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Yesterday Intro 371, the bill seeking to muzzle pregnancy resource centers in NYC, was passed by a resounding 39-9 vote with one abstention. I was there in the Council chamber and witnessed history being made. I’ll be blogging on this over the course of a few posts. There are myriad angles to this story and I’ll only touch on a few.

First, the true target in all of this was not Chris Slattery and EMC Pregnancy Centers, as some have been writing. Nor have the other CPC directors been the inspiration for this legislation. Chris has been around the longest in NYC, and while he is a hero to many and reviled by the other side, this was NOT a personal vendetta by the City Council. To suggest as much is extremely myopic and clouds our vision to the truth, a truth much more sinister than a mere grudge-fest.

In reality, similar legislation already exists in other cities, and is part of a nationwide concerted effort by NARAL and Planed Parenthood. New York City was chosen for a few reasons.

First, because we have a radical, proabort lesbian City Council Speaker who has been bought and paid for by NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

Second, because New Yorkers accept abortion rather blithely. There is not much substantial opposition in this town, where 41% of babies are aborted, so NYC was low-hanging fruit that was easy picking.

Third, New York prides itself on its liberalism. The protection of all civil rights (which is how abortion has been marketed) is a big deal here in NYC.

But all of this is undergirded by a deeper driving force for the national campaign against pregnancy centers. In a word:


They’re inexpensive, and come in laptop form.

Yesterday at the City Council session, the bill’s proponents were nearly unanimous in pointing to the sonograms as ‘evidence’ that PRC’s were masquerading as doctor’s offices. That’s the cover story for the legislation, and a pathetic one at best. We are being asked to believe that a woman entering a PRC does not know that she is not in an abortion center, because there is a sonogram technician with a machine showing the young woman images of what is within her womb.

They fear the sonogram, because the technology is so overwhelmingly convincing for mothers, as it was for Dr. Bernard Nathanson. So the new strategy is to erect barriers between abortion-minded women and the machines posing an existential threat to the abortion industry, in the form of forced disclaimers at the door, in the waiting rooms, on advertising, and on the phone.

Yesterday was the other side’s most desperate hour. This piece of legislation will now go on to the courts where it will face almost certain defeat.

At yesterday’s City Council session, Speaker Quinn announced that the reason the bill was being moved up a few weeks for a vote was to enable the bill’s sponsor, Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, the privilege of being present when her pet project was passed…

… before Lappin delivers her own baby in a few weeks.

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It hasn’t been a very good week for New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Planned Parenthood’s lap dog on the New York City Council has been helping fellow council member, Jessica Lappin drive through the legislative body a bill targeting New York’s Pregnancy Resource Centers with sign restrictions that meet with Planned Parenthood and NARAL approval. The bill would also constrain PRC’s from notifying law enforcement in the case of a child who is the victim of rape, incest, or sex trafficking unless that frightened and bewildered child is suddenly possessed with the objectivity, wisdom, and fortitude of a grown adult.

Last week, a judge in Baltimore ruled that city’s law (similar to bill 0371) to be unconstitutional on the grounds that the free speech rights of PRC’s were violated by pro-choice advocates determining the speech of pro-lifers. A permanent injunction was to be instituted today.

Then today, Lila Rose released the first of another series of sting operations against PP, this time showing a PP center in NYC’s backyard (Perth Amboy, NJ) where the nurse office manager encouraged what she thought was a pimp and a prostitute running a child sex-trafficking ring. The manager gave advice on everything from how to lie about the very young girl’s ages to make them seem older, to advising that they have girls who just had abortions just do oral sex in the two weeks afterward, to how to avoid parental notification in general. See the video here.

Quinn and her fellow traveler Lappin have the data on the genocidal numbers in NYC’s abortion industry, and have not rescinded the bill.

They have seen the Baltimore law struck down and have not rescinded the bill.

They have had their financial ties to Planned Parenthood and NARAL exposed in the New York Media, and have not rescinded this NARAL and PP-sponsored bill.

Now comes Lila Rose.

These are evil, wicked women for whom the Constitution means nothing, Public Health data mean nothing, parental rights mean nothing, and the rights of children to be protected from predators means even less.

Speaker Quinn wants to be the next Mayor of New York. If Bill 0371 is driven through the Council, in spite of all of the above, she will suffer a blistering two years in the run-up to the primaries. We need leaders who side with parents, and not the predators in Planned Parenthood. As it is shaping up, Speaker Quinn’s refusal thus far to rescind a bill aimed at crushing those who are the only decent alternative to NARAL and Planned Parenthood makes her unfit for public office. This is a representative democracy, where leaders do the bidding of the decent families who are the backbone of society, and not the bidding of the child predators.

It’s put up or shut up time for the Speaker.

Of course, if she doesn’t win the mayoral nod, she may still get “Best in Show” from Planned Parenthood.

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Today Archbishop Dolan joined an interfaith, interracial group of New Yorkers and the Chiaroscuro Foundation to decry the recently released NY City Department of Vital Statistics data that show 41% of all pregnancies in New York City in 2009 ended in abortion. For blacks, that number is 60%.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited and to be present at this historic New York event, held at the Penn Club of New York. I sat ten feet away from my Archbishop as he uttered the following scalding words:

“This is the first time in my happy 21 months as a New Yorker that I am embarrassed to be one. This New York community, which prides itself on its gritty sensitivity to those in need, is tragically letting down the tiniest most fragile and vulnerable, the little baby in the womb. We’ve got to do more than shiver over these chilling statistics. I invite all to come together to make abortion rare.”

His claim of embarrassment stunned all who heard it. After less than two years, this midwesterner whom we welcomed with open arms is embarrassed to be one of us.

I know how he feels. I’m a native New Yorker, and I feel deep shame over these numbers.

We New Yorkers pride ourselves on our sophistication and cutting-edge progressiveness, on our cultural diversity and unparalleled density of colleges, universities, museums, and other cultural meccas. We love being the giants that we believe ourselves to be in so many areas.

It’s the pride that goeth before the fall.

These abortion statistics have brought us low, and revealed the dark residue of racism that lurks within. The journalists present were not their smarmy New York selves. They didn’t know how to respond. They were disquieted. Every heart in the room hearing of these data for the first time must have sounded like so many Germans after World War II, when they swore that they had no idea of the mass murder happening right under their noses.

My Archbishop is embarrassed, but I am ashamed.

I am ashamed that I didn’t get involved sooner, that I often lacked the courage to speak out, that I allowed myself to be ridiculed into embarrassed silence when I did.

I am ashamed that I bought into the lie that pro-life candidates only matter at the national level, and that I have in the past voted for several pro-choice candidates locally.

I am ashamed that I didn’t always speak up in defense of my bishops when they were ridiculed for speaking up in defense of life.

I am ashamed that I didn’t take seriously the talk of black genocide years and years ago when I first heard it, thinking it to be inflammatory rabble-rousing. But the Vital Statistics tell the story of 79% of all abortions happening to black and Hispanic babies, with Planned Parenthood running 78% of their “clinics” in inner-city neighborhoods.

Archbishop Dolan has every right to feel embarrassed, but every native New Yorker who has turned a blind eye, and that includes me, ought to feel the white-hot heat of shame at 4.3 million abortions in 40 years, 3.3 million of them among blacks and Hispanics.

What good are all of those Universities, museums, and concert halls when the streets run with the blood of innocents on a scale so vast that it beggars the imagination? If we, the most educated, the professors, will not raise our voices in alarm and disgust at these appalling numbers, then what does our scholarship avail civilization?

Is civilization only to be the province of a racial elite?

I didn’t sign on for that when I began graduate school, which brings me to the deepest shame of all.

My discipline, Molecular Biology, is leading the technological innovations advancing the Culture of Death: In Vitro Fertilization, genetic screening leading to abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and cloning. Most in my field despise the pro-life movement.

If any are inclined to upbraid Archbishop Dolan for his embarrassment at being a New Yorker, they had better rank up there with Mother Theresa of Calcutta, otherwise, they had best button their lips and take a long, hard look in the mirror.

In Genesis 4:10, after Cain slays his brother Abel we read:

“The LORD said, ‘What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.’ “

What of the blood of 4.3 million in our city?

I’m surprised we can hear anything else at all.

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