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Goodbye, Father Corapi

Father John Corapi has decided to leave the priesthood in the wake of the sex abuse allegation brought against him a few months ago. He leaves us this parting message:

This message is a mixed pickle. On the one hand, if indeed the allegations are false, Father is correct in stating that there is no way for him to prove a negative, that he did not do what is alleged.

On the other hand, if the allegations are false, he is a priest forever and able to live a quiet monastic life among the brothers in his order. He is choosing not to amid his cries of innocence. In this terrible message, Father Corapi’s bitterness and bile are abundantly evident, and his black sheepdog self-identification is dark and ominous.

A true love for the people of God, for Jesus, dictates that Father Corapi get some fundamental facts straight. First, a priest and a religious are who he is. A televangelist is what he does. Because the sacrament of ordination effects a permanent ontological change in the essence of the man, Father Corapi remains a priest forever, whether he does so as a black sheepdog leading others into rebellion against the bishops, or whether he remains a secluded priest among his brothers in the SOLT, his order.

False allegation is a bitter pill to swallow and, if he is truly innocent, he should demonstrate his innocence by swallowing that pill alone.

There was much truth spoken in his video, and the bishops have lurched from one extreme to the other on the issue of child safety. However, the allegations come from a grown woman with no allegations of rape. In short, it’s a mess. However, Father Corapi’s bitterness and rage threaten to lead many away from the Church, and that is never good–no matter the reason.

If the newly minted black sheepdog leads so much as one soul astray, his entire twenty years of service will have amounted to a self-aggrandizing lie.

I would encourage Father to stay, pray, and listen for the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. He isn’t losing his priesthood. It isn’t being taken away. Father Corapi is doing something to it that no person but Father can do.

And he needs to stop it.


UPDATE: Father Corapi’s Superior Speaks Out: Shocking Details.

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