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My Colleague at HeadlineBistro and bother Knight of Columbus, Marc Nadeau, writes about the growing pro-life movement among our family in Canada. This is truly exciting stuff. Read on...

Last Thursday, a crowd of more than 10,000 – the majority of which were young people – gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to express their stand for the culture of life. According to many observers, this year’s National March for Life was the biggest to date.

Two days later, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a packed room in a Quebec City hotel awaited different speakers, among whom was Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the leading spokesperson for the gospel of life in the Canadian Catholic hierarchy.

Addressing subjects like abortion, euthanasia, the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, family issues and the civilization of love – just to name a few – the archbishop of Quebec City called upon Catholics, along with men and women of good faith, to intensify their mobilization and actions for the culture of life, which is also the culture of respect for the unborn, the elderly and women.

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