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A great many Christians face the choice daily in our universities to either bear faithful witness to their beliefs and suffer the consequences, or lie to get by. The unholy alliance of radical feminists and gays/lesbians has been the anchor on the left for far too many years. The following story is not at all uncommon.

AUGUSTA, Georgia, July 22, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) filed suit against Augusta State University Wednesday on behalf of a counseling student who was allegedly told that her Christian beliefs are unethical and incompatible with the prevailing views of the counseling profession. The student, Jennifer Keeton, says she has been told to stop communicating her beliefs and that she must undergo “training” to accept homosexuality in order to graduate from the counseling program.

Augusta State ordered Keeton to undergo a re-education plan, in which she must attend “diversity sensitivity training,” complete additional remedial reading, and write papers to describe their impact on her beliefs. If she does not change her beliefs or agree to the plan, the university says it will expel her from the Counselor Education Program.

“A public university student shouldn’t be threatened with expulsion for being a Christian and refusing to publicly renounce her faith, but that’s exactly what’s happening here. Simply put, the university is imposing thought reform,” said ADF Senior Counsel David French.

“Abandoning one’s own religious beliefs should not be a precondition at a public university for obtaining a degree. This type of leftist zero-tolerance policy is in place at far too many universities, and it must stop.”

Keeton, 24, is pursuing her master’s degree in counseling at Augusta State. Lawyers say that after her professors learned of her biblical beliefs, specifically her views on homosexual conduct, the school imposed the re-education plan. Keeton says she never denigrated anyone in communicating her beliefs but merely stated factually what they were in appropriate contexts.

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Clinical Truth is on Keeton’s side. Psychologists and Psychiatrists have a diagnostic manual entitled Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Mental Disorders (DSM), currently in its fourth edition. As DSM II was being prepared, homosexuality was listed in DSM I as a disorder. It was a bizarre and fascinating set of political machinations that led to homosexuality being dropped from DSM II as a disorder, part of which was deliberately changing the diagnostic criteria.

The story is chronicled by the late Dr. Charles Socarides, an expert in the field of sexual disorders and a leader in the field of treating homosexuality, in the following excerpt from the American Journal of Psychotherapy:

“In early 1973, a group superheaded by several leaders of the A.P.A., other psychiatrists, and members of the Gay Activists Alliance, the Mattachine Society, and the Daughters of Bilitis undertook to influence the Nomenclature Committee of the A.P.A. at a closed meeting at Columbia University Psychiatric Institute by requesting deletion of homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual(9).

“By spring 1973 the A.P.A. Committee on Nomenclature and Statistics was seriously considering the removal of homosexuality from the DSM II without consultation with the psychiatrists and psychoanalysts who had long labored in this area of clinical research, and held opposing views.

“A Symposium held in Hawaii on May 9, 1973 was entitled “Should Homosexuality Be in the A.P.A. Nomenclature?” As a member of this panel, I presented the conclusions of the eleven-member Task Force on Homosexuality appointed in 1970 by the New York County District Branch of the A.P.A., of which I was chairman. (10)”

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Keeton’s story, and Socarides’ tale are both cautionary. The fields of psychology and psychiatry do not recognize post-traumatic stress arising from abortion. This stems in part from an official APA position paper in 1978 denying any harm done to women by abortion. Medical schools screen out pro-life candidates in their interviews, a phenomenon discussed at length at a recent bioethics conference. The unholy alliance is firmly in control of our educational institutions from kindergarden to post-doctoral fellowship training, with few notable exceptions.

It is the reason why I and other scientists have stepped forward into the breach. There are many others who would love to give voice to the truth but do not for fear of the consequences being experiences by Keeton, including Maoist indoctrination training or loss of academic rank and standing. Pray for these professors and students.

In our universities the truth is irrelevant.

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