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From LifeNews.com:

“The Obama administration on Monday forced Americans to pay for another round of embryonic stem cell research involving the destruction of human life. National Institutes of Health chief Francis Collins approved taxpayer funding of 27 more lines of embryonic stem cells. The cells can only be obtained by destroying unborn children days after conception — at which point human embryos are unique human beings. The embryonic stem cells in question are 27 lines from Harvard University used in diabetes-related pancreatic cell experiments. Embryonic stem cell research has yet to be tried in human patients because of its failure when used on animals. The cells cause tumors and prompt the immune system to reject them. However, adult stem cell research has resulted in cures or treatments for more than 100 different diseases and conditions.”

By contrast, there are hundreds of therapeutic applications of Adult Stem Cell technology. So why the push for ESC’s when they consistently do not deliver?
They’re a bulwark for abortion. For the first time since Roe, we have the human embryo diconnected from the mother’s body. The smokescreen argument over the right to privacy no longer shields the embryo from the objective consideration of its human identity and status. It exists on its own.

Abortion’s proponents can’t afford to allow the development of sympathy for human beings in their embryonic stage of development. So a new denigration is needed. Cellular substrate for building therapeutic scaffolding. The problem is, it doesn’t work.

Pro-lifers need to seize this opportunity to discuss the human embryo’s dignity and intrinsic worth as it sits in the Petri dish. Then question why the real advances in adult cells aren’t being aggressively funded.

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