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Mother- Frances Inglis Photo: Central News

Across the Pond, The Telegraph brings us the story of Frances Inglis, 57, a mother who was training to be a nurse and was driven ‘insane’ by the thought that her brain damaged son Tom was suffering. Inglis killed her son with a heroin overdose, after searching the internet for methods of performing euthanasia. Perhaps our readers from England can fill us in on some of the details not accounted for in the Telegraph story.

There are multiple layers of tragedy here in this story. The most obvious is a mother driven mad by the thought that her child was locked in a seemingly endless state of suffering, despite assurances from the physicians that he would improve.

The second layer of tragedy is the collective consciousness that is setting in regarding euthanasia, and is inversely proportional to the authentic participation in and witness to Christian Faith. Where Christian faith and hope are absent, the cult of death grows strong. It becomes the answer to all of life’s deepest challenges.

That in turn leads to the next level of tragedy, no room was left for the grace of God. As Father Anthony Padovano said of the human heart, ” It breathes the air of hope and is suffocated in despair”.

Therein lies the greatest tragedy of all. A mother whose heart was suffocated in despair took the life she brought into the world. A permanent solution to what might only have been a temporary problem.

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