Their revulsion and disgust were saved for those who tried to bring this atrocity to light, So it begs the questions:

If 60% of all African Americans who come into existence never make it out of their mother’s wombs, what was so untruthful or offensive about that billboard?

If 60% doesn’t make the bile rise in the back of their throats, then 60% is an acceptable number to them, no?

Since 60% is not an objectionable number, what is?

70% ?
80% ?
90% ?
95% ?

So, at least we now have Council Speaker Christine Quinn on record as not objecting to such appalling numbers. The same for Public Advocate Bill De Blasio, and Al Sharpton.

These are not liberals. Liberalism has always looked at poverty and tried to ameliorate it. It has tried to do all that it could to keep families intact, to lift them up when poverty threatened them with death and dissolution. As a young man, I was proudly liberal, because liberalism was taken up with the corporal works of mercy. Many liberals back then detested abortion, and regarded it as extremist and monstrous.

Times have changed.

Today, liberalism sees death as the sole solution to life’s vexing problems. If killing 60% of African Americans in the womb were the necessary pre-condition for young women to advance economically, unencumbered by a child, then Harlem and East New York ought to resemble Scarsdale and Beverly Hills. Black neighborhoods ought to be awash with college degrees and economic prosperity.

In truth, they are more desperate and dismal than at any time before legalized abortion.

In Brooklyn, NY, we call that a clue.

Bitches and Ho’s are how young black women have been celebrated in rap music for decades.

That, too, is a clue.

When we remove responsibility for the consequences of sexual behavior, the body becomes nothing more than a plaything. When Planned Parenthood operates 78% of their operation in inner-city neighborhoods and facilitates this understanding of the body, the predictable disaster of a 60% abortion rate necessarily follows.

This is big business, and the abortion industry has its hands firmly on the levers of power here in New York. Tragically, most of our leaders have so completely sold out that 60% of black pregnancies ending in abortion is to them, like water rolling off a duck’s back.

It was a great effort, Life Always. The targeting of your billboard by the abortion industry mirrors the targeting of the very black babies on whose blood they feed, and whom you are trying to save.

The babies, the billboard, all gone in a New York Minute.

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They aren’t very literate.
They don’t grasp science.
They’re impulsive and self-centered.
They’re un-churched, un-Christian.
They’re intellectually lazy.
They’re trouble-makers.
Life to them is cheap.
They’re sex-driven.
They’re slow to learn.
They’re greedy.
They don’t fit in with polite society.
They can’t function in Christian Civilization.
They’re Savages.

No, I’m not speaking in the voice of an Antebellum Plantation Owner regarding his slaves, though I could understand how one could be led to believe it, so entrenched is this list of stereotypes. I’m actually describing the proabort left who are waging a genocidal war against African Americans, and the time has come to end this selective targeting of blacks by Planned Parenthood, who operate 78% of their “clinics” in the inner city, where blacks comprise 12% of the U.S. population.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Isn’t it perverse that the shopworn stereotypes of blacks are actually quite descriptive of those who hate them to the point of enslaving and killing them? In psychology it’s called ‘projection’.

Of course today one doesn’t hear the leaders on the left speak these words about blacks, at least not publicly.

VP Joe Biden

Unless of course it’s our Democrat Vice President Joe Biden speaking of Barak Obama when they were both U.S. Senators:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

The FIRST??? Really Joe???

It says quite a bit about the man making the statement.

These are evil people, with an evil agenda, and the time has come for them to be exposed for just who and what they are. They are unfit to govern, and until they address all of their shortcomings as human beings, as outlined in their stereotypical bill of indictment above, will remain unfit for public service.

NYC Council Speaker Quinn

Blacks need to wake up to the genocide happening right under their noses, and to the reality of the modern Democrat Party and the fact that abortion is the central organizing principle of their party. Whites need to come to grips with the new manifestation of racism, one so much deadlier than any other, that it makes the days of the Klan seem quaint by comparison.

In New York City in 2009, 60% of black pregnancies ended in abortion.


Numbers that staggering are everyone’s problem.

More to come here at Coming Home during Black History Month.

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Front Row from Left: Rev. Arnold Culbreath, Rev. Stephen Broden, Rev. Clenard Childress, Chaplain Viviana Hernandez, Dr. Alveda King, Rev. Dr. La Verne Tolbert. Back Row, from Left: Rev. Catherine Davis, Rev. Walter Hoye, Dr. Gerard M. Nadal

My article from Tuesday’s Headline Bistro.

History was made in New York City on Monday night, a city that has aborted over 4.3 million babies since 1970, some 3.3 million of them black and Hispanic. Led by Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., members of the National Black Pro-life Leadership team came to New York from around the country to rouse this city and its pastors in a call to action.

The rally, hosted by Pastor Bill Devlin and his Manhattan Bible Church on W. 205 Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan, was instructive on many different levels. After opening in prayer with Pastor Michel Faulkner, the founding pastor of New Horizon Church, Harlem, the attendees were roused by a short talk delivered by Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition.

Then came my presentation of the statistics in New York City, which are shocking and appalling. The 2008 Vital Statistics data set reveals that blacks and Hispanics have a combined 79 percent of all abortions in New York City, a number that is remarkably consistent over the dozen or so years for which numbers by race and ethnicity have been recorded. NYC’s annual number of abortions has been hovering between 88,000 and 92,000 for years.

In numbers of abortions per 1,000 live births, whites had 512, Hispanics had 867, and blacks had 1,260.

Yes, 1,260 abortions for every 1,000 babies born alive in the African-American community. Yet as appalling as that number is, one year later in 2009, it would get even worse. In the 2009 data, just released last week, blacks aborted 59.8% of their pregnancies. That’s three abortions for every two live births, or 1,500 abortions per 1,000 live births. This in a community that represents 12.3 percent of the U.S. population.

Planned Parenthood operates 78 percent of its abortion “clinics” in the inner city. Seventy-nine percent of New York’s abortion victims are black and Hispanic, and so the leaders came to rouse their fellow pastors to action. These included:

Dr. Alveda King, Director of African-American Outreach, Priests for Life
Bishop Roderick Caesar, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle
Pastor Stephen Broden, of LEARN
Rev. Clenard Childress, or LEARN
Rev. Dr. La Verne Tolbert, Former NYC Planned Parenthood Board Member
Rev. Walter Hoye, of Personhood USA
Rev. Arnold Culbreath, of Life Issues Institute
Rev. Catherine Davis, Network of Politically Active Christians
Chaplain Viviana Hernandez, United Chaplains, State of New York
Fr. Richard Gill, Saint Barnabas Parish, Bronx

Speaking too were New York City Councilman Chris Halloran and Chris Slattery of Expectant Mother Care Pregnancy Centers.

In two and half hours we covered the statistics, the reality of black and Hispanic genocide occurring right under our noses, the pending bill in the New York City Council intended to cripple pregnancy resource centers, and the call to action in order to defeat this bill.

The night moved even beyond the immediacy of defeating the bill and began the work of building within the Protestant churches a vibrant and dynamic pro-life community. Bishop Roderick Caesar was chosen by acclaim and prayed over as the leader of this new community, with the pledge of the national black leaders to return, participate in conference calls and lend the support of their organizations. Those of us who spoke were asked by local pastors to come and speak to their congregations.

Truth has that effect on people. Once spoken with clarity and conviction, it is irrepressible. Welcome to the New Civil Rights movement. Dr. King admonished the audience of mostly blacks and Hispanics not to take away the wrong message, not to leave distrusting whites, but to take note of the solidarity of the blacks, Hispanics, and Caucasians gathered together to defeat this bill in the City Council – and to dismantle the abortion industry in this city.

There was yet another lesson that night. Back in early December, it occurred to me that the national leadership team was active, very active, but not in New York. It also became apparent that it would have to be the national team to come in and spark the fire within the black and Hispanic communities. So, I picked up the phone and called Dr. King. She and her team had been discussing the need to come to New York, and the phone call was their affirmation of prayer. The lesson was that humility yields abundant fruit. We’re not meant to go it alone, and as the Body of Christ, we are supposed to work in union and harmony.

Dr. King set that tone. Though she was invited to be the keynote speaker, she divided the time equally among her team and gave every one of them an equal share in her time. There were no superstars that night, only an all-star team of leaders from around the nation, each with their own ministry, each offering their assistance. This is the paradigm that will help to end abortion in this nation – that of cooperation between pro-lifers, the sharing of resources, and the commitment to see it through to the end. Together.

This week, history was made. The sleeping giant of the inner city was aroused from its slumber, and the abortion industry will be put to flight. There is no other choice, as African-Americans cannot sustain these genocidal numbers for another forty years.

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Pastor Clenard Childress is one of the national leaders in black pro-life movement, and features in the explosive documentary Maafa 21. Pastor Childress has a Sunday morning talk show on WBLI, a very large, liberal black radio station in the New York Tri-state region.

We discussed Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and their seven decade record of black genocide. We discussed all of this against the backdrop of the New York City Council’s declared war on pregnancy resource centers. To say the least, the interviews were unsparing. I’m posting the interviews in four parts.

Click Here For Part II

{Click here for Part I}

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Pastor Clenard Childress is one of the national leaders in black pro-life movement, and features in the explosive documentary Maafa 21. Pastor Childress has a Sunday morning talk show on WBLI, a very large, liberal black radio station in the New York Tri-state region.

We discussed Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and their seven decade record of black genocide. We discussed all of this against the backdrop of the New York City Council’s declared war on pregnancy resource centers. To say the least, the interviews were unsparing. I’ll post the interviews in four parts.

Click Here For Part I

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Their shapes are familiar to us. Four-sided stepped pyramids rising up out of the jungles and plains of the ancient Aztec Empire, the sites of blood sacrifice meant to appease the angry gods who were nothing more than an externalized expression of humanity’s worst fears and most primal impulses. These are the sites where the blood of innocents flowed freely in a ruinous cycle of anxiety, appeasement, and despair; where the insatiable maw of human weakness and the demonic was fed the lives of innocents, especially the virgins.

It was a society ripe for Christian evangelization. These people grasped the essence of blood sacrifice as atonement for sin. They no doubt rejoiced in the truth, that the one true God of the universe offered Himself as a final blood sacrifice for all of humanity’s sins. For the Aztecs, liberation from their blood-soaked past was indeed Good News. So it has been for their descendants for centuries.

Today, just north of the ancient Aztec Empire, a new stepped temple, six stories tall and offering 75,000 square feet of space is being completed in Houston Texas. It is a Planned Parenthood mega-abortion center, the largest in the world outside of China, strategically located at the point where four minority neighborhoods intersect. Three of these neighborhoods are 85% Hispanic and one is 80% Black American. Coincidence? Hardly. Close to 80% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in inner-city neighborhoods among the very people Margaret Sanger and her fellow travelers in the Eugenics movement targeted almost a century ago.

Indeed, African-Americans comprise almost 12% of the population, but have 37% of the abortions. This is not an accident. It is the result of a fracturing of Christian Civilization, and the resulting descent into a pre-Christian demonic madness.

The ancients could be forgiven a certain ignorance that came with scientific illiteracy regarding meteorology. Looking at their arid land, they knew well their fate if the skies withheld their life-giving waters. Ignorant of God, they fashioned gods who resembled the traits they found most socially desirable amongst themselves that they would inculcate into their children. They then ascribed those traits to animals and carved them into totem poles. When the ancients worshipped the totem poles, they were doing nothing more than worshipping and externalized version of their own collective socially desirable traits.

In essence, they were worshipping themselves.

Today totem worship is rampant in Western civilization. Materialism and radicalized autonomy are the greatest goods and the prime reasons cited by abortion proponents for sacrificing our young. Our materialism and radicalized autonomy have created an arid spiritual landscape in too many lives and communities, as such autonomy is the antithesis of faithful submission to the loving will of God.

Once again the demonic preys upon our fears and whispers to us its requirement to be worshipped with blood sacrifice, with a newly instituted priestly class doing the demonic’s bidding.

Our attempts to stanch the bloodshed through legislative efforts is a good, but ultimately lagging indicator of lived faith in society. Education in how abortion harms women physically, psychologically and spiritually; evangelization that restores people to their lost dignity, and the refocussing of priorities that follow are what is needed most. Just laws will necessarily ensue.

It was the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ that ended human sacrifice all over the world. Here in the best garden of the world we have seen that faith badly corroded and its appalling consequences.

It isn’t enough to be anti-abortion. We must quench the arid American soil with the healing, life-giving waters of Baptism in a new evangelization. Then, those fears which drive so many to consume their offspring as the price of peace will be swallowed up in faith that a loving Father will take care of all our needs.

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The data tell the story. These data from 2007 tell the ugly story about the leading cause of death in the African-American community. Still, there are those who swear there is no genocide occurring. Sanger would be pleased.

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Jill Stanek graciously and unselfishly introduced me to most of the Pro-Life Leadership in Washington DC this past week. One of those leaders is Dr. Johnny Hunter, D.D., National Director of LEARN (Life Education And Resource Network). Dr. Hunter’s organization has put together a breathtaking 2 hour documentary on the Eugenics movement entitled Maafa 21, Black Genocide in 21st Century America. This documentary is riveting in its highly historically accurate and well-documented telling of the ongoing genocide against Black Americans. It is relentless and unsparing .

Far from a radical racial polemic, this movie celebrates allies across the spectrum, and damns the conspirators, including large swaths of the African-American Leadership. The intellectual honesty here is exemplary. I’ve watched this three times already. Having purchased eight copies, I’m down to my last.

What follows is a trailer for the movie, and then a short video of Dr. Hunter.

This movie is a must-see by all pro-lifers and people of good will. It especially needs to make its way into the hands of Black Pastors everywhere. It may be purchased here.

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