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I stand with them every year at the Supreme Court Steps and pray them on through their gut-wrenching testimonies. It’s overwhelming at times, the raw agony, the broken lives, the unrealized potential, the shattered dreams.

The guilt and shame.

The Redemption.

I listen to these post-abortive women’s stories and find myself retreating into a cocoon of scientific analysis as a means of coping with the hours-long deluge of heartbreak poured out on the steps of the building where seven twisted men consigned scores of millions to their deaths.

What percentage of these women felt they had no choice (most)? What percentage were lied to by the doctors about a “blob of tissue” (most)?

I’ve spoken with some of the leaders in SNM and healing ministries, and will be working this year on gathering quantifiable data. However, here is something that can’t be quantified:

The courage, the love, the howling reproach of these mothers and fathers who rail at the lies, the distortions, the parasitism of the abortion industry that exists as a for-profit mercinary institution that had no interest in walking them through all of their options and holding out alternatives before that final, irrevocable, fear-based decision.

To say that I love and admire these people doesn’t do justice to the regard that I have for them. They speak out so that others may avoid the tragedy that inevitably follows the decision that they made. Here are two videos, with more to follow this year.


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Yesterday I participated in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. It was a day of solemnity and joy, of sorrowful remembrance and youthful optimism. The number of young people present was staggering, and the pro-choice world shudders at what they are seeing. They have good reason to stay up nights, with visages such as yesterday’s.

These young people are militating for an end to abortion, which is quite remarkable considering their age and where they are in their developmental trajectory. Many in my generation saw abortion as the escape hatch from an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. In tandem with the birth control pill, it caused the sexual revolution to become the wildfire that has raged out of control. And here these young people, at least 100,000, were militating for the government to seal their escape hatch shut with them on the inside.

That is what is so remarkable.

The pro-abort slur is that the pro-life movement is predominantly old people, which is code for “people who are beyond the protective benefit of abortion.” This is simply not the case. The beauty here in D.C. is that there is a new generation that has grown up in a world that my Baby Boomer peers and I never knew, and want to reset the social and moral clock to where it was in our childhood.

I grew up in a world where most Catholic families were large, with lots of children; and Catholic schools filled to overflowing with three classes per grade. Most kids waited much longer before having sex; nationally 69% of the class of 1979 were self-reported virgins. HIV/AIDS was unknown, and herpes hadn’t made its national debut. We roamed the streets freely in our neighborhoods without fears of abduction by perverts fueled by a multi-billion dollar per year porn industry that was only in its infancy.

This generation of young people are the post-Roe generation, children who know that they are the result of a deliberate choice by their mothers, who know that one out of every three pregnancies ends in abortion. They know they are the lucky survivors of the holocaust that has claimed 53 million of their peers. What an unbelievable psychological and spiritual reality to carry through one’s life.

These are the children who are growing up in a sex-fueled culture that makes the 1960s and 1970s seem Disney-esque by comparison. They attend schools that are half-filled at best and are witnessing the rampant closures of Catholic schools built around the family sizes of their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

Their presence here, in so many ways, is a rebuke of my generation and the rupture that we have made with our past. More than any other generation, the Boomers have benefited from the hard work of their forebears and then struck out on a new moral road. That road has brought unimaginable suffering into the world and changed the landscape our children have been born into.

Now the young are speaking out, a counter counterculture. Unlike the lie of “free love” that so many in their parents’ generation bought into, they are speaking up for authentic love. Unlike the narcissistic roots of “free love,” this authentic love of which Pope John Paul the Great spoke is sacrificial in nature. They may be callow, but they know what they are saying, what they are asking the government to do.

They want an end to abortion, and for marriage to be between one man and one woman.

They want an end to the manufacturing of peers in laboratories rather than being conceived in a conjugal embrace.

They want to be relieved of my generation shoving condoms and pills across the table at them, and they hunger for someone to tell them that they are capable of the self-control that comes with their human dignity.

The girls want to be free to be girls instead of scaled down sex-symbols with the expectation to be “hot.”

I believe that they will get much for which they came and marched. The pro-abort leadership in my generation are the actual anachronisms. When over 100,000 young people march on behalf of authentic love and an authentic bioethic, that’s powerful. If they wish to have their escape hatch sealed shut, perhaps we should give them what they want. It didn’t all work out the way my generation thought it would. “Free love” enslaved us, gave us AIDS, rampant STDs, 53 million abortions, shattered lives and shattered families.

These young ones are wise beyond their years.

Being here and witnessing their joyful spirit and vision of the world as they would have it, I have a refreshing sense of optimism and hope for the future. It will all take time and effort to bring into fruition, but these young people are on the right track and are renewing the face of the nation.

God bless them all.

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Joyful Warriors

” How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
who bring good tidings,
who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
‘Your God reigns!’ “

~Isaiah 52:7

They’re all here in Washington DC. Hundreds of thousands of happy feet attached to hundreds of thousands of joyful warriors, bringing the joyful news that every human life has great purpose, great dignity, having been made in the image and likeness of God.

They’ve come from every corner of the country, and they’re so very, very young.

The other side is aging, and bitter. And angry. And hobbled by fear.

The good news of salvation being proclaimed here in the nation’s capital, that God loves us in spite of ourselves, and because of ourselves.

Every human being ever murdered was killed because they were perceived in some way to be a threat to someone else.


Every baby killed in the womb has been killed because they were perceived by their mother or father to be a threat to life as the parent knew it.


And so, once again, hundreds of thousands of citizens have come to the nation’s capital to call for an end to the slaughter. They come joyfully and in peace in the hopes that perhaps this year a few more hearts will be touched, a few more lives saved, and to announce that for so long as this slaughter grinds on, grinds our nation’s decency to dust, we will be here in greater and greater numbers speaking for the ever-increasing voices who’ll never be heard–until this national tragedy ends.

And it will end one day, not with a bang, but with an exhausted whimper.

But for now, these joyful feet are taking me over to the Mall for the March.

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Dead bodies corrupt because it’s in their nature to do so. When life, the animating principle ceases to be, corruption follows. This holds true for corporate bodies as well, the MSM being a great example.

Truth and dispassionate objectivity are the animating principles of journalism. Reporting the news honestly and objectively, leaving the reader/viewer to discern its meaning and import is the job of the journalist.

Enter the parasites.

Partisan hacks invaded the journalistic body decades ago, driven by a vision of the world and a desperation that admits no truth-telling, no objectivity, no trust in the discernment of the information consumer. What ensued was the steady bastardization of journalism’s virtues, replaced by the ugliness of manipulative lies; both of commission and omission. Then came talk radio, cable TV, and the internet. The new media.

The new media are unfiltered and exist outside of the monopolies of TV’s Big Three and the newspapers. Stories are not only reported truthfully, but often without the constraints of rigid formats or time/length requirements. The result is the presentation of primary source material in support of the story’s assertions.

As bodies with severe parasitic infections are wont to do, they succumb to steady weakening by the ever growing parasitic pathology within. Newspapers are dying. For a time they extended their lives in the lifeboat of online publishing. But, as free online access widened, circulation of papers declined even further. Now, papers such as the New York Times plan to begin charging for online access.

It’s all over.

People will not pay for the privilege of being lied to and manipulated online any more than they paid for the privilege of being lied to and manipulated in print. It says something that Fox News on cable has eclipsed even CNN as America’s most trusted news source at the same time that the electorate lurched left in the past year.

Thanks to Julie C. of Concerned For Life for the following video which demonstrates the extent of media corruption in dealing with the truth of this year’s March for Life. The lies, the manipulation are all there. The decay is moving into the intermediate stage. Judge for yourself.

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This will be my third March in as many years. I will be one of scores hundreds of thousands who have descended on the Nation’s Capital.

Why? Why do so very many come? What’s in it for them?

The women here repudiate their “right” to kill their unborn children.

The teenagers who literally have overrun the hotels here repudiate their right to the escape hatch available to them should they get pregnant. The youth are here in roughly equal numbers of young men and young women. I’ve been approaching them all day today and asking why they are here. They find abortion hateful. The boys feel that there is nothing more disrespectful of a girl than asking her to abort her baby.

These young people want that escape hatch welded shut, knowing their options should they fall.

Leading the line of march are the mothers and fathers who have had abortions. They can be seen in the photo with the black and white signs. Who better to lead us to the Supreme Court than those mothers who shake with anger, some with rage at the monstrous lies told them about the ‘blob of tissue’ to be removed from their wombs? They know.

When they reach the summit, the steps of the Supreme Court, the mothers and fathers begin an hours-long series of witness stories. It is raw, brutal, and relentless; the brokenness, the agony, the loss. The terrible, irrevocable loss.

We stand with them. We pray them along. We weep with and for them. Most of all, we love them. Brave men and women sharing it all, begging for an end to the killing.

Though the killing continues, we’re winning this war. The mothers are the tip of the spear. They are backed by advances in imaging technology, by increasing numbers of MD’s and Ph.D.’s willing to tell the truth, by a blogosphere with over 1,000 pro-life blogs willing to disseminate the truth ignored by a completely partisan and corrupt mainstream media.

Increasingly our activism is infused by a deeper spirituality and sophisticated and integrated structure.

If the healthcare bill is derailed after the loss of Kennedy’s seat, we will have the pro-life community to thank, and Representative Bart Stupak and his coalition of pro-life democrats to thank for holding the line long enough for the loss of a supermajority in the Senate to occur.

It looks as though the most rabidly pro-abortion, anti-life President in history has been body-slammed by the American people.

We’re winning.

God Bless all of you post-abortive mothers and fathers who lead and inspire us by your faithful witness, aided by the prayers of your intercessors before the Father. You’re loved more than you’ll ever know.

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