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The battleground for interceding on behalf of babies 20 weeks and older has shifted to New Mexico. Some have questioned why a ban after 20 weeks. It’s because that’s where the most demonstrable evidence shows babies in utero are capable of feeling pain. Let me stress that it is NOT the limit at which they can experience pain. We do have evidence from earlier in pregnancy.

So why draw the line here (or at all)?

It is shifting the debate by focussing the public on the fact that babies in utero do feel pain. It personalizes them. It makes them “human” for those who hitherto have doubted the humanity of the baby. That’s a conversation changer.

It’s a game changer.

In New Mexico, Albuquerque to be exact, they are the late-term abortion capital of the nation, and there is a vote coming soon to enact restrictions on when these especially horrid procedures may be done. Please help these folks get out the vote. Send money, and most of all, prayers.

God Bless all those in this fight for justice, and for those who crafted this beautiful message.

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