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Pastor Clenard Childress is one of the national leaders in black pro-life movement, and features in the explosive documentary Maafa 21. Pastor Childress has a Sunday morning talk show on WBLI, a very large, liberal black radio station in the New York Tri-state region.

We discussed Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and their seven decade record of black genocide. We discussed all of this against the backdrop of the New York City Council’s declared war on pregnancy resource centers. To say the least, the interviews were unsparing. I’m posting the interviews in four parts.

Click Here For Part II

{Click here for Part I}


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It’s been a rather grueling month for us here as we continue the fight against Intro 0371-2010, the NYC bill that will protect child predators and muzzle the CPC’s and PRC’s in the Abortion Capital of America. So, as Christmas approaches, the blogging is going to focus on those aspects of the movement, the science, the technology, the liturgy that lead to a weary world rejoicing a week from today. I need it.

Before embarking on that course, please watch the trailer to Blood Money, newly released on DVD. It can be purchased for $19.95 by clicking here. We’ll do some in-depth discussion on it after Christmas. It’s time that all pro-lifers owned a copy and begin to hold small screenings, four or five people at a time, and have discussions and strategy sessions:

In our homes, churches, schools, and community organizations.

It’s time to starve Planned Parenthood into extinction, and that begins with being informed, being vigilant, and standing tall in our children’s lives.

We need to know.

They need to know.

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