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Blog Developments

This week I was honored to join the Editorial Board of ProLife ProPatria, an online journal whose mission is:

“to instill amongst Americans a sense of responsible citizenship by helping to develop a realization that the “preservation of freedom is inseparably linked to respect for truth and the pursuit of authentic human flourishing.” To this end, we provide a forum for scholarly work in the areas of bioethics and political and social science, as well as popular, accessible commentary relevant to these areas of research.”

I’ll also be a regular columnist and will link to those articles from here.

ProLife ProPatria was co-founded by Andrew Haines who earned his MA in Philosophy from Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio, along with Kevin Kwasnik who is completing graduate studies at Franciscan.

Other members of the editorial board include:

Patrick Lee, Ph.D., Franciscan University
Jonathan Sanford, Ph.D., Franciscan University
Gerard Bradley, JD, Notre Dame University
Francis Beckwith, Ph.D., Baylor University

If anyone is oriented to some meaty philosophical and bioethical treatises, this is the site to check out.

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