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Brother Paul O’Donnell gave courageous public voice at last week’s NRL Convention to what I have heard several pro-lifers say in private. There needs to be less territoriality and greater sharing of resources within the pro-life movement. I’ll take that a step further and suggest that the pro-life movement too often is like a superior military dividing its forces in the face of the enemy and at best gaining very little ground.

The opposition knows how to deploy their forces, and does so in a tightly disciplined fashion. We have the superior forces though, with some astounding special operations forces such as the post-abortive mothers and fathers of Silent No More, the healing ministries such as Lumina and Rachel’s Vineyard, the vast network of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, information clearing houses and legislative action centers such as Priests for Life and the National Right to Life Committee, scientific and medical groups such as American Association of Pro-life OB/GYN’s, Physicians for Life, National Association of Pro-Life Nurses, and the list goes on and on. These groups and many others are linked in the side panels of this blog. Add to them great news outlets and blogs such as Jill Stanek, LifeNews, LifeSite News, and over a thousand pro-life blogs.

The number of pro-life organizations numbers over a thousand.

What is needed now is a coordination of these groups that actually multiplies their firepower. In the military it’s called Force Concentration, where all of one’s forces are brought to bear on a particular point of the enemy’s forces so as to overwhelm them and capture that territory. Then the forces are turned on the next enemy objective in an overwhelming manner and so on.

By way of example, there was a brilliant billboard campaign recently in Atlanta, Georgia that heightened the awareness that black babies are an endangered species. Such a billboard campaign is great in opening the conversation. But how much preparation went into the ground campaign?

Was Priests for Life brought in to do preaching at all area Catholic churches?
Silent No More events?
Rachel’s Vineyard?
Speakers on behalf of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Abortion/Breast Cancer Coalition?
Methodists for Life?
Teens for Life?
Students for Life?
Extensive screenings of Maafa 21?
40 Days for Life?
Other picketers for Planned Parenthood?
Truth Trucks?
A coordinated March for Life starting outside of Martin Luther King’s Ebeneezer Baptist Church?

Were there objectives to follow up this campaign with starting new chapters of Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More?

The black community is a great place to start because of Planned Parenthood’s genocidal campaign against blacks, operating 80% of their clinics in inner city neighborhoods. That’s where this despicable group can be hurt the most; by bringing in as many groups as possible for a three month saturation campaign in one city. This can make an unbelievable difference in a city such as Atlanta. Such a campaign clearly helps to magnify the capability and visibility of each organization.

It isn’t enough to fight honorably. We must do so strategically and tactically as well. When we identify a city and declare it a “No Abortion Zone”, we need to marshal our resources and bring them to bear relentlessly until we break the back of Planned Parenthood and the local abortionists in that town.

This needs to be our goal in moving forward: the complete and utter destruction of abortion through a relentless campaign of truth-telling, especially among blacks and hispanics. It must be accomplished through mutual cooperation between the many special operations organizations in the pro-life movement. It must be entirely legal and peaceful, as pro-lifers always are. It must be tactical and strategic.

If it is, it will be devastatingly effective.

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