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I stand with them every year at the Supreme Court Steps and pray them on through their gut-wrenching testimonies. It’s overwhelming at times, the raw agony, the broken lives, the unrealized potential, the shattered dreams.

The guilt and shame.

The Redemption.

I listen to these post-abortive women’s stories and find myself retreating into a cocoon of scientific analysis as a means of coping with the hours-long deluge of heartbreak poured out on the steps of the building where seven twisted men consigned scores of millions to their deaths.

What percentage of these women felt they had no choice (most)? What percentage were lied to by the doctors about a “blob of tissue” (most)?

I’ve spoken with some of the leaders in SNM and healing ministries, and will be working this year on gathering quantifiable data. However, here is something that can’t be quantified:

The courage, the love, the howling reproach of these mothers and fathers who rail at the lies, the distortions, the parasitism of the abortion industry that exists as a for-profit mercinary institution that had no interest in walking them through all of their options and holding out alternatives before that final, irrevocable, fear-based decision.

To say that I love and admire these people doesn’t do justice to the regard that I have for them. They speak out so that others may avoid the tragedy that inevitably follows the decision that they made. Here are two videos, with more to follow this year.


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Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Innocents, Martyrs. Many will no doubt draw parallels with the Holy Innocents of our age. So let’s stop and reflect together in two posts. If one were to accept the definition of personhood given by our Culture of Death, these Innocents barely qualified, as they had no real substantive accomplishments or contributions to society. But their deaths purposed their lives in ways greater than John the Baptist’s. Their slaughter, their collective sacrifice was the first public heralding of Jesus as the Messiah, the King of Kings. So terrified was Satan of this coming that he entered Herod’s heart and preyed on his vanity and fear, and sought the only remedy his rebellion against God will admit-Death.

The loss of so many in our day to abortion similarly is not a meaningless sacrifice. These Innocents too, in their collective sacrifice, act as heralds. Their sacrifice proclaims the sanctity of a single human life. The proclamation of that sanctity underscores the purpose of the Incarnation. The Messiah Himself tells us that He is the Good Shepherd who would leave the entire flock to seek out the one lost sheep. He tells us that there is more rejoicing in Heaven over one repentant sinner than there is over ninety-nine righteous men giving praise.

These innocents, though their lives have been short, thunder at us to regain our sanity, to reclaim our dignity, and in so doing realize their great potential. They are our advocates before the Father, their prayers especially for their mothers’ and fathers’ healing and wholeness. They echo Jesus’ prayer on the cross to forgive us, for we know not what we do. Most truly do not know.

On this feast, we do well to pray with and for those mothers and fathers, rejoicing with those who have come to embrace of the Gospel of Life and who now labor together in the pro-life movement. To hear a single witness has been the most profound experience for me. My prayerful best wishes this day to all mothers and fathers in Silent No More, Rachel’s Vineyard and all other related ministries. You have been towers of strength and inspiration for this one scientist. My decision to place my scientific career on a pro-life advocacy trajectory has been in no small measure the fruit of your witness. May God Bless You, and those parents whose similar embrace of the Gospel of life we pray is not too far distant.

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