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Sic Transit Gloria Susan

Another notorious abortionist has entered into eternity. Susan Hill, owner of a chain of abortuaries that has killed over 400,000 babies has died of lung cancer. She died a week short of the 37th anniversary of her opening of the first of several ‘clinics’ that would bring her fame and fortune.

A social worker by trade, Ms. Hill opened her first clinic a mere two weeks after the passage of Roe v. Wade and immediately set her sights on establishing a foundation that would pay for minority women’s abortions. What can one say about such noblesse oblige? From a social worker, no less. Was that in her textbooks as a proposed solution to class and poverty?

While the overwhelming majority of social workers are saints on earth, Ms. Hill wouldn’t be the first to feel a certain superiority to and disdain for her clientele. Having come of age in the civil rights era (she was a 1970 graduate of Meredith College, a small baptist women’s college), why the drive to kill as many minority babies as she could? Where was she when Bull Conner was setting his dogs loose on Blacks? When King was marching and gunned down? When churches were being burned and little girls perished? She was in social work classes, and a mere three years later she got in on the ground floor of the most gruesome enterprise in American history since the slave trade.

This was a woman with no soul and a black heart. A proud recipient of the North Carolina Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award in 1999.

“Of the dead say only good,” is the admonishment of my Irish friends. It’s great advice and the height of civility. But for tyrants who leave us no record of a conversion we are obliged to speak their atrocities to our posterity, lest we be complicit in our silence.

Susan Hill was a murderer who lived well on the money procured from the death of children. What a record of misery:

400,000 murdered children.
800,000 parents.
1,600,000 grandparents .
Countless siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.

All the most immediately affected members in the ripples of disintegration that go out from her death chambers.

God be merciful to her.

The question that I find inescapable is what these 50 million aborted babies, or their never-to-be offspring would have contributed to science, medicine, agriculture, education, jurisprudence, mechanics, government…

What have we done to ourselves? When we meet God and ask why we never found cures for dread diseases, will He say “I sent them to you but you weren’t open to the gift”? From all of the good that has come into the world, of all the famous inventors, leaders, academics, etc… there were parents who lived their lives in sacrifice and humble obscurity. But for their openness and sacrifices, where would we be?

And then I come back to this hauntingly beautiful refrain from a song by Mary Fahl, Going Home, from the epic Civil War movie Gods and Generals. Perhaps it’s because I see so many parallels between the two struggles:

Love waits for me ’round the bend
Leads me endlessly on
Surely sorrows shall find their end
and all our troubles will be gone
And we’ll know what we’ve lost
and all that we’ve won
when the road finally takes me home

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