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When Dr. George Tiller was murdered, there was a hastily gathered, yet spontaneous outpouring of grief in New York City’s Union Square. Many women carried the poster, pictured with its grief-stricken bearer to the left. How odd that this abortionist should have been grieved as no other.

But George Tiller was no mere abortionist. He was the best at taking post-viable infants and killing them in such a way as to minimize the risks to the mother.

His murder was as barbaric as his means of putting bread on his family’s table. Scott Roeder is where he belongs.

At the Rally: NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn

At the rally were the two key players in New York’s current war on Pregnancy Resource Centers, Christine Quinn (pictured right) and Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, who left the note pictured below. Talk about a world gone mad.

George Tiller was a false Messiah in every sense of the term. He didn’t bring hope, or healing into women’s lives. He pandered to their fears of motherhood while soothing their apprehensions surrounding the monstrous evil about to unfold. He murdered half the patients who came to him, and the futures of the half who survived.

And when a well-meaning, but equally murderous individual took Tiller’s life, those who champion the slaughter of innocents exploded in grief. That includes Council Members Quinn and Lappin.

When people claim that pro-life candidates don’t matter at the local and state level, look at the legislation being driven through the NYC Council. It does matter. It matters a great deal. Here we have two disciples of a martyred butcher who have set out to drive women from the very PRC doors that hold out hope.

Join us in our National Petition to defeat Lappin and Quinn’s efforts to establish legislation regulating PRC’s, legislation NARAL and Planned Parenthood intend to take all over the country. Join us in this national movement to push back against Tiller’s disciples. Click Here to visit our site and sign the petition.

God Bless

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