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If anyone is inclined to support Breast Cancer Research, may I respectfully suggest that Karen Malec’s organization can get a much greater bang for the buck by getting the word out about PREVENTION. This is the message that the media will never divulge. This newsletter and related article are a must read.

Dear Friends:

The Daily Mail (London, England) published a very thoughtful article on the Sri Lankan study last week that found women with abortions more than triple their breast cancer risk. A link to the article is provided below.

Even though the Sri Lankan study, De Silva et al. 2010, was a small study of 100 breast cancer cases and 203 controls (health women), Professor Joel Brind (Baruch College, City University of New York) argues:

“It’s still a good study, just not quite as powerful. I would emphasize that it is typical of studies that have come out early in countries where breast cancer and abortion are not yet that common, like studies in the 1980’s in China, Japan, Australia and even the US: RR’s (relative risks) between 2 and 4, where the baseline lifetime incidence is closer to 2% rather than 10%. Once abortion is very common, the link is more like 1.1-1.5–relatively lower, but still impacting a similarly large number of women.”

In other words, in countries where abortion and breast cancer are still uncommon, scientists are able to detect that women with abortions multiply their breast cancer risk between two and four times. The fact that the study was conducted in a country where abortion and breast cancer are both uncommon is one of the strengths of the Sri Lankan study.

Once abortion and breast cancer become common, it becomes more challenging for scientists to detect large risk increases because it is harder to find a satisfactory control group of women who have never been exposed to abortion. In countries where abortion and breast cancer are common, scientists report lower relative risks, i.e. women with abortions multiply their risk of the disease by 1.1 to 1.5 times.

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Be sure to read the story in the Daily Mail below.

“Abortion ‘Triples Breast Cancer Risk’: Fourth Study Finds Terminations Linked to Disease”

Karen Malec
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer


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