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For those women who go to Planned Parenthood, this is a sight that you have not seen to date. It’s a mammogram machine. It’s what Planned Parenthood led people to believe they had and used.

They lied.

Foundations don’t like it when they give an organization millions of dollars for services that are not rendered. They’re just funny about stuff like that, and Susan G. Komen is to be applauded for finally putting their foot down and pulling Planned Parenthood’s funding.

SGK Chairwoman Nancy Brinker is Susan Komen’s sister and has been making good on a deathbed promise to Susan to find a cure for this disease. Brinker could simply put all of her eggs in the research basket and go full throttle on research.

She doesn’t. She has taken a humane and balanced approach by also funding breast cancer screenings for middle-aged women, and preventive education for younger women.

The problem is that she gave millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, who said they performed mammograms, but only performed manual breast exams (feeling for lumps). That’s a problem. In the spectrum of clinical services, a manual exam is orders of magnitude less effective at detection than a mammogram.

The narrative against Komen is that needy women will now suffer because Komen is going to…

…wait for it…

…Fund organizations that will do actual mammograms for needy women.

So vexed is the Planned Parenthood crowd that New York’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg has offered Planned Parenthood a $250,000 matching grant for fundraising. This means that PP will have $500,000 within a week to continue their manual breast exams on women.

Too bad New York’s billionaire mayor didn’t seize on the opportunity to purchase an actual mammogram machine for New York’s hundreds of thousands of low-income women. Instead, he continues to fund the building of PP’s Potemkin villages.

Though it seems longer, it was only last year that Lila Rose released undercover videos of PP nurses advising a “pimp” and his bottom girl to take their teenage prostitutes to the county health department for free services if they lacked health insurance or cash.

Is that not the reason why city, state, federal, and foundation money (such as Komen’s) was given to PP in the first place?

Hear the lie directly from Cecile Richards’ own mouth, and the truth from PP employees regarding the mammograms:

The response of PP is to claim that they provide referrals for mammograms, which is pretty weak, at best. PP may also have reimbursed some centers for mammograms, but why the middle-man?

Not detecting a lump by manual exam does not mean that there are no lumps. If palpation were as good as a mammogram, we wouldn’t perform the mammograms at all. That’s pretty basic stuff. So why does PP need Komen’s money? Because PP needs money. Period.

For the best chance at catching cancer in its earliest stages, women will need a mammogram referral anyway, regardless of lump detection. So why can’t PP just give the referral over the phone when women call, or hand it to them when they walk in off the street?

Because mediocrity never concerns itself with excellence in patient care. Mediocrity is all about the money. Komen has made a wise and ethical business decision by cutting out the middle-man and funding actual mammograms. Mediocrity’s reply?

Women are going to suffer and die because Komen prefers to fund actual mammograms over squeezing breasts.

What PP has not said is that they are so committed to women’s health that their staff are all donating five hours per week to perform their manual breast screenings and give referrals for mammograms.

They haven’t said it because that’s not part of the business model.

This is PP’s most dire hour. If Komen is allowed to pull up stakes without being savaged, plenty of big corporations will pull up stakes as well. Plan to see corporations abandoning Komen, not out of anger at Komen, but for fear of Planned Parenthood. There is a simple strategy to blunt PP’s attack.

Komen, TODAY, needs to announce a new inner-city initiative where they will purchase mammogram machines for the neediest urban centers, where local governments will provide low-cost, and medicaid-subsidized mammograms as the answer to PP’s cheap squeeze. They should then issue a call to all major corporations to join in this effort.

And what better month to do it in than Black History Month where we turn our attention to racism’s residue, which has left us with enduring inequities? Given the frightful incidence of breast cancer in the Black community, it’s an initiative whose time has come.

Komen can seize this opportunity and lead the way with excellence as the antidote to Planned Parenthood’s mediocrity.


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Well, it’s been quite an interesting week. Response to the posts here at Coming Home have ranged from polite discourse to me being a heretic, promoting heresy, covering and promoting mortal sin, the sinking of the Bismarck and the Titanic, and the explosion of the Challenger.

Those caught up in this have been unrepentant heretics such as your humble host (if we are to believe some who have suggested as much), sincere philosophers and theologians who have weighed in on both sides (Meaning this will only be resolved in Heaven), as well as garden variety victims of the psychological affliction of scrupulosity.

I’d first like to address the scrupulous. Scrupulosity is a psychological/emotional affliction that dresses itself up in vestments and passes itself off as moral theology (on steroids). It’s a serious matter that is quite debilitating. But it’s the individual’s affliction, and not my sin.

As for those great thinkers such as Chris Tollefsen and Mark Shea, per usual, their writing keeps me up at nights when the house is quiet. These are giants at whose intellectual table I have been well-fed. Perhaps they are correct, and perhaps it is my life experiences that have colored my vision, cracked the prism through which I perceive and respond to the world, but on this one, we’ll have to agree to disagree for now. Make no mistake; these men are priceless gifts from God to the Church, and one issue does not an adversary make (not even a hundred with them!)

I simply see no mortal sin here, as so many have suggested. I see no venial sin here as many have suggested. I do not think that murderous, brutal people are entitled to the truth and ought to be exposed through covert operations. Perhaps this makes me a consequentialist, perhaps not. But I can’t forget so very many experiences that I wish I could forget, so many children who were pimped and pumped full of drugs, many who have since died of AIDS.

I wonder how many who take issue with Lila Rose would argue that her videos are poison fruit and ought never be used against Planned Parenthood?

I wonder how many would, after the Lila debates, now call for the immediate dismantling of the CIA, the national Security Agency (NSA), the abolition of undercover and plainclothes operations by the police, covert ops by the military, etc.

I find the entire magnitude of this eruption, along with its timing, quite disturbing, coming as they do after four years of undercover work and when LA has yielded its greatest fruit, when Planned Parenthood is critically wounded. Individual motives, though they be good, this has had the effect of straining gnats while babies and teens are butchered wholesale by this organization.

Certainly there is a time and place for such discussions, as that is how ethics and moral theology are done. But given the consequences in real blood, I believe this discussion to have been woefully ill-timed. And there is another aspect of this that has not been discussed, and that is the mortal sin of detraction.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia:

“Detraction is the unjust damaging of another’s good name by the revelation of some fault or crime of which that other is really guilty or at any rate is seriously believed to be guilty by the defamer.”

That’s something to think about, and my last word on this debate.

I’m moving on.

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It’s been an interesting week in the Catholic blogosphere, to say the least.

The most damning evidence about Planned Parenthood has emerged in their 95 year history of eugenic genocide, complete with the evidence that they:

*May well have tainted the Virginia blood supply.
*Do not use the $350 million per year in federal funding for its intended purpose of providing health care for those without insurance or cash.
*Coached a pimp in how to lie about the age of minors in order to procure abortions.
*Showed a consistent willingness to aid and abet child sex-trafficking.

This coupled with the most pro-life Congress since Roe v Wade who were ramping up to defund Planned Parenthood, and the Catholic blogosphere erupts in spasms of indignation at…

Not Planned Parenthood…

But Lila Rose.

It is perfectly understandable that methodology is important. How we arrive at the end matters, and it is altogether proper to address methodology. But there is a proportionalism in the outrage that is frighteningly lopsided, to the the point of having handed Planned Parenthood Lila’s head on a stake. Of course, the question is, why?

The next question, in light of Lila’s past four years is, why now?

The last question is, why the magnitude?

To answer the more generic, “Why?”, and to return to matters of methodology, every discipline needs a method, and certainly this is true in science as well as morality and ethics. In biology, a poorly designed study yields data that are uncertain, especially if proper positive and negative controls are not employed. Data mean nothing if they are not held to an objective standard. The data are regarded as so much unintelligible gibberish in such cases.

In the Live Action sting, it is the contention of several (though not all) ethicists that Lila’s method failed the standard of the sacred sciences. It is contended that she used unjust means (lying) toward achieving a noble and just end (revealing the truth about what really goes on behind closed doors at PP). But in this case, the data are not unintelligible. They are not gibberish, as they are evaluated against the known standards in morality, law, medicine, and ethics. The behaviors are atrocious. So, in a worst case scenario, imperfect means were employed to yield a bumper crop of highly valuable, highly intelligible, and highly useful data.

The crux of the issue is whether Lila’s actions rise to the level of lying as defined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and which I treated in another post which can be viewed here.

In several critiques of my critique, many have held to philosophical traditions, many very Catholic, but do not address the core of my argument. That core is whether or not the method has become its own standard, and does not address the issue that permeates the Gospels, namely that Jesus used the spirit of the law as the external standard for guiding observance of the letter of the law. In the passages I cite, he drives this point home by citing how David broke the law, defended His Apostles’ breaking of the law, and then went so far as to rub the pharisees noses in it by healing a man on the Sabbath in their synagogue. In all of this, the spirit of the law was cited as the rationale for determining whether the precept of the law as observed violated the higher spirit of the law.

Despite my repeated attempts to engage the clear teaching of Jesus on this, the matter has been consistently side-stepped.

Growing up in the 70’s I suffered through situational morality and ethics which basically left one rudderless. Everything was relative. Catholic intellectuals who came of age in that time and saw the awesome destructiveness of that are right to be wary of anything that smacks of situational ethics or morality today. But we can perhaps be too wary and err in the other direction. The disproportionate ink spilled over Lila would seem to suggest that perhaps a bit of that is in play.

Mark Shea, whom I read regularly and respect immensely, has written that he is concerned that the Live Action sting will set the pro-life movement off on a trajectory of dishonesty for the sake of short-term gain, becoming liars for Jesus. While this may anger some pro-lifers, I would caution that Mark’s concern is a valid concern, but I would also suggest that it has little soil in which to grow into reality.

Apart from the Live Action sting, there is precious little need in the pro-life movement for such undercover investigative techniques. In fact, the great strength of the pro-life movement today is that we have scientific evidence in great abundance to support us at every turn, whether it’s the sonogram technology revealing the intricacy and beauty of embryonic and fetal development, or the vast bodies of literature showing the psychological, oncological, gynecological, obstetrical, and infectious post-abortive sequelae. The truth is on our side. The proaborts have nothing but hackneyed bumper stickers.

So while Mark’s warning needs to be taken to heart, I just don’t see where pro-lifers would ever need to lie, and that brings us back to the central question which will not be resolved anytime soon:

Did Live Action lie?

Beyond that, the magnitude of the criticism of Lila Rose seems greatly misplaced, and more than a little ill-timed.

Finally, there has emerged a great deal of tension between the scholars and the troops on the front lines at the “clinics”, and not a little anger. Pure academia has its dangers, to be certain, as does pure activism. The former may seem cold and aloof, while the latter are left feeling as though they are being expected to bring a feather to a gunfight, and are tempted at times to use the most expedient means. I’ve worked on both sides, and see this from both perspectives. Not surprisingly, I see a need for a meeting in the middle. Such a meeting is not to suggest a compromise with morality, but rather to discuss whether indeed immorality was committed. Again, it is my contention that it was not. I also am waiting to see a comparable level of critique of Planned Parenthood from those who have taken exception with Lila.

Somehow, I surmise many will claim that their work is about critiquing moral methodology, hence the focus on Lila. To such a response I would say that a critique of Planned Parenthood’s moral and ethical methodology, based upon the sum total of Live Action’s four years of data, should keep these authors busy for months to come.

Update 2/20: The Last Word Here

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My Article in today’s LifeNews.com

While the civilized world reeled in horror at Planned Parenthood’s demonstrated willingness to aid and abet child sex-trafficking, as revealed in Live Action’s latest sting, another consistent theme seems to have gone largely unnoticed in those videos:

Planned Parenthood caters to those with either insurance or cash, and has repeatedly suggested to the confederate posing as a pimp, as well as to others, that the same STD testing services may be obtained for free at the county health department, and also by donating blood. See the videos here. Such repetitious advice from center to center raises the concern that Planned Parenthood is clearly not living up to its commitment to use a third of a billion tax-payer dollars annually to provide healthcare for citizens who lack private insurance or cash.

In the most egregious of the videos, the Roanoke video, clinic employee (and nurse?) Leslie has the following exchanges with the pimp:

PP: Um, here’s, here’s kinda the way it works. Ok? And, I’ll tell ya right off. And if you
think there’s several people, you can go to the Health Department and it doesn’t cost you

Pimp: It won’t cost me anything.

PP: And they’ll treat you for free.

Pimp: How much does it cost here?

PP: Um, it’s about 160 dollars.

Pimp: Ok

PP: So, I mean it’s kind of expensive here.

Leslie goes on to reiterate, or confirm, no fewer than ten times, that free services are available elsewhere. A cash-rich pimp with an entire stable of girls is a windfall for a place like Planned Parenthood, but they evidently don’t need the money.

Further, Leslie doesn’t seem to care that she may be the modern Typhoid Mary, contaminating the Virginia blood supply with her ghastly ‘professional’ advice:

PP: Well, uh *laughs*, see I tell a lot of people, I say if you know, if you’re not quite sure,
you’re not having any symptoms, but for peace of mind, go donate blood – cause if you go
donate blood, they have to test for everything anyway. And you know, a lot of plasma places,
they’ll test you for free.

Pimp: That’s good information.

PP: And they pay you for your plasma. You know what I mean? So, there’s several different
ways around it without having to spend a whole lot of money.

Perhaps Leslie has forgotten that HIV can take up to three months before being detectable in the blood, and here she is sending a pimp and his entourage to donate blood as a means of increasing the pimp’s bottom line! Such selflessness is rare in business, but this is a deadly business.

Planned Parenthood has made much of their firing of the Perth Amboy Nurse Manager for her role in the first video released. No word of Leslie’s firing has come across the wires, nor has there been word of Planned Parenthood contacting all blood donation centers in Virginia alerting them to Leslie’s statement: “I tell a lot of people, I say if you know, if you’re not quite sure, you’re not having any symptoms, but for peace of mind, go donate blood.”

If Planned Parenthood will not contact the authorities, then Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell needs to launch an immediate investigation of the Virginia blood supply and close down every Planned Parenthood in the state until such time as he is satisfied that Planned Parenthood is operating within the standard of care for a public health institution. Such an investigation needs to look for any and all cases of inexplicable STD and HIV infection following blood transfusions, especially in the counties adjacent to Roanoke. Then, Leslie’s case needs to be handed over to the State Attorney General for investigation of what criminal charges may be brought against her.

It is time for America to get serious about such criminality among medical professionals. Planned Parenthood’s employee has seriously compromised the public health in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and they have remained silent. Their employees have repeatedly demonstrated that they are willing to refer the poor and indigent to the county for free health services, the same services for which they receive over a third of a billion dollars per year as a subsidy.

In every sting, Live Action has shown this organization to be criminal in both its negligence and intent. At current funding levels, Planned Parenthood is receiving over 3.5 billion dollars per decade. Imagine the serious inroads that money would make in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or Childhood Leukemia.

Grants of any size are a sacred trust, and all the more as the numbers of dollars climb into the billions. Planned Parenthood has broken faith with the American people repeatedly and, in so doing, has made of themselves an organization of pariahs.

In an age of less and less money, the public health requires judicial and faithful stewardship with every tax dollar. Given the challenges faced by an ever-increasing elderly population, it is time to defund this criminal enterprise and spend our money in areas that will yield the greatest possible returns.

Subsidizing the sex lives of teens doesn’t cut it.

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Lila Rose has just released the second video in her sting operation. This time a Virginia Planned Parenthood knows they are sex-traffickers of teens and discusses how PP will help with judicial bypass.

Now I know the PP spin will say that the worker was just playing along, but the video speaks for itself. This employee discusses the law and how PP helps to skirt the law, and then refers the pimp to surrounding Maryland and DC which have looser time limits than Virginia’s 13 weeks, 6 days.

At no time does this employee state that she cannot help them with teen prostitutes. The worker did not excuse herself to call the police, nor did she do so afterward.

The gravity of this cannot be overstated. An adult (nurse?) in a clinic is conspiring with what she believes to be a pimp trafficking young girls in how to avoid parental notification laws for abortion in Virginia. This means that if my daughter is turning tricks on the side without my knowledge and accidentally gets pregnant, the fastest way for me to discover the whole sordid mess would be the pregnancy. But here we see an adult in scrubs telling a pimp how he can avoid getting himself caught by aiding in ridding the “evidence”. And in the words of Kimberly the worker:

“So for someone who’s a minor, that’s a really good option (judicial bypass). We do ’em probably once or twice a month here… We’re pretty good at handling if someone, you know, doesn’t want someone else to know or doesn’t want their parents to know.”

There is no love at PP for young girls.


The slime keeps oozing from Planned Parenthood.

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To think that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has been driving proposed legislation that would muzzle Pregnancy Resource Centers, binding them to confidentiality even in the cases of minors who are being raped at home, school, or victims of sex-trafficking rings (which exist here in NYC). Such confidentiality would make it a criminal offense to contact law enforcement. Now we know why. Planned Parenthood supports, aids and abets sex-trafficking of minors. They are cold, callous, heartless, and loveless; and Quinn takes their money and does their legislative bidding.

The newest Planned Parenthood in NYC opened this January in the borough of Staten Island, whose shores lie directly across the Kill Van Kull (estuary) from Perth Amboy, New Jersey where this Planned Parenthood center in the film is located.

The following video is the first of a powerful series in the most recent sting by Lila Rose and LiveAction.org. In the film “Joe” and “Gia” pose as a pimp and his prostitute. seeking to arrange contraception, STD testing and treatment, and abortions for their underage prostitutes.

What follows is the office manager, a Licensed Practical Nurse by the name of Amy Woodruff, telling them how to lie and cover the girl’s ages, agreeing to take bribe money to “streamline” the process, declaring that Planned Parenthood conspires against parent knowledge or consent, and telling the “pimp” to have the prostitutes work from the “waist up” in the two weeks following an abortion.

This is disgusting and barbaric.

This is Planned Parenthood.

Laws broken or manipulated:
1. Sexual Abuse Cover up
2. Aiding and abetting statutory rape
3. Aiding and abetting minor prositution
4. Aiding and abetting human trafficking
5. RICO/conspiracy/racketeering

Big Tip ‘O the Hat to Jill Stanek

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