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From Lifenews.com:

Atlanta, GA (LifeNews.com) — The Georgia chapter of the NAACP has withdrawn its support for a bill advancing in the state legislature that would ban abortions done specifically because the child is African-American. Although the civil rights organization opposes racial discrimination, that apparently doesn’t extend to abortions.

The Georgia NAACP had originally endorsed SB 529, which also targets abortions done because the unborn child is a girl.

The Georgia House Judiciary Committee voted 10-8 on Wednesday to support the bill and send it to the Rules Committee, but it now won’t have the support of the black group.

Edward DuBose, chapter president, issued a statement withdrawing the support, saying, “Earlier this month, the Georgia NAACP submitted a letter to support Senate Bill 529. We now fully understand the intention of this legislation and wish to retract our support for it.”

“At the time, we were of the understanding that this bill would work to benefit the women in our community. However, after many conversations with membership and constituents, we now realize that this is nothing more than using women’s health as a political tool,” he said, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper. “Women of color in Georgia need more than divisive messages and deserve better access to health care.”

The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which also helps stop abortions in cases when women are forced or coerced into having one, has already received backing from Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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I’ve never sold out the truth to political correctness, and I’m not about to start here. There has never been a shortage of traitors from within the Black community. It would seem there’s a bumper crop now. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has rendered themselves a vicious, yet buffoonish joke, having given their imprimatur to the continued slaughter of their own babies. While constituting 11% of the American population, Blacks have 37% of all abortions, some 19 million since 1973.

Some advancement.

No doubt the women who had those abortions are all living at least lower middle-class lifestyles, having taken full advantage of the educational and economic opportunities that come to those unencumbered by children. Hardly. The inner city is more bleak and blighted than ever before.

Truth be told, I have some difficulties with the language of the bill not including ALL indiivduals being targeted because of some identifying characteristic. The practical value of this bill is that it could have been used to leverage Planned Parenthood out of the inner city, where they operate 80% of their ‘clinics’. Taken together with the revelations that PP was accepting donations to be earmarked for aborting Black babies, this bill could have damaged these racists terribly.

However, the biggest sell-out Black of all time happens to occupy the Oval Office, and he is the most virulent pro-abortion politician and President in American history. The NAACP isn’t about to leave B.O. twisting in the wind. There are 2 1/2 years left to this Presidency and plenty of careers yet to be enhanced. So the sell-outs will see Black babies pay with their lives.

It’s all over for leftist Black activism after this President exits the stage into what I pray will be a long life of hearing how he managed to end up at the bottom of the barrel of American Presidents. The NAACP couldn’t screw up the courage to decry the presence of Margaret Sanger’s disciples doing her racist and eugenic bidding in their neighborhoods. They (NAACP) are as elitist and parasitic as any plantation owners ever were. If the slave owners couldn’t be forgiven for not recognizing the humanity of Blacks, what shall we say of the NAACP?

Fratricide is a far greater crime than genocide.

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