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What a day this has been. Chris Slattery and I met with a legislative director for a Councilwoman, and then with a Councilwoman from another district.

They don’t care. And they are horrifically ill-informed.

We were asked by both people what was so wrong with being made to advertise at the door and in the waiting room that we don’t do abortions, nor do we provide contraceptives. I asked if the legislation would require the abortionists to post all of the side effects on their doors, and if they would require posting whether women were killed at a particular center? Well… you know the reaction.

Then we needed to address the calumny that we were endangering a woman’s right to choose. My rejoinder was clear and simple:

We are the ones who guarantee choice by providing an alternative to abortion. Choice requires more than one option, or else it isn’t a choice. Without more than one option, choice collapses into compulsion and coercion. I explained that we offer women services that many don’t even realize exist.

Blank stares.

Chris was splendid in telling them just how successful EMC has been. 38,000 women, when presented with legitimate options have chosen life over the 25 years that EMC has been serving women in need.

The words got in there. Pray for a germination of those seeds.


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A friend calling to mind a departed scandal monger remarked, “He really wasn’t a bad man, he was just a slob”.

One would like to say the same of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn as she assaults E.M.C. Pregnancy Centers and the other crisis pregnancy centers in New York with proposed legislation that will,

“…compensate for ambiguities like unclear signage at the centers, the bill, set to be announced on Tuesday, would require, among other things, signs at the entrance and in the waiting rooms to inform women that the center does not provide abortions or contraceptives approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and that it does not provide referrals for those options, either. Signage would also need to make it clear if no licensed medical professional is on the staff.”

according to a New York Times article today.

Chris Slattery, president of E.M.C., is quoted in the Times as responding:

Chris Slattery

“They don’t do pro-life counseling,” Mr. Slattery said, referring to Planned Parenthood. “Why don’t we have on Planned Parenthood’s door ‘No pro-life counseling, only pro-abortion counseling’ — O.K.? Let’s just have a level playing field.”

Indeed, how about legislation that requires Planned Parenthood to show 4D sonograms of the baby to the mother prior to abortion. Why not make the penalty one year in prison and loss of medical license for three years as a first offense, three years in prison and five year loss of medical license as a second offense?

Indeed, let’s level the playing field. Let’s require Planned Parenthood to stop the lies and tell women the truth about their babies’ developmental status and identity?

There is no reason to suspect that Ms. Quinn is a bad woman. But if she is closing her ears to what the post-abortive women are saying about Planned Parenthood’s lies, then she’s acting like a bit of a legislative slob. Our laws must be just. They must protect women by demanding that women be given all of the facts in order to make fully informed consent.

Ms. Quinn should stay her hand, and join us this January on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the gut-wrenching testimonies of post-abortive women who were lied to by abortionists. She must demand full and open hearings that listen to Dr. Donna Harrison, president of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

She must listen to breast surgeon Dr. Angela Lanfranchi and endocrinologist Dr. Joel Brind. She needs to hear the leaders of the post-abortive healing ministries.

She needs to willing to entertain ALL of the data. That’s the difference between great legislators and slobs.

Then if she still sees fit to wage war exclusively on CPC’s we’ll be in a better position to assess her goodness.

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