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The Outrage of Choice

The pro-choicers are as frustrated at Mamma Tebow’s story breaking their tackle as these fellows in the photo would seem to be with her son. They are terrified that the ad appeals to…CHOICE! What if after seeing the ad Americans choose NOT to have abortions? What if greater numbers of Americans choose having babies? What if Roe is never overturned, but becomes anachronistic?

The fear among the pro-choicers is palpable. There is only one acceptable choice. It isn’t life. These evil people have overplayed their hand this time. People are asking what the problem is in Mrs. Tebow having chosen life?

The problem is that abortion and contraception for the young are not ends in themselves. They have been the means used by radical feminists to drive a wedge between men and women, to wreck the ‘oppressive’ institutions of marriage and motherhood, to corrode the very idea of covenantal love.

Men and fatherhood have come in for brutal broadsides from this gang. Imagine that a father has no say in the murder of his own child. Let that one really sink in for a moment. Abortion spits on fatherly love and the dignity of fatherhood by subjugating men to women’s whim enshrined as law. Was that the ‘equality’ so sought after by the feminists?

How effective has it all been? Listen to any advertisement where someone is the butt of a joke and almost always it is the male-dumb and clueless.

Look at sit-coms on TV. Who are the fools? Nearly universally, the fathers and the single men.

And then there is a 50% divorce rate. Far too many embittered mothers and fathers poison their sons and daughters.

The disintegration of the family, of society has been stunning. Fear is the reaction to a woman who celebrated the choice she made: Life!

Why? Against the backdrop of a crumbling civilization, why?


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