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LiveAction debuts a new investigative report, this one on the fate of babies born alive during abortion. The first installment is an investigation of Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic in Bronx, New York. The young hispanic woman in the white lab coat is interesting. She has been working at “Dr. Emily’s” since she was 16 years old (by her admission). Why is she wearing a lab coat is a mystery. Is she a nurse, or just part of the wider deception? Exactly how does one remove a pregnancy and place a pregnancy in a jar, as she repeatedly states? Her flippant and barely literate counseling are ghastly to behold. More to come.


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For all of the political drama in New York these past weeks, last night’s historic vote in favor of gay marriage by the NYS Senate was actually rather anti-climactic. It was a fight over political and philosophical nomenclature, not over new realities. As the losing side licks its wounds this morning, we should realize that we didn’t lose as much as we think we did last night. We’ve been losing it for decades.

What we call the lived reality that is marriage is important. The name indicates the reality. Nomen est omen, as it is said in latin. “The name is the sign.” What really happened here in New York last night was a recognition that for thirty years we have given the lived reality of marriage to gays and lesbians, by systematically giving them all of the goods and privileges reserved to married people.

There was little, if any, protest as sodomy laws were struck down, when gay/lesbian adoptions were legalized, when partners were entitled to shared employment benefits hitherto reserved for spouses, etc. Society used to reserve these goods for those men and women willing to make a lifetime commitment to one another. What were once rights became entitlements in a nation increasingly debilitated by narcissism and a faux egalitarianism.

We have allowed what was once a brush fire to build to a forest fire that is now raging across the American landscape. Fueling that fire has been the same surrender of marital goods and privileges to cohabiting heterosexuals as well. Add to that no-fault divorce and the all-out war on the greatest of all the goods of marriage:

The abortion of over 53 million babies, because people have been enjoying the sex, but were not prepared mentally, emotionally, or economically to embrace the obvious outcome. Children are the greatest of all the blessings of marriage, yet have been treated as mere accessories by people aping marriage.

This isn’t the fault of gays and lesbians so much as it is our fault for allowing it to happen. Consider the following.

Kansas is poised to become the first state in the nation that is abortion-free. They are down to their last one or two clinics. Juxtapose that with New York, the abortion capital of the nation.

In New York City, 41% of all pregnancies end in abortion (60% among African-Americans).

In New York City, we just passed a law (Bill 371) that targets crisis pregnancy centers, with NARAL NY’s stated goal of shutting them down.

In New York State from 2000-2010, we aborted three times as many babies as the state grew by, losing two seats in Congress as a result of the demographic decline.

New York State pays for over 45,000 abortions per year through Medicaid.

The Catholic Church has been largely missing in action since the death of Cardinal O’Connor. In the fight over Bill 371, there was one priest who showed to give testimony to the New York City Council, Father Peter Pilsner. No religious brothers or sisters. At a rally in Harlem over the bill, there were a few priests who turned out, and that was it. There was no mention of the bill by any bishops in Brooklyn, New York, or Rockville Centre, in the five months of fighting, until a joint statement by Bishop DiMarzio of Brooklyn, and Archbishop Dolan the night before the City Council vote.

To their credit, those missing in action over Bill 371 turned out to fight the gay marriage proposal. However, it was to little, too late. Catholic clergy have been loathe to engage these issues from the pulpit. “Too political,” is the mantra. It wasn’t too political for the Holy Spirit and His partner, Blessed John Paul II, who gave us all the tools we need to reclaim an authentic Christian civilization. Yet, I have never heard a priest discuss any of JP II’s teaching in any substantive manner from the pulpit, or in any adult education program. The disconnect has been breathtaking.

So, while last night’s vote was nothing new in the Rotten Apple, it does portend very bad things to come for the Church. As elsewhere, we will be targets of discrimination suits and run out of the adoption business if we refuse to place children with gay and lesbian couples. We will eventually be accused of bigotry for failing to do gay/lesbian weddings, and our clergy will lose their civil faculties to witness at weddings on behalf of the state. This will force Catholics into requiring two wedding ceremonies: one church, one civil.

If our clergy thought that fighting these forces was “too political,” in the past, the fight will now become one that is existential in the future. Our clergy now face a line drawn in the sand. Retreat from that line, and see the church continue to be coopted, as a majority of New York Catholics favors gay rights, or cross that line and fight for all we are worth.

We haven’t fought for all we are worth, because we have lost sight of our worth. Perhaps if there is a silver lining at all in last nights events, it’s that we have now opened the door to that discussion within the Church. It will be interesting to see how many bishops and their priests are willing to pursue that discussion.

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A new billboard, three stories high, has gone up in New York and has the proaborts sputtering. The billboard tells the simple truth:

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the Womb.”

Evidently Planned Parenthood, which operates 78% of their abortion centers in inner-city neighborhoods is having a reaction akin to a vampire caught in the open at dawn. They are accusing Billboard sponsor, Life Always, of playing the race card:

“These billboards are offensive and disturbing. The creators are using divisive messaging around race to restrict access to medical care.”

New York Public Advocate Bill De Blasio is in danger of having a cerebral vascular accident, demanding that the billboard be taken down:

“This billboard simply doesn’t belong in our city. The ad violates the values of New Yorkers and is grossly offensive to women and communities of color.”

Actually, Mr. De Blasio, with 60% of Black pregnancies having ended in abortion in our fair city during 2009, the consciences of decent New Yorkers have been shocked, and people want to know why 1,500 black babies are aborted for every 1,000 born alive. How then, can this billboard be representative of anything but the genocidal truth? This ad does not violate the values of New Yorkers. We like our free speech, and we like it when racism and genocide are uncovered in our midst, and then eradicated.

“Grossly Offensive” describes a Public Advocate who doesn’t think that a 60% abortion rate in blacks deserves some advocacy in order to get a reduction.

Get the rest here.

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Here are the videos of many of the speakers at last Monday’s rally in New York. As more video becomes available, I’ll post them.

Rev. Pat Mahoney at SaveTheLifeCenters.com Rally on 1/10/11 Asks us to Take Sides for Life

Dr. Gerard M. Nadal at SaveTheLifeCenters Rally

Chris Slattery, EMC Founder Calls for Action Against NYC’s Bill #371

Rev. Arnold Culbreath at SaveTheLifeCenters Rally 1/10/11 on Activating our Churches for Life

Rev. Catherine Davis at http://www.SaveTheLifeCenters.com 1/10/11 Rally

Pastor Stephen Broden at SaveTheLifeCenters Rally

NY City Council Member Dan Halloran at SaveTheLifeCenters Rally

Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Abortion, NYC

Pastor Walter Hoye at SaveTheLifeCenters Rally

Dr. La Verne Tolbert at SaveTheLifeCenters Rally

Pastor Clenard Childress at SaveTheLifeCenters Rally

Chaplain Viviana Hernandez

Father Gill

Pastor Michel Faulkner

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The 2010 Census data have been released on State growth between 2000-2010. The data report Population Change, Population Density, and Apportionment of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Census reports that New York State grew by an extremely modest 2.1% over the past ten years, from 18,976,457 to 19,378,102, a gain of only 401,645 citizens.

A review of New York State’s Vital Statistics from 2000-2009 shows that we have aborted 1,206,652** babies statewide. That number is three times greater than the number of citizens by which the state population grew.

{** The 2009 data are not yet available, so the lowest annual number of abortions, that of 2005, was used to give the most conservative number.}

See the NY State data here in data tables showing totals by race/ethnicity

2009**Not Yet available. 2005 data used as lowest, most conservative number in this 10-year period.

These numbers do not indicate that the abortion rate is three times the birth rate. What they do indicate is that our net gain of citizens after all is said and done (birth, death, migration) is 1/4 of what it would have been had we not slaughtered 1,206,652 of our citizens in their mother’s wombs. It should be noted that 909,938 of these slaughtered innocents lost their lives in New York City.

During the past ten years in New York City, over 725,000 (79%) of these tiny victims were black and Hispanic.

To get a sense of perspective, since 9/11 New York City has killed through abortion approximately 330 times the 2,752 citizens who died in the Towers that day.

So what does this do to New York State regarding apportionment?

We have lost two seats in the House of Representatives for the next ten years. We are tied with Ohio in the most losses of seats in the House. We’ve lost much needed workers who will not be there to support the Baby Boom generation on their social security and medicare/medicaid.

The numbers don’t lie. Our net gain of citizens is 1/4 of what it would have been without this barbarity that grips my city and state by the throat, choking its life and love, its humanity and compassion.

It is an orgy of death, some 330 babies killed every day in the Empire State.

It is our great shame.

It must end.

We’re dying.

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