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Deacon Greg Kandra carries a quote of the day on his blog. It comes from an article detailing the Navy SEAL operation on the night that bin Laden was discovered and killed:

At one point, Biden, who had been fingering a rosary, turned to Mullen, the Joint Chiefs chairman. “We should all go to Mass tonight,” he said.

A commenter on the blog questions the legality and morality of the order to kill bin Laden. The following is my response to both:

No, it was not a sin to order the death of bin Laden. The President, acting as Commander-in-Chief of a nation at war gave a lawful and moral order to take out the enemy Commander-in-Chief.

bin Laden was a legitimate military target in a just war. Given that the enemy has not surrendered, taking bin Laden alive would have resulted in an escalation in the amount of terrorism that would have occurred during his incarceration and trial.

In time of war, a president never has on his desk the option between nobody dying and somebody dying. His options are between a greater or lesser number of people dying, and he has a moral obligation to choose the lesser number of people dying, especially protecting the innocent and his own troops’ lives. bin Laden was the chief perpetrator and mastermind of the evil that dragged us into this war.

Killing him brought about the justice that was inevitable, especially in light of his confessional video detailing his plot to bring down the Trade Center. Delivering that justice on the battlefield in a manner that maximized safety for the SEALs, and minimized the probability of terrorist attacks meant to secure his release was the right thing to do.

As for Joe Biden fingering his rosary beads and suggesting that all go to Mass, his bishops are to blame for this man’s spiritual delusion, and the subsequent current state of his soul’s peril.

Joe Biden has been one of the key champions of protecting Roe v. Wade during his tenure as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (1987-1995), especially in his presiding over the demonization of Judge Robert Bork during his nomination hearings. It was Biden who made Roe the litmus test for every Supreme Court nominee.

Biden has the blood of 53 million babies (and counting) on his hands. At some point a confessor needs to question Biden’s lack of firm purpose of amendment, which is indispensible for obtaining absolution. 3 1/2 decades of his obscene devotion to this slaughter is called a clue.

The real obscenity and irony is that Biden has helped to assure the deaths of millions, where Bin Laden never made it out of the thousands. Biden is fortunate enough to have had the law on his side.

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One video captures the relationship of the Crucifixion to the Eucharist.

This is superbly done.

H/T/ Ghee Se

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