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So the Catholic Bishops don’t approve of Reid-Nelson. (Yawn). Who cares? Seriously. Who cares?

It’s no small secret that the Bishops walk on eggshells because they fear losing our 501(c)(3) status. So who cares what they have to say? They’ve painted themselves into a corner.

As the Bishops quake at the thought of losing our tax-exempt status, the Democrats thunder. They are poised to dictate how Catholic Hospitals are run. They already have dictated that Catholic Church employees in NY must have birth control supplied as part of their health coverage. Democrats are poised to rescind conscience clauses for physicians on abortion. The list goes on. Because they will not fight, the Bishops are being tied down like Gulliver.

Why should non-Catholics fear the Bishops, who are nothing more than paper tigers? The Bishops will not even discipline their most notorious congregants. While Canon Law defines Formal Cooperation on abortion as those who participate directly in the abortion, including paying for one, it is strangely silent on politicians who vote for abortion funding, or who militate for protective legislation.

The Bishops need to regain credibility on this issue by underscoring to the people just how serious it is. That begins with excommunicating notorious public figures. It isn’t simply a matter of whether or not one is fit to receive the Eucharist. That’s the wrong argument. If the abortionist, the mother, the other formal cooperators know that the penalty is automatic excommunication, then they incur the penalty when the baby is killed. The same ought to hold for Catholic politicians who fund abortions in the scores of thousands, or who seek to thwart pro-life legislation that seeks to restrict abortion.

After incurring excommunication, re-admittance to the Church is only through a genuine confession marked by true contrition and a firm purpose of amendment.

Catholic Politicians such as the Kennedy’s, Michael McMahon (featured below in the post “Black Knight White Knight”). Kathleen Sebelius, et al. need to be brought up before their bishops and made to choose. The laity need to see that the Bishops grasp the terrible dimensions of abortion, and that every Catholic should as well. Jesus said that either we are with Him, or against Him. The Bishops do no pastoral service to Catholic politicians who think that they can have it both ways. They can’t.

It is simply a lie to state that one is personally opposed to abortion on moral grounds, but that they are not free to tell others what to do. What about rape and murder? Same deal?

Catholic politicians are free to work within the democratic system to craft just legislation. Henry Hyde did it. If they honestly believe that they cannot do so, then they are free to pursue another line of work where this burden is lifted from them.

As for the Bishops, why should average Catholics take them seriously when they allow themselves to be made fools of by third-rate men like Representative Patrick Kennedy and Representative Michael McMahon? It’s time for a good old-fashioned house cleaning. The Bishops needn’t worry about losing the tax-exempt status. That’s coming anyway, unless they wield those staffs in defense of the flock.

Time will tell.


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