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All evil begins with a lie. To identify the lie is to unmask the evil.

One of the most efficient lies, a hand grenade meant to derail the debate, is that pro-lifers only care about the baby while it’s in the womb. Once it’s born, so the talking point goes, we have no use for mother and child. The punch line is that our love is cheap. So long as we don’t need to put out any money, we love babies.

It’s a lie straight from the pit of hell.

The truth is that liberal lies are easy to unmask. Simply turn the table. Think of the opposite of what they are saying. They constantly accuse us of that for which they are guilty. Take the current allegation into consideration.

Pro-lifers informally and institutionally provide cribs, clothes, toys, diapers, food, job training, tutoring, mentoring for single mothers. Add to that child care, baby-sitting, and life-skills training. For those not able to keep their child, we provide adoption services. Catholic hospitals provide free pre-natal and pediatric care to get mothers launched in the right direction. We dig deep into our pockets to help these women and children.

Pro-choicers, on the other hand, prefer to use taxpayer dollars to kill babies rather than put themselves out there for women and children. In a nation equally divided over abortion, that means pro-lifers pick up half the tab of every abortion receiving government subsidy through medicaid or Planned Parenthood. Pro-choicers then assume the other half of the $450 bill through taxes.

So who puts their time and money where their mouths are? Pro-lifers.

Who are the ones who would rather see a child die than dig deep in order to help the mother who all too often is having the abortion because she doesn’t feel that there are viable options?


In the years that I have attended the March and stood at the Supreme Court Steps, I’ve heard literally hundreds of post-abortive women give their testimony.

NOT ONE ever said that an abortion clinic employee ever asked if she was doing this because she felt there were no other options.

NOT ONE reported a clinic employee offering assistance.

NOT ONE reported the presence of a case worker or social worker trying to ensure that the woman knew all of the many services of government and private charity.

NOT ONE reported a clinic worker trying to ascertain if this was truly a CHOICE or the woman being threatened or coerced into an abortion.


What I did hear repeatedly was threats from family and boyfriends, of parents dragging the girl to the abortuary, of loneliness, fear, isolation, shame, guilt, and ignorance of the reality of a baby well along in its development.

No word on pro-choicers actually educating women about their choices, empowering women to choose life by offering access to the means necessary to sustain that life nutritionally, medically and socially.

It’s simply cheaper to kill a baby than to commit to mother and child post-partum-the very non-commitment of which they accuse us. That’s because the “choice” agenda is evil, and because such evil is non-love and anti-love at once.

Love gives life, nourishes hope, and is fed by faith. It is the fire that burns within.

Juxtapose that with the same word every woman at the Supreme Court has used to describe the abortuaries: COLD.

Cold is the absence of love. It is dead. It is also how some of the Christian mystics have described visions of hell. No fire. Just icy black cold. The total absence of love: God’s or anyone else’s.

So there is the truth behind the lie, the coldness of evil, the absence of charity on the part of pro-choicers.

We need to pray for them in earnest, for their conversion. Only the Fire of Love, that gift of the Holy Spirit, can melt an icy black heart. We pro-lifers will witness that to the extent we look upon our brothers and sisters in the pro-choice movement with love and not with malice or contempt. It’s hard at times, but it’s our imperative.

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