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Mark Shea shares an delicious pearl from our new Holy Father:

In the Aparecida Document, a joint statement of the bishops of Latin America, Cardinal Bergoglio commented on the worthiness of individuals to receive the Eucharist. The text states in paragraph 436 that, “We should commit ourselves to ‘eucharistic coherence’, that is, we should be conscious that people cannot receive Holy Communion and at the same time act or speak against the commandments, in particular when abortion, euthanasia, and other serious crimes against life and family are facilitated. This responsibility applies particularly to legislators, governors, and health professionals.”


We’ll see how this plays out here in the U.S. in the months to come, but there can be no mistake about the Holy Father’s position. As the Culture of Death continues its acceleration, we have come to the end of dialogue, posturing, and semantic games; the end of the diplomatic charade on the left. The souls of our Catholic leaders on the left are in peril, and Cardinal Bergolio has defined for the Church the proper disposition for approaching Holy Communion.

Sorry, Nancy, but you need to make a choice. Eternal salvation, or a few more years of temporal power.

Choose wisely.

We’re praying for you.

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A picture tells a thousand words. Honest Leadership. Open Government. Words emblazoned in the background and foreground. Politicians do this when their actions are deceitful and dishonest. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

This is the Party that literally changed the locks and would not permit Republican participation in the process, who hold votes in the middle of the night, who bribe, and now according to LifeNews.com are attempting to make Medicare death panels a permanent fixture by using language that would prohibit future sessions of the House and Senate from overturning the legislation.

Now will Americans get it? This is a political party literally drunk with blood. Death is their answer to everything. November can’t come soon enough.

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