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My article from today’s Headline Bistro.

In an age when less than ten percent of medical research grants receive federal funding, accountability for every tax dollar received by institutions has become an ever-increasing imperative. Grants to institutions are a sacred trust, which, violated once, spells doom for the institution violating that trust. Thus, it is wholly appropriate to scrutinize the largest recipients in this age of shrinking allotments, and for Planned Parenthood – which receives a third of a billion dollars annually – the time is long past due.

Last week Lila Rose, president of Live Action, released a series of undercover videos in another of her organization’s ongoing sting operation against Planned Parenthood. To say the least, the videos are devastating. They may all be viewed here.

The videos employ a young man posing as a pimp, and some also have a young woman posing with him as one of his prostitutes. In the video, the “pimp” confides in the Planned Parenthood personnel that he is pimping girls as young as fourteen in an international trafficking operation and wants to know how he can go about obtaining STD testing, contraception and abortions for them. In five out of five clinics shown so far, not one nurse shut down the office visit upon learning that this man was pimping children and trafficking in them internationally.

Not one.

What ensued in the best three of the stings was a dry recitation of what the law would allow Planned Parenthood to do and not do. In Virginia, the law doesn’t require parental notification for contraception or STD testing, but does so for abortion. One nurse in Virginia goes on to tell the pimp that (wink, wink) they arrange for a way around parental notification by employing what is known as a “judicial bypass,” and that her clinic makes these arrangements once or twice a month.

Remarkably, we see a nurse who is doing all she can to aid and abet a grown man who claims to be trafficking children. For children in such trafficking rings, contact with a nurse or physician may be the only contact that they have with a decent human being in a position to help the child escape her sex slavery. Instead we see a nurse willing to obtain a judicial bypass.

For as shocking and devastating that is, the case of the sting in Perth Amboy, N.J., is nothing less than criminal. In that video, the nurse office manager goes to great lengths in helping the pimp with advice about lying to conceal the child’s true age, and gives the name of an abortion clinic that will help keep everything quiet and confidential.

Worse, the nurse manager agrees to bribe money in order to “streamline” the process.

Toward the end of the consultation, the nurse is asked how soon the girls can get back to work after an abortion. She informs the pimp that a minimum of two weeks before intercourse is required to prevent infection. When prompted by the pimp as to whether there is anything the girl can do in that time – because, “I mean they still gotta make money, you know?” – the response given will live on in infamy:

“Waist Up.”

Her meaning was clear, and I have written an extensive blog post about the STDs of “Waist Up,” which can be read here. To say the least, the videos taken individually and in the aggregate are heartbreaking. Never once did clinic personnel excuse themselves to call the police either while the pimp was present, or afterward. Never once did the personnel state that child sex trafficking is against the law and that Planned Parenthood does not, as a matter of policy, work with sex traffickers; especially those of children.

Never once.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, called in the FBI only belatedly when she realized that she had possibly been stung. Her office denounced Lila Rose and called the tapes fake, claiming they were heavily edited. They then fired the Perth Amboy clinic manager, which begs the question for what reason, if the tapes are not what they purport to be? In response, Rose released the full tapes showing the running counter on them. They are what they show.

Taken together with Live Action’s previous stings, where several Planned Parenthood clinics were shown giving advice on how to obtain an abortion to what they thought was an underage girl, as well as accepting donations from whites to sponsor abortions for African-Americans, we see this organization as constantly explaining away criminal and genocidal behavior as aberrations. But at what point do all of these atypical anomalies begin to add up to a representative pattern of behavior?

Considering that Planned Parenthood has fought against parental notification and consent laws regarding abortion in every state where they have been proposed, the aiding and abetting of those seeking to avoid parental notification in these videos seems remarkably consistent behavior.

The greatest outrage of all is the knowledge that Planned Parenthood receives a third of a billion dollars annually from the federal government, ostensibly because they help the poor; yet in several of these videos a pricelist of the services is reviewed, and the recommendation is made to go to the county health department where services may be obtained for free.

So why are these people receiving billions of our tax dollars every decade?

Research into improved therapies for so many diseases languishes for want of federal grant money, while Planned Parenthood received $350 million last year alone. A patient and objective viewing of Live Action’s expose reveals an organization that is infested systemically and has violated the sacred trust of the taxpayers.

If we are to build a Culture of Life, we must start by defunding the merchants of death. We must then entrust that money to those whose training and life’s work are oriented solely to the discovery of truth. We can advance the ball on cancer, on Juvenile Diabetes, on Alzheimer’s with the more than two billion dollars per decade that Planned Parenthood now receives.

It’s time.

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