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For the past 18 months, I have been serving as the Executive Director of the Children First Foundation (CFF) under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Rex, who is President. We have the “Choose Life” Plates in New Jersey and Connecticut, and soon in New York if all goes well in our case against Governor Cuomo, which is now in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. If any pro-life citizens live in the nation’s capital, they may wish to avail themselves of CFF’s newest plate in our program, the D.C. “Choose Life” license plate, just out yesterday. If the folks reading this would spread the word, I would be personally very grateful.

From Elizabeth Rex, Ph.D., President of CFF:

Dear “Choose Life” Friends in DC:

This red-white-and-blue “Choose Life” License Plate in Washington, D.C. is a great new way to help “mobilize” a greater Culture of Life in our Nation’s Capital in union with 29 “Choose Life” States in the USA!

The Children First Foundation of DC sponsored the Washington, D.C. “Choose Life” License Plate which was made available for purchase to residents of the District of Columbia on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, by the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles that welcomed the participation of our pro-adoption, non-profit, charitable, and educational organization into their popular DC DMV Organizational Tag Program.

As stated on the official DC DMV website www.dmv.dc.gov/service/obtain-organizational-vehicle-tags, “organizational tags are a marvelous way for an organization to promote itself while allowing its members to demonstrate a commitment of pride.” The proud mission of The Children First Foundation is to raise greater awareness and funding for Adoption and Safe Haven efforts. Our members believe adoption is a loving choice for an unwanted unborn or newborn infant that deserves greater public awareness and support, and their $25 membership donations provide funding for DC Pregnancy Centers, Maternity Homes, and Safe Haven efforts.

As also explained on the DC DMV’s website, “only members of participating organizations can apply for the organizational tags” and “organizational tags will only be issued for use on private passenger vehicles registered in the District of Columbia.” So, please join us, and together let us voice our choice for life in DC!

To purchase your DC “Choose Life/Children First Foundation” License Plate, please visit http://www.thechildrenfirst.org/washington_dc1.aspx and read the information and follow the instructions carefully. For questions and assistance, please call Larry Cirignano, our DC Representative, at (202) 306-6863. Thank you so much for putting “children first” in DC!

Sincerely for Life,

Elizabeth B. Rex, Ph.D, President

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