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I’ve seen so much death, corpses in the hundreds. Friends, family, neighbors, parishioners, friends’ relatives, classmates… There is a finality in a corpse that is chilling. It’s over for that individual, their destiny sealed for all eternity.

It’s over.

Wakes and funerals cause me to reflect on my own mortality, and at age fifty, I think it’s safe to say that I have lived more years than I have remaining. My self-reflections take on an added urgency when they take place in that context. I don’t want anything to do with God’s Justice when I die, just His Mercy. Who among us could withstand His Justice? When I go, I’m hoping for lots of sustained prayer for my passage through purgation, and so it is that I find myself increasingly loathe to deny people such as Ted Kennedy and Geraldine Ferraro Masses that are meant to ask for God’s Mercy on their souls.

It’s over.

If anyone in the pro-life movement gloats over their death, or wishes them anything less than God’s Love and Mercy, then such a person is in fearful danger of losing their own salvation and has no grasp of the Gospel message.

There’s worse than abortion.

There is the confused and deplorable state of our Bishops who desperately need our prayers. A priest such as Father John Corapi has been suspended from priestly function for going on three weeks, and an investigation into the allegations that he had sex with grown women has not yet begun. The investigators as of yesterday had not even been chosen. He has been thoroughly trashed in the Catholic blogosphere, with superiors claiming that he enjoys the presumption of innocence while the man drips with the mud through which he has been dragged. Many other men who have suffered false allegation have been similarly slimed by the Dallas Charter’s excesses.

Meanwhile, Catholic politicians who run on a pro-abortion platform, vote hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars for abortion and Planned Parenthood, attempt to destroy pro-life judicial nominees are accorded kid glove treatment by the bishops. They are not held up to any sort of censure, let alone excommunication, for their formal and material cooperation in the murders of scores of millions. Unlike the unsubstantiated allegations against innocent priests, these politicians have public records of their atrocities and receive the presumption of innocence (we don’t know what goes on in their hearts or in confession) from the Bishops.

Yet Canon Law requires some public act of restoration from such public apostasy and atrocity, so the Bishops are acting rather disingenuously in the Eucharist debates.

Something is radically wrong here. If the people seem indifferent to abortion, might they be mirroring their bishops? The point of public censure of such politicians is at once medicinal for the politician, and catechetical for the laity. If the Kennedy’s and Ferraro’s of our time do not merit public censure and prohibition of Eucharistic reception in life, then it seems pointless and even cruel to suddenly get serious about their souls in death.

It’s over.

We should all pray fervently for Geraldine Ferraro’s soul, and moreso for the bishops whose timidity and tolerance may well cost many their salvation.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon her.
May she rest in peace, Amen.


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