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The Absurdity of Recall Bias

Just a brief reflection upon the concept of recall bias with which we have been contending. Several authors, including the notoriously pro-aborts, Palmer and Rosenberg, have held out the contention that women who are healthy control subjects are more prone to not tell the truth when asked in a detailed health history if they have ever had an abortion than are women with breast cancer. This is the purported fatal flaw of retrospective studies, which employ self-reports from patients.

Supposedly women with breast cancer are busily searching for any culprit to blame.

We have seen consistent evidence of an increase in BC in women who have had induced abortions, and we shall see much more to come.

We have seen in paper #7 in this series a large prospective study (declared by the pro-aborts as the only valid type), one employing national health databases, that couldn’t hide that risk even when the authors did all in their power to dilute the magnitude of the reported risk by combining into a single category, risk groups of divergent incidence rates.

And we have not even seen the worst. Beginning on the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we shall turn our sights on the Queen of All the Liars, Dr. Louise Brinton, epidemiology chief for the National Cancer Institute whose repeatedly alternating scientific papers and public policy statements have had the head-turning effect of a game at Wimbledon.

It is odd that the assertion is for healthy women to lie on one question out of so many, and for BC patients to be truthful on said question, especially when the stated rationale for much of the lying is that many of the women in the studies had abortions in the years before they were legal. Yet many of the BC patients too had their abortions in the years when abortion was illegal. So what makes BC patients given to greater veracity when their traumatic illness is grounds for denial that they could have inflicted this on themselves through the killing of their own baby?

We have seen the ABC link in the Greek study, and the declaration that abortion was widely accepted and openly practiced in Greece for years before its legalization; a reality that crushes the assumption of guilty silence in the control group creating an illusion of increased incidence in the BC case group. So the Greeks have the same elevated risk without any of the alleged confounding guilt

We have seen Rookus’ and van Leeuwen’s paper that supposedly established this phenomenon (and has been extensively held out as proof) to be founded on statistics so absurd that they are beyond taking seriously.

Finally, we have the assertion by many that the same relative risks of BC in most studies constitutes proof of error, proof of recall bias. Herein is perhaps the greatest lie of them all.

The data support the model that we know from the physiology of the breast and the data that we have from animal studies as well. The gold standard in science is the ability of an experiment to be reproduced by others with the same results. It’s called reproducibility, and we see it over and over in the ABC literature. Vatten, et al. really did the scientific community a grave disservice by obviously covering up the ABC link in their disgraceful analysis of nearly 700,000 subjects in the Norwegian prospective study.

They could have ended the debate, one way or the other. But the war rages on because of a series of cover-ups on the part of those who are in a position to control the conversation, in no small measure by controlling the grant funding.

Lest any think my statement partisan, I am not vested in any way in a particular outcome in all of this. If the data, honest data, showed absolutely no ABC link I would be the first to say let’s move on. Abortion is wrong on so many other levels that we don’t need the added fuel from an ABC link to stoke the fires of opposition. Besides, we live in an age of shrinking research grant pools. Every dollar is precious. If there were no ABC link, then we could move on and use that money more productively.

But there is a link, a very real and disturbing link. And there are very committed idealogues who value the right to slaughter babies over the lives and health of the women they claim to champion.

Some sisterhood.

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