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When is a snub not a snub?

When it’s the function of a depraved mind.

For those who do not live in New York, the Empire State Building is an extension of every native New Yorker’s soul. It’s as much a part of our identity as Yankee Stadium, Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island and Nathan’s Hot Dogs. When the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were built in the 1970’s, they eclipsed the Grand Old Lady on 34th Street in size, but not in beauty, grandeur, or style. The iconic tower remained first in our hearts. So it was only proper that when we New Yorkers wished to honor people, it has been the Empire State Building that has been lit in the appropriate colors. The top of that building is New York’s megaphone to the world.

This blog has written twice, here and here, of manager Anthony Malkin’s refusal to honor Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s 100th birthday by lighting our spire in blue and white, the colors of the order she founded.

Yes, it’s OUR spire! Malkin has lost sight of that. The honors granted in lighting the Empire State Building have always reflected what we New Yorkers collectively value. In inimitable New York bold and brash, we shout who we are to all the world from the top of the most famous skyscraper in history.

Until recently.

The incredibly shrinking Malkin has forgotten that and co-opted the lighting to reflect his personal predilections; like lighting the tower in red and yellow in honor of Mao’s Chinese Communist Revolution (in which Mao murdered 77 million of his own people). Tiny Tony’s rationale for denying honors for Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mother Teresa is that he will not recognize religious or political leaders.

Fair enough.

So last September’s red and yellow wasn’t recognition of Mao. It was the honoring of a revolution that wiped out 77 million humans, wiped out China’s intellectuals, instituted brutal slave labor for its citizens, instituted the one-child policy that has led to the selective abortions of hundreds of millions of baby girls and left an equal number of young men with no prospects for marriage. It wasn’t Mao who was honored. It was his brigades and their deadly work that were recognized.

Its a good thing Tiny Tony has cleared that up for us.

So why not light the building tomorrow tonight in blue and white? Not for Mother, but for her brigades of sisters who work to restore the human dignity shredded by the likes of Mao’s brigades? Tiny Tony has revealed through his building’s lighting department exactly the sort of man he is, exactly the sort of things he values. The words “warped” and “twisted” come to mind.

Sadly, the lighting of the Empire State Building no longer speaks for New Yorkers. It has become the plaything of a nasty iconoclast who values barbarity over decency and love.

Tomorrow night Tonight, look not to the Grande Dame of 34th Street, whose shame is as large as her visage. Look rather to the homes of New Yorkers who are being encouraged to display blue and white lights in our windows, and if your means allow, perhaps make a small donation to a food pantry or crisis pregnancy center in Mother’s honor.

New Yorker’s hearts are large, and we’ll yet demonstrate the best of what we value by honoring Mother with countless little acts performed with great love.


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The window imprint left by a Mourning Dove. Priscilla Bradley,Project FeederWatch© Cornell Lab of Ornithology

As we approach Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s 100th birthday next week, it would seem that Anthony Malkin of the Empire State Building has finally come around to using the lighting of his building in recognition of those he deems the poor and the least among us. He will be joining the owners of other New York City buildings in dimming their lights this Fall to aid migratory birds in preventing their deaths in the thousands from building strikes.

Yesterday’s New York Post carries the story. It seems some 90,000 birds die in NYC annually from being blinded by the night lights. It’s a red letter day for birds in New York.

Considering the fact that Mother Teresa spoke passionately for the tens of millions of our own species who are murdered annually through world-wide abortion, for the tens of millions of our own species who go hungry, filthy, homeless annually, not lighting the building to honor Mother while showing such tender concern for our feathered friends seems a strange set of priorities indeed.

Perhaps if it were known that Mother was a card-carrying member of the Audubon Society, a passionate ornithologist…

Can there be any doubt about Anthony Malkin’s war against Mother Teresa in light of this latest development, of his tortured set of priorities? Birds? BIRDS??

Mother was honored with a Nobel Peace Prize, The Presidential Medal of Freedom, The Congressional Medal of Freedom, and the highest honors from every civilized nation on the planet for her work on behalf of the least loved humans among us. The religious order she founded, the Missionaries of Charity has over 4,500 sisters active in over 133 countries on every continent. Well-deserved honors that speak as much about Mother’s heroic life’s work as they do about what we most value.

A different time, and not so long ago.

More here and Here.

Mr. Malkin is off to an inauspicious start in his quest for honorable standing in the medal count. At a minimum, he’ll have to surpass John James Audubon, which means doing more than turning out the lights. But honestly Mr. Malkin, beating on a dead nun is not the way to get there or to be favorably remembered.

Blue and White on the 26th, Mr. Malkin.

Blue and White.

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The following is a letter from Bill Donohue of the Catholic League regarding a protest outside of the Empire State Building on August 26, the 100th birthday of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Owner Anthony Malkin is a craven and cowardly revisionist who refuses to honor the woman who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Medal of Freedom–the two highest civilian honors bestowed by the United States. Come dressed in blue and white, the colors of Mother’s order.

I’ve written twice before about the war against Mother Teresa here and here.

June 2010

Dear Friend,

As president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, I have witnessed many assaults on Catholic sensibilities. But of all the indignities that Catholics have had to endure – movies, plays, songs, artistic exhibitions, books, articles, newspaper cartoons, classroom diatribes, television shows, lawsuits, obscene street fairs, music videos, and the like – nothing has insulted Catholics more than to see Mother Teresa dissed by the owner of the Empire State Building; a request to honor her on the 100th anniversary of her birthday, August 26, was denied without explanation!

The Empire State Building frequently beams into the sky the colors associated with all kinds of persons, organizations and events. From Mariah Carey to the Simpsons, and from NASCAR drivers to the Ninja Turtles, tribute is offered by way of the tower’s lights on a regular basis. But not for Mother Teresa – she doesn’t qualify.

Lit to Honor Mao's Chinese Communist Revolution (77 Million Murdered Under Mao)

Indeed, the Empire State Building’s owner, Anthony Malkin, honored the genocidal regime of Communist China, even though 77 million innocent men, women and children were murdered under Mao Zedong. So you can see why I was stunned when I learned that my request to honor Mother Teresa was denied; I asked that the tower lights shine blue and white, the colors of the Missionaries of Charity, on her birthday. By contrast, the U.S. Postal Service is honoring her with a commemorative stamp.

When I made my request in writing on February 2, I was told by two women from the Empire State Building that my application looked fine; they said they would get back to me in a few months. Then on May 5, I was faxed an unsigned letter denying my request. I quickly contacted Malkin, but he never replied to my letter. In fact, he has steadfastly refused to speak to the media.

After being pummeled with bad publicity, Malkin said they have a policy barring an honor to any religious person or group. But that is a lie. In the past, they have honored John Cardinal O’Connor, Pope John Paul II, the Salvation Army, the Salesian Sisters and Rev. Martin Luther King. And they further lied when they said this “policy” – which was just made up out of thin air – was in place when I applied. I have a copy of the application and it says no such thing. Moreover, no one ever indicated there was any problem with my application. It looked like a slam dunk.

On August 26, there will be a demonstration in the street outside the Empire State Building. There are many costs associated with this event, ranging from ads in newspapers, mailings, renting a stage, etc. In addition to your prayers, we need both your participation at the rally and your contributions.

Mother Teresa deserves better. Just as important, Catholics do not deserve to be treated like second-class citizens by snobby elites who think they can stick their middle finger in our faces. The time to support Mother Teresa is now.

Bill Donohue
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
450 Seventh Avenue
New York, New York 10123

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My article in today’s HeadlineBistro:

Thirteen years after her death, the enemies of Mother Teresa are hard at work trying to suppress the celebration of her life and legacy as we approach the 100th anniversary of her birth this August. Earlier this year there was an attempt to prevent the U.S. Postal Service from issuing a commemorative stamp, written about here.

In the latest round, Anthony Malkin, the owner of the Empire State Building, has refused a request by the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue to light the building in blue and white, the colors of Mother Teresa’s order, on August 26 in honor of the centennial of her birth. This is remarkable, given that last September the Empire State Building lighting authority draped the iconic New York landmark in red and yellow, the colors of the Chinese flag, in honor of the sixtieth anniversary of Mao’s Communist Revolution.

Donohue responded:

“Mother Teresa received 124 awards, including Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Medal of Freedom… She built hundreds of orphanages, hospitals, hospices, health clinics, homeless shelters, youth shelters and soup kitchens all over the world … Not surprisingly, she was voted the most admired woman in the world three years in a row in the mid-1990s. But she is not good enough to be honored by the Empire State Building.”

A dictator credited with killing 77 million people, whose legacy inspired China’s notorious one-child policy and the sex-selective abortions of hundreds of millions of babies, as well as infanticide claiming millions more, has his movement granted tribute by the Empire State Building. A Roman Catholic nun whose life has done so much more to promote life, to give nurture and succor to hundreds of millions, whose legions of sisters have cared for the poorest among us and afforded them a death with dignity, somehow merits the back of Malkin’s hand. This, on the day that the United States Post Office is issuing a stamp to commemorate that life well lived.

Why? Why this opposition to celebrating the life of one of the twentieth century’s most notable women? The answer goes far beyond a mere caddish and petulant desire to deny a dead religious sister a moment of remembrance. No, this is mendacity. This is a high-stakes war against all that Mother Teresa stood for and all that she continues to accomplish through her millions of disciples.

This is the face of raw malevolence.

Had Mother Teresa stuck to her ministry of hospice, she would be meeting no opposition this year. However, she crossed the red line into the arena of abortion and proclaiming human dignity across the spectrum, from womb to grave. She has touched more than just a nerve. She landed a nuclear warhead with devastating accuracy right in the middle of the enemy’s camp when she addressed the feel-goodism of people who assuage their consciences by winking at abortion in the West and lauding Mother Teresa’s work in India:

“Many people are concerned with children of India, with the children of Africa where quite a few die of hunger, and so on. Many people are also concerned about the violence in this great country of the United States. These concerns are very good. But often these same people are not concerned with the millions being killed by the deliberate decision of their own mothers. And this is the greatest destroyer of peace today – abortion which brings people to such blindness.”

Worse still for her detractors, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is on the fast track for canonization as a saint, as is her good friend and close ally, Pope John Paul the Great. It is impossible to think of one without thinking of the other. Together they laid the foundation for building a culture of life and a civilization of love at the threshold of the 21st century. It’s all right there, in Magisterial documents and in Mother Teresa’s extended network of sisters and disciples.

It was the words and deeds of these two giants that helped sustain me through my scientific training and inspired in me a desire to use my knowledge and skills to join in their vision of a world where science serves humanity, rather than enslaving us all. They are my heroic icons as I contemplate the terrible track that science and medicine are on, having abandoned even the pretext of an ethic and morality of manipulation. But there is hope.

Increasing numbers of scientists and physicians are becoming increasingly more vocal about reining in the excesses, and taking a fresh look at what Mother Teresa and John Paul have had to say. Hence those who would deny the celebration of her 100th birthday this year.

The enemies of life may be putting on a brave face, but they are running scared; in proof whereof, they have resorted to beating on a deceased nun. Not very glamorous, Mr. Malkin.

For those wishing to join the petition to light up the Empire State Building in Mother Teresa’s honor, click here.

Read the Updates Here and Here

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