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Sano di Pietro, The Massacre of the Innocents

Julie Schmit-Albin of NE Right to Life comments over on Jill Stanek’s blog that abortion was used by Senator Ben Nelson as a “pawn” in the healthcare debate. She and Stanek assert that when he loaded up on enough pork and perks for the folks back home, he betrayed the unborn. All true enough, except the part about abortion being used as a “pawn”.

It’s probably more accurate to say that abortion was used as a smokescreen and NE RTL and the USCCB were used as pawns. Look at the media attention for the past several weeks. It’s been all about the abortion language in the bill. In getting everyone to argue the abortion language, the Democrats got everyone to tacitly accept that this entire immoral bill was a foregone conclusion. In so doing, we took our eye off of the larger immorality of medicare cuts and the inevitability of euthanasia down the road.

That’s how we got screwed. The Washington Two-Step.

There is still hope that the firebrands in the House may cause the process to implode and that the legislation will not survive in conference. No small amount of pressure will be brought to bear on Stupak’s allies. Going forward, we need to understand that there is a larger immorality involved in this legislation.

We need now more than ever to be Pro-Life and not merely anti-abortion. This entire piece of legislation stinks. If we focus too narrowly on abortion again, I fear another betrayal will come to pass. There are far more vulnerable members of the House up for re-election this year. They need to be blistered this week by all who care for life at both ends of the spectrum and in between.

Meanwhile, Nelson has lined his pockets as he guaranteed the Slaughter of the Innocents will proceed apace. That free Medicare will avail his Nebraskans little when their treatments are denied along with the rest of us. Well done thou good-for-nothing servant.


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SHAME used to be a powerful motivation for people to avoid evil and do good. Of course there was a healthy dose of people seeking to remove specks from other’s eyes while carrying planks in their own, but true shame was for the egregious public offender.

Today, Senator Nelson ended his crusade to keep public funding for abortion out of the healthcare bill, with a less than valiant whimper. He compromised, which in the language of legislators means looking good (sort of) for the moment, while leaving behind a toxic precedent upon which future legislative sessions will build to expand Federal funding for abortion. A whimper was all that he had left, and a Christmas present for the most savaged of all people by our Federal government: Native Americans.

The agreement with Senator Reid gives funding for abortions on reservations. These are the people who suffered genocide at the hands of our Federal government. Some things never change.

The reservations are the sites of the most grinding poverty, economic and spiritual, in America today. True to form with the Democrats, death is the answer. It is the answer for them precisely because they are spiritually and morally bankrupt. They don’t grasp the great paradox that submission to God throws wide the doors to liberation and inspiration. In seeking liberation on their terms, they are the most enslaved of all. “Death” has become their mantra.

Without the leading of the Holy Spirit, one visits a Reservation and sees only squalor and despair. With that inspiration, one sees the great dignity of a noble people and looks to invest in a future filled with hope. Such a future requires offspring, without which there is no future, no hope.

In seeking liberation without submission to God, shame has become the great casualty. No rules, no shame. No shame begets great societal calamity.

Senator Nelson needs to ask himself this one simple question: Have 50+ million abortions since Roe solved ANY of our problems?

Merry Christmas Senator Nelson. May it be one of your last in office, and may you live to see VERY old age and marinate in the awful evil you have visited on us this day. And may you rediscover your shame.

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