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The following story and my augmented response posted at Jill Stanek’s blog are presented here.

Posted by Amy Davidson

“Frankly, I was shocked by those figures. Forty per cent of black women’s pregnancies end in abortion—can that number be right? If so, that is far too many. Perhaps it’s harsh to think of every abortion as representing or being the result of a failure of some kind—medical, educational, financial, social, criminal—something has gone wrong somewhere, at times something tragic. Not every pregnancy that ends in abortion starts out unwanted (this is particularly true when a medical issue arises). But it’s not as though a woman would want an abortion—for its own sake, that is, rather than as the less bad thing. Choice is what’s wanted; abortion is not. You can fight hard for choice, in other words, without thinking that having an abortion is a positive or affirming experience. It can’t be fun; it may be pretty miserable. Again, that forty per cent is just not good. What have all those women been through?”

Being a native New Yorker, it’s easy to understand AMY DAVIDSON’S incredulity. NY libs live in an echo chamber of their own insular creation. They are convinced that they are the smartest people in the room, and are genuinely shocked when objective data from sources such as CDC shatter the zen of PC ignorance.

Facts matter nothing to these people. Even when presented with them, Amy must be careful to question their authenticity, lest she be dropped from the cocktail party circuit. The Upper West Side and the Upper East Side can be cruel and unforgiving to the newly enlightened.

So Amy is left to prattle on about 40% being too high. Why? Why not 80% ? These numbers reflect the collective ‘choices’ prized above even the lost contributions from the lives ended by those choices. So why the shock?

Because Amy just realized that ‘choice’ isn’t part of the problem for Blacks. It IS the problem. It is the ultimate manifestation of the inner-city’s despair, which liberalism has failed to fix and only exacerbated.

It’s a searing indictment of the left when Black girls are reduced to killing their babies on so vast a scale in their desperation to get out, to escape the poverty, misery, and illiteracy that Johnson’s Great Society only made worse.

18 Million African-American babies dead, and counting. The Black community is ever-worse for the wear. Still, Amy’s allies keep shouting the ‘choice’ mantra from their tony doorman buildings. Maybe that choice is truly the difference in getting ahead for girls who’ve gone to Vassar or Bryn Mawr, but it avails a young African American of no means and little educational achievement nothing but heartache.

Then there is Planned Parenthood operating 80% of its ‘clinics’ in the inner city making money both ways. First by pumping girls full of oral contraceptives, then aborting their babies when the contraceptives fail.

I suspect a flash of insight was experienced by Davidson, giving rise to her incredulity. Poor Amy. Bereft of an authentic human anthropology, she is trapped by the ‘morality-by-consensus’ of her insular world, while her human nature screams out. She is imprisoned from within. What’s a PC journalist for the New Yorker to do?

Sitting on an ice floe in the Central Park Reservoir is the price to be paid for chasing down that incredulity.

This series of articles tells the whole story for Davidson.

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